White Collar Winter Finale Review: No Way Out?

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It seemed there was no way out for Neal in White Collar Season 5 Episode 9.

The truth had to come out eventually, but even then, it wasn't the whole truth, as Hagan is still more than capable of causing Neal and Peter untold troubles.

Unfortunately for viewers, we'll have to wait until White Collar Season 5 returns January 9 to see if the whole truth ever comes to light.

White Collar Winter Finale Scene

I thought the episode started out pretty great. Seeing Neal happy is never a bad moment, and Rebecca has unexpectedly managed to grown on me. That said, I am becoming increasingly suspicious of her motives, as are many of you Collars out there.

Is her eagerness a sign that she could be working with Hagan or have we become so cynical - or territorial - that we can't simply let the man be happy?! I am torn between both camps and haven't decided on an option.

I would say that the winter return promo (below) reveals that she could really become a victim, but if she's playing Neal, this may very well be the first time we've seen him be conned by an equally skilled con artist.

In other news, Peter was seriously ready to turn himself in. You knew it was serious the minute he set El down and debated the merits. It was clear El was leaning towards him keeping the secret for his own benefit. I was inclined to agree.

But there he went, getting Dawson ousted from his attorney position. I just wonder if Peter did it in a way that completely covers himself in retrospect. We have to keep in mind that Peter still doesn't know about Hagan's involvement, which is a really crippling reality.

Another crippling reality is that Peter and Neal's relationship is at a serious crossroads. Neal has really tested the waters and shattered the boundaries that kept their relationship relatively pure and drama-free. This is clearly the variety of a situation that could lead to a permanent breakup. To be honest, I thought Peter was about to cut Neal loose right then and there at the office the next day.

The only "good" thing, and I say that sparingly, that seemed to take place during this episode was the revelation that the stained glass was actually something that could be used to reveal the real secrets behind Chapter 13. Now if only Mozzie and Neal could do something to use this fact to get themselves out of this epic and ever-deepening mess!

We have to wait three weeks in order for everything to come to light, but do you think everything will work our between Neal and Peter, or has their relationship taken a turn for the worst?


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I guess Rebecca is the twist... she only worked at the meseum to get close to the codex than hired Hagen (or they are a couple) to get to Neal and make him do the things he has done to protect Peter and himself in the follow-up. I think the "kidnapping" is a rouse as seen many times on TV where she is only "playing" the victim to pressure Neal into revealing his hand. Look into Neal's eyes in the preview for the next episode... there is only one or two possibilities for his look, either Rebecca played him or his father has sth. to do with it.


Neal evil he always has been he always will be all he care about is himself he just like his dad


It is needed to be understood that Peter is not and was never self righteous. His ideology was that already once spoken on the show "staying above the law while everyone around him breaks it" but there is always a limit to that. As of Neal he himself stated in this season that he likes to do things that he is not supposed to. That's the whole point of view of their relationship. Neal and Peter both are compromised here as Peter found himself breaking the law and for Neal, a little too much of a leeway on his part.
So No one is at fault . both put themselves on the line and found each other at risk. You just can't choose sides as they are both right at their place and point of view.That's what makes WHITE COLLAR a great show. I am sure we'll get a fair conclusion and another great season ahead.


Peter needs to look at the big picture. Getting tired of his holier-than-though, everything is black and white attitude. He should be thanking his lucky starts he still has a job. Neal could have said, you know what? You don't appreciate it when I go out on a limb for you, you don't trust me, you never will, so why don't you just go through the system, take your chances and if it doesn't work out you can sit in Prison for the next 25 to life years. By the time you get out, if ever, I'll be off of my ankle bracelet and you can become a CI. I hope that Rebecca is not a monkey wrench thrown into the gears. I like her. Let's think about it. She was working in the Museum. I can't remember do we know for how long? If she had been working there for several years it would be unlikely she's in cahoots with Hagan (a character I'm getting tired of) so I hope she's genuine and there's a real love interest there. They make a good couple and the fact that she's not too uppity or Peter-like that she can accept Neal for who he is; being a criminal, makes her pretty decent in my book. The only thing I hate about this show (at least for me) is the really hideous music / opening show credits. I have to scramble to hit the mute button every time. For me that opening music is like fingernails sliding down a blackboard. I'm not a big fan of show's theme songs anymore. That was so yesterday. Blue Bloods has a theme song that I really look forward to. It's melodic, well produced and classy all at the same time. It's short and very pleasing to listen to. I don't like shows with long, drawn out theme songs for the simple reason is that after the first time it's just something that we have to suffer through over and over again. Take for example Charlies Angels from a long time ago with Farrah and friends. That theme song was about 2 minutes long. That is not part of the commercials, it is part of the show. Fast forward to today. We have shows with long story arcs or complex themes. If we have a show that has been on for 14 Seasons, with an average of 24 episodes per season and it has a 2 minute theme song, then over that period of time, 11.2 hours has been wasted or lost on the repetitive theme song that could have been extra scenes / content for the actual story line. Sorry I digressed.


Can't imagine how Peter and Neal will reconcile their seriously fractured relationship.
If there is not a reconciliation, the show will go down the tube...at least I won't watch it anymore. The premise of the show is about a mutually beneficial partnership with Neal and Peter being different faces of the same coin. They work in complement with each other and have a deeply committed friendship. If their relationship turns adversarial the whole point of the show changes to the dark side. I've had enough of Hagan and I'll be glad when his chapters of the series ends. I hope Rebecca is not playing Neal. I have a lot of ambivalence about her place in Neal's heart and life. Come January, we'll see how things unfold.


ugh .. not liking the direction .. Neal does it for his friend and Peter calls him a criminal who can't help himself? show's getting darker and not enjoyable as it used to be .. ugh


I think Neal ought to turn Peter loose. Neal has risked EVERYTHING to get Peter out of jail, and all Peter can do is call him a criminal and threaten him. Peter is a seriously deficient human being and I'm about to stop watching. The show has gone from fun and smart to dismal and unpleasant.

@ Lisa



Are they trying to make Peter unlikeable??? Peter's holier than thou attitude is so ridiculous it is getting hard to watch this show.

@ Danna

His attitude what about his wife what a heartless bitch

@ Michael

I'm with you on El's attitude too. This whole season she has been so out of character. And I don't think it matters how bad their relationship is bc the writers just forget and forgive everything from one episode to another. Like when Neal told Peter they were done (last season) it took 20 min into the next episode and all was forgiven. After the whole fiasco with El telling Neal to lie to Peter, which I completely hated, El gets no crap from Peter when he finds out what she did, Neal on the other had is just a criminal that can t help himself. Hey, Peter, news flash there was no other way to get you out bc your were dumb enough to pick up the murder weapon.idiot!

@ Danna

He didn't pick up the murder weapon Neals dad took it

@ Danna

Are they trying to make Peter unlikeable? Yes, that's the impression I've gotten. Doesn't make a lot of sense why they'd do that, but I can't imagine how anyone would have liked him in this episode.


This season is getting worse and worse. I like Rebecca, but that's the only good thing I have to say about it. I don't like Peter anymore either. The ending was horrible and inconsistent with how the characters have been written up to this point.

@ Amy90

HE a FBI agent who love his job and helping people


I love this season it's been very exciting and keeps us on the edge of our seats. I like what the writers are doing. We got to see a flirty young acting Neal with Rebecca, some great scenes with Neal and Mozzie, Neal doing bad things for good reasons and Peter and El trying to advise Neal about his love life. Yes maybe we have figured out the twist but we are having fun figuring it out. The final episodes of season 5 look amazing and I hope Rebecca is the twist. Look at it this way, Peter knows how much Neal likes her and will try to help his friend if she breaks his heart. I am looking forward to finding out how this all plays out but one thing I know for sure is I still love White Collar!

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