The Vampire Diaries Review: Vampire Therapy

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In an episode full of PTSD, Panic Attacks, and miserable flashbacks, there's nothing like a little Katherine Pierce humor to lighten the mood.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 9 was full of dark moments of the Salvatore brothers facing their own psychological issues.

All Strapped Down

I really need to give our Katerina props for her epic performances as of late. Whoever is writing for her character deserves a raise. I loved seeing her journal and say "Dear Diary." For a second I thought it was Elena until she said "this is total crap" and started making fun of Stefan.

Speaking of Katherine and Stefan, this whole doppleganger prophecy always had me a bit intrigued. As did the fact that Stefan saved Katherine in The Vampire Diaries season 5 episode 8. There has been such a tumultuous relationship between these two over hundreds of years. We even discussed their sexual tension in the last TVD Roundtable.

Nothing quite like being locked in close quarters to get things going, am I right? I think we all agree that Katherine needs one last great session in the sack before she dies. Well at least, I think so. Especially now that she helped save Stefan from his PTSD. Hey, can I hire her and Caroline to help me conquer my panic attacks? Vampire friends would be so useful!

So how do you help the guy who always comes to the rescue. Stefan's the hero; it's who he is at his core. He can't always come through for himself but he can always come through for everyone else.


You have to love Caroline's little Psych 101 self, complete with the original Caroline Forbes personality. Don't worry guys, she had the safe sanitized! Did you believe all along that Stefan's true issue was his rejection from Elena? While I'm sure that was part of it, being locked underwater in a safe for 3 months would also definitely rattle a person...a lot.

Elsewhere in this psych overload episode, Damon was reminiscing about his years locked up in Augustine. I was initially worried that this trip to an experimental and torture filled vampire camp would be too similar to True Blood season 6, but I'm pleased it actually went into a different direction. Now we know more about Aaron's background who up until now was kind of a floating player. We also got introduced to Enzo.

Let's not forget most of all, Damon shutting off his humanity and turning on his need for revenge. So many years of Damon personality study are now suddenly making sense. He wasn't just a douche to be a douche. Nor was his body due to science in anyway, but we already knew that.

When Damon left Enzo in the fire I knew it was not the end. As any fan of thrillers knows, until you see a body don't assume a death. And even then, they might come back. American Horror Story anyone?

Now that Elena knows Enzo's alive and that Damon's been killing Aaron's whole family, well Damon's screwed. Until next week when we see you back at vamp camp, hit the comments with your theories, comments, and thoughts!


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Enzo was in for 10 years 5 years with damon and 60 something now. Crazytown!! Did he have a daylight ring??


Enzo was in for 10 years 5 years with damon and 60 something now. Crazytown!! Did he have a daylight ring??


Still no cure for Kat but her storyline is getting even better! Yeah exactly what I was looking forward to... And Damon, good for you --So many years of Damon personality study are now suddenly making sense, totally agreed.
Btw, an episode is much better without B&J ...


Damon killed Elena's parents! Think about it: Elena's dad worked on the Agustine whatever thing, so perhaps Damon was the one who made the car crash happen since he couldn have been trying to kill all members of the project. Stefan was probably following him that night and them that's why he stepped in and save Elena. As Damon and Elena met that night, before her parents picked her up, maybe he didn't know that was her family?(because he wouldn't try to kill somebody who looked like Katherine) This would be twisted and sad, but Elena is so dumb it would finally give her some clue regarding how awful Damon is in fact.

@ A

OMG that is totally reasonable. Can't imagine how Elena would take it given that she's already freaking out hearing Damon killing the Witmores.

@ Frozenfish

Damon said Generation whitmore the one that tortured him other wise he would have kill the gilberts jerm and aunt.
Destined Kat and stefan. Her getting into the safe was a win win She could help stefan get over it or she would get killed.
That was alot of trust between enzo and damon the plan was a bit flawed forgot about the cage? Also wes should have gave aaron vervain earlier

@ Michelle

Nah, I think he omitted that part, perhaps he changed his mind once he saw how Elena resembled Katherine. It would be extremely bizarre if that is what happened but it would also speak about Damon's stupid nature, even tough at this point I couldn't care less about Elena, she's just annoying and I even ship Stefan with Katherine more than Elena with Stefan, or Elena with anybody, her character is just slutty, self-centered and dumb. Now that I think about it, I don't really care about TVD that much anymore (even tough I have watched every single episode of every single season, from the start a few years ago), The Originals is more interesting to me now and I only watch TVD for Kat

@ Michelle

flawed yeah... if i were damon i would grab the keys from Dr. witmore's body and open the cage...


So again its all about Elena! So being locked in a safe and drowning over and over, that wasnt his problem?! Its like all the good writers are too busy working on The Originals

@ lilla

The Originals' writers might be better but not enough

@ Frozenfish

The Originals is entertaining, but it actually lacks the plot of a "serious" show (see: Breaking Bad). It has interesting characters, a great villain and, sadly, its own annoying female almost-lead character (the werewolf Hailey, or whatever her name is spellled, I cannot bother to google her). let's say that for vampire fiction tuesday night tv, it does ok, without being something anybody will remember of six months after it ends

Spindae 2o

First off I wasn't into the episode but as it progressed I got more and more into it.
Damon and Enzo were quite the team, I like damon had his own Lexie and that the only way to leave him was turning off his emotions. I'm not that into that Augustin thingy but it easily develops to be an interesting story. BTW Enzo seems like a guy who could sweep Elena of her feet after she dumps demon for slaughtering the Whitmores(and could elena be more naive, to not predict Wess will attack her)
And honestly this is the first time I get demon for killing all the Whitemore's, he was perversly tortured for 5 years and he messed with the wrong bitch.
Stefan, Kat and Caro were the better half of the episode. I loved how intimate Kat an Stefan was, how she exactly knew how to push his buttons. It will be interesting to see how Caroline will work through that.
And were the hell are Bonnie and Jeremy. They were really great last week,and I was looking forward to see how she'll cope with everything. But I believe around ep 15 they'll remember her.


Great ep! I am really enjoying tvd without silas :) I like how Damon finally got his own storyline and loved that it was related to Aaron, TVD is getting back to the good character-based stories :)


I don't care about the Augustine storyline... Katherine and Stefan ? again ! ? this show rehashes the same shit over and over. I love the originals 100 % more than the current VD product. I love that in the originals we don't have to deal with boring vervane issues and the dreaded humanity switch talk. Caroline please go to New Orleans soon !!


good ep


Loved the ep and it's taking quite an interesting turn. All Katherine was amazing and her skimpy outfit, damn....
But it was weird that the old professor didn't take vervain during those parties, but now that I think about it, he could had vervain on him instead. But Damon not being able to break the cage was kind of iffy. But a great flashback that made sense. But Damon still killing was a surprise, believable to, it's like he's doing it as a promise to Enzo. Not just to be a douche.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Listen, how I got this amazing body has nothing to do with science.


Stefan: Aren’t you a drama major? What do you know about PTSD.
Caroline: Well I know that you tried to deal with it your own way and you failed so now, we’re gonna try it my way.

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