2 Broke Girls Review: Bros Before Doughs

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You have to give credit to Max and Caroline: they certainly know how to stay busy.

Between working for the diner in the evening, having their cupcake window after that and going to pastry school during the day, I’m surprised either of them finds time to brush their hair, much less sleep.

Then again, if 2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 13 showed us nothing else, it’s that you always have time for affairs of the heart. Even if you have to pull the fire alarm like Deke to get some alone time with Max.

Wetting The Dough

It’s great to see Eric Andre (Deke) on a steady show again. He was one of the highlights on the failed ABC show “Don’t Trust The B in Apartment 23," playing coffee barista Mark. This week’s snow swim out of the cupcake sales window was especially acrobatic of him, you have to admit.

I don’t know where Caroline and Chef Nicolas are going. While Caroline apparently needs to keep a tight grip on her girl-parts around him to keep them from running off, I lost count of how many time she mentioned he was married in this episode alone. 

I realize we are coming off a holiday break and they want to make sure we remember where we left off... but I’m pretty sure we all got it the second, third or even the eighth time she said it. Date him, don’t date him, I don’t care but for the love of sprinkles, please stop whining about it!

I hope that Max has better luck with Deke than she did with Johnny on 2 Broke Girls Season 1. Given that she came clean with him about her attraction and Deke didn’t sleep with “Judy with the booty,” I’d like to think they are on the right track. 

In conclusion, I’m giving the first offering of 2014 four alarms out of five for reminding us that no matter how cold it gets outside, Max and Caroline will warm things up for us inside.

Which couple has a better chance of making it?


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Glad the show is being reviewed again there has been so many times after an episode where I wanted to comment but couldn't but now I can so yay. This was a good episode I agree that the show is better now that Max is in pastry school. So glad Max and Deke showed how they really feel and I think he will be better for her than Johnny because they're more alike so they have more in common. Can't wait till the next episode.


I'm glad this show is being reviewed again! I really think it got better once Max started attending pastry school. It's nice to see her doing something to further her dreams. And it's always nice to throw in a love interest for her! I don't care so much about Caroline and Nicholas, but at least it gives her something to do. This season has been way better than last, imo. Ugh, this thing never posts my comments! I have to try like 4 times. Just venting :-)

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2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Earl: [Han walks in dressed in large snow suit] Still don’t know where Han is, but the new Bond villain just arrived.
Oleg: Now there’s an even bigger Octopussy in town.

Caroline: Well, there’s Nicholas. I was not prepared for this.
Max: Really? Cuz we spent the entire subway ride preparing you for this.