Agents of SHIELD Review: No More Secrets

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The question of Skye’s parents and history has become second only to learning why Coulson is alive.

Last week on Marvel's Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D., we got a large piece of the puzzle on the latter, so here it seemed only fitting that they pull the curtain back and show us more about Skye.

I was worried going into Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 12  that it would pale in comparison to last Tuesday's adventure. I’ve never been so glad to be proven wrong.

This week picked up where we left off, hitting all the right points along the way. Let’s break it down...

Melinda May – Chatter Box: Did anyone else expect May to become the talkative one when Coulson went into his funk? Me neither! It was a nice surprise to see that she was trying to get him talking and out of his gloom by filling in some of the chatting.

Coulson – Man of Honor: I’ll be honest, between Phil telling Skye everything he knew about her history and his casual acceptance that Melinda and Grant know what they are doing, I have a total man crush on him right now. Coulson was all about keeping secrets until it bit him in the keister! Who doesn’t like a man who is open and honest?

Skye – Child of SHIELD: I’ve got no idea where they are going with Skye’s background. But it is finally getting very, very interesting! Of all of the elements that needed refining, Skye was at the top of my list and how her story has really bloomed! Her being an O-8-4 as a baby has unlimited potential!

Donny Gill – Blizzard: For those that wondered about Donny’s icy finger drag at the end of the episode, in the Marvel universe he becomes "Blizzard." As Blizzard, he goes into a life of crime for a while and eventually tries to reform himself and become a “B Team” good guy. This is the second marvel hero (or villain) that they’ve introduced on the show, which means they are starting to mine the depths of the Marvel lore.

Ian Quinn – Centipede Alliance: The biggest shocker for me in the hour was Ian Quinn’s message to Coulson that The Clairvoyant wanted him to tell Coulson hello. I knew Quinn was a dirt bag, but you could have knocked me over with a feather after he said that. I’m guessing all roads lead to Centipede now.

Overall, it was a great hour and I can’t wait till February 4 when the show returns. In conclusion, I’m giving this episode 4.9 piece of repaired humanity for the bonding that Coulson and Skye did.

Which surprised you more? 


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A friend of mine suggested that Skye's origin might be tied into the Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming out in August. One of the main characters in the story is 1/2 human.... soooooo I wonder..

@ Jim Garner

OTOH, if the rumors about an AGENT CARTER series are true, they could be going another way. Those 2 references to the CAPTAIN AMERICA-branch of Marvel (Bucky Barnes, Hydra) might be a way for them to interweave some things we'll see this coming April. It's always cool when they connect stories to the past & futur e simultaneously.


I'm really vexed with the writers, they led us to totally dislike Skye (except for the hot part) and we all wished she would be washed/killed off. It is very hard to now be a fan. Ten episodes of annoying behavior and two of her being a "team" player which seems forced. I absolutely love Fitz and Simmons, they are terrific together. They don't have to be "soul mates" but they are definitely very complementary to each other. More Ward and May sex. I really like this series.


Skye is definitely hot but I would like her even if she wasn't. She was a bit annoying for a while but you always knew she would turn and become a full-on team player. I really like this series also. A diverse, likable cast and excellent writing. Did I mention that Skye is hot?

Chris albanese

A few things that I really liked about this episode-
1. The mere mention that Hydra and A.I.M. exists tells mere there could be a tie in at some point. In fact, I thought that Quinn might be the Scientist Supreme and was trying to recruit Seth and/or Donnie.
2. Coulson's indifference to Mae's confession and her "how did that not blow his mind?" expression. Granted he was focused on the task at hand as always, but he admitted that he heard.
3. Fitz is becoming a bit of a bad ass which means he's going to die soon. Not that I don't love the actor, but someone needs to bitch slap the nerd back to playing with his toys so we can queue that awkward romance between Fitz & Simmons .
4. Ward is getting a personality. He's more than a GI Joe doll and looked jealous that Operations doesn't have a boiler room.
5. Last but not least, my new TV crush Skye. I thought she was just going to be eye candy and the "heart" of the team occasionally taking off her clothes when the script called for it. This revelation opens up all kinds of potential. She could be the 2nd "super" to work with the team (Mike being the first) and maybe lure in other supers to join the cast in season 2. OR we could have the old kidnap her and inadvertently release her (mutant/Asgardian/alien) powers => guest appearance from Prof X/ that Asgardian dude from earlier in the season (her daddy?) /or S.W.O.R.D.


I wouldn't be surprised if Skye turned out to be an Asgardian....


totally loved it, but then i have loved all the episodes so far .... i would not be surprised if skye's abilities came back in the finale (aka " time for a massive cliffhanger") i was not that surprised with skye back-story (is she completely earthling ?), with coulson telling her very logic after last week nor with her reaction.
however, i did not expect the cavalry's confession or coulson actually listening at that moment. his reaction, again, is logic : he isn't a stickler when it comes to rules ; after all, he brought skye on the bus !


what's a O-87

@ quina

Jim Garner apparently wrote O-87 instead of 0-8-4. In any case, I find the revelation that Skye herself is an object of unknown origin to be fairly interesting - especially since Coulson already compared her to an 0-8-4 in the second episode (the one titled, appropriately enough, "0-8-4").

@ Dreamrose

WOOOPS! thanks for the catch Dreamrose, I fixed it... not sure where I got 87 instead of 84... hehe

@ quina

a human O-84 ?

@ braaf_hond

You're assuming she is human...


I loved every minute of this episode. I knew from the preview that Coulson told Skye the truth but I had no idea what that truth was and it was pretty shocking and I was very interested in her story before and now I'm even more interested. I think Skye is the only one that could get told something like that and it not shatter her world but she actually finds a bit of hope because she's had a family this whole time when she thought she never did. When Coulson told that to May I thought that Skye has got to be the only person that would be able to do that because anyone else's world would have been shattered. The case was interesting and we met 2 new villains one with superpowers and another that works with centipede and I can't wait to see what happens with both of those stories. May being the chatterbox was funny and when she told Coulson about her and Ward it was funny to. I can't wait till the show returns in a few weeks.

@ marissa

the bad guy who works for centipede was in malta 😉

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

The world is full of evil, lies, pain, and death and you can’t hide from it. You can only face it. The question is when you do, how do you respond, who do you become?


Ward: It’s strategic.
Simmons: It’s adorable.
Skye: The Tin Man has a heart after all.