Tom Berenger Cast on Hawaii Five-0 As...

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Tom Berenger has booked a ticket to Hawaii.

The long-time actor has been cast on Hawaii Five-0 Season 4, coming on board the CBS drama as Danny's father.

Entertainment Weekly confirms that Berenger will appear opposite Melanie Griffith, who has already been cast on three episodes as Danny's mom.

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“[Danny's mom] ends up rocking his world because she comes with this big piece of news, and it forces them to look at their relationship,” executive producer Peter Lenkov tells EW.

“It’s a very nice ride. She’s going to have some really great scenes with McGarrett and in one episode she’s on a ride along with Chi McBride, which I think we’re looking forward to. It’s a sweet little arc.”

Berenger's character will be a former firefighter and stop by the series on the final one of Griffith's three installments.

Yesterday, we broke the exclusive news that Nick Jonas will be returning to the show as well.

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Something to look forward to in the 2nd half of the season! This show needs some "Danny" time. Nice to see that "Mom" Williams is normal - i.e., not a whacked CIA spy who likes to conveniently disappear rather than answer some very pointed questions from her son! Nick Jonas? Whatever...


We really don't need any more relatives cluttering up an already cluttered show, but if we are going to keep adding can we have some parents for Kono and Chin. Kono may be a Cylon, but how bout Chin.

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