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Once again, Arrow Season 2 Episode 12 proved that I have no ability whatsoever to predict the path of this show - and I'm perfectly happy to be wrong.

It's comforting to know I'm in good company. Oliver has been as wrong as me in many ways, most especially his belief that trickery and attempts to emulate those who taught him would be effective ways to handle situations that others would normally address the truth.

In the case of Roy, truth won out in the end... despite all of Oliver's attempts otherwise. So Oliver is unmasked, Roy is on Team Arrow and I'm wrong that Slade or Blood will get their dirty little hands onto Roy. It's all good!

Let me if you agree, but I thought it was another wasted trip to break Ben Turner (AKA Bronze Tiger)  out of prison just to steal the earthquake machine for Dr. Evil. Alright, so it wasn't Dr. Evil, but his name wasn't important because he was doing the best damn Dr. Evil impression I've seen since the last Austin Powers movie.

Amanda Waller ended up recruiting Turner for a "squad" which I suppose will be the Suicide Squad, but we have so many other entities tossing around out there already unaccounted for (H.I.V.E., for instance) that I'm not even ready to delve into what that might amount to down the road. Maybe they'll wind up on The Flash.

Laurel is still drinking and I don't blame her. When I lost my job, that's what I did. From a high point of thinking her old partner could offer her a job to a low of discovering she might be disbarred (for something like moral turpitude) Laurel's days just keep getting worse. Lance tricking her into an AA meeting on the pretense of dinner was a low blow. I'd suggest dinner and then screwing her over. 

With Walter's help and Thea's moral support, Moira is entering the mayoral race against Sebastian Blood. That's going to be the catalyst for the true Blood to come out (which just reminded me that he was ON True Blood -- crazy!). Oliver will have a difficult time throwing his support behind Blood when his own mother is running, especially with Walter's backing. It's always been family first.

That's likely to toss a wrench into Blood's plans and hopefully kicks things up a notch for Slade to drive his own agenda to hurt Oliver into overdrive. Blood's true colors will start to bleed through his squeaky clean outer shell and eventually Laurel will be vindicated for bringing him into the spotlight.

By then it will be too late. Sara has already hit town. I wondered who Oliver called and was very happy to learn it wasn't Blood because he as my first thought. Of course, I was already wondering how Laurel was going to get into her apartment when Oliver had her keys. I think far too much about some things and not nearly enough about others.

I can't even imagine what's going to happen between the sisters. The discussion about Oliver alone could take several episodes. They have to toss in where Sara has been, why she's been hiding, why Laurel is a drunk and myriad of other topics. It's going to be a kick ass emotional showdown, don't you think?

Thea, who remains in the background, had a purpose tonight. She drove Moira's decision to accept Walter's proposal to run for mayor and Roy's love for her not only set him straight but pushed Oliver to reveal himself to Roy. He hoped their shared love for Thea would be the connection needed for Roy to do the right thing and to keep his secret.

The flashback scenes were shown bringing Oliver and Slade closer again as friends, which means that in spite of that the Mirakuru still had it's way with him causing Oliver to put an arrow through his eye. We can only hope that Roy has enough love around him to save his brain from turning to evil mush. 

Roy and Oliver standing face to face after the bomb detonated packed an emotional punch. That's the kind of punch Roy needs to focus on going forward. Having another younger personality in the Arrow Cave is going to bring a different energy that was apparent upon Roy's first trip under Verdant. 

Roy: Does this group have a name, like "Team Arrow" or something?
Oliver: We don't call ourselves that.
Felicity: I do. Occasionally.
Oliver: Stop.
Diggle: Welcome aboard.

How long will the team remain at four? Is bigger better when you're trying to save the world, or is it better to keep it under wraps? I guess Sara is a member of the team, so there are four with a backup. Slade knows who Arrow is.

Does anybody else know that they're unaware of at this point? I guess there's a reason it's called the DC Universe -- you need a lot of people to make up a universe, and it grows all the time.

If you want to relive this or any episode, you can watch Arrow online any time here at TV Fanatic. It looks like things are going to heat up next week. Until then:

Do you think the worst of Roy's Mirakuru problems are under control?


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Am I the only one thinking that it's time for Oliver to forget about Laurel and finally focus on Felicity?


I love the episode. And I miss John Barrowman and his evil handsomeness. Hope he returns to threaten Moira's mayoral race. And if they kill Thea, that could be a gamechanger for everyone, not just Oliver and Roy. is Sarah's return part of Laurel's downward spiral?


I liked the fact they focused a little more on Roy during this ep, and left behind Blood story line...(I really want to punch that smug face of Blood...). I like the idea of Moira to be the mayor, and the fact that Thea will finally know about her biological father!


"I think too much about some things..." LOL. Me too, like how no one recognizes Oliver even when he is so close to them or how he can fight with all those super vilains without any super power and not die.
And cbout the episode I loved when Oliver revealed himself to Roy, I always love when the hero reveals himself to some one.
And also Sara and Laurel, i'm excited about that.


I quite enjoyed this episode a lot, it's actually one of my favorite episodes of the season. I think there will definitely be a kick ass emotional showdown between the Lance sisters. I'm glad that this was the way that Laurel found out about Sara's survival instead of finding out accidentally. Roy in Team Arrow: loving it. I have been a huge Roy Harper fan of the comics and his relationship with Oliver in the comics as well so I'm glad to see that aspect come to life even more! Great review!


Great episode. Especially the "Team Arrow" thing at the end.
Did anyone notice the guy at the bar, when Laurel left? Looked to me like he was putting a battery or something like that in his idea if that was something important, though.

@ healthtech

YESSSSS. I think he's either working for Slade or Merlyn. I think stuff is about to get ugly.

@ chaos-is-welcome

More likely, Mr. Creepster works for the League of Assassins and is waiting to see if Laurel's meltdown will lure her sister back to Starling City.


Who keeps a working earthquake machine - even a prototype - in their basement? (Okay, fine; obviously Malcolm Merlyn does.) How did the bad guys know it was there, anyway? And how did they know it even existed? And what made them so sure that the device was even viable? It was sitting around in Merlyn's garage, and hadn't been used as part of the Undertaking, even though I'd imagine that earthquake-making machines aren't easy or cheap to make. It would've been really funny if the countdown reached zero and nothing happened. (On a side note, I don't think Malcolm is going to be too thrilled when he hears about Bronze Tiger's little foray into B&E in his home!)

Sarah silva

I am so happy that Oliver finally revealed himself to Roy. It was a good thing he did as I think that will help Roy out and realize why Arrow was training him that way. Oliver was training Roy the same way Shado trained him. I loved the end when Oliver took Roy to the basement of the club and Roy thought he was going to kill him. Then when he was introduced to Diggle and Felicity and Roy asked what they called themselves.
I am really liking the idea of Moira running for Mayor. I hope it brings her and Walter back together.
I knew Oliver called Sara and I really hope it was what Laurel needs to snap out of her destructive behavior.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I really like Colin Salmon; I hope Moira's mayoral campaign means we'll be seeing more of him as Walter in the near future! Also, I thought at first that Oliver had called Quentin, but found it odd that we didn't hear the other end of the conversation. The only other person who made sense, therefore, was Sara.


@Carissa Pavlica- Ollie asked Thea to call a cab for Laurel, which is how she made (falling down drunk) it back to her apartment to meet her not-so-dead-as-previously-reported sister. It was a big risk for Oliver to reveal his true identity to Roy; we'll have to wait and see if it backfires. To be fair, they could all be dead right now, so it was probably an acceptable risk in the grand scheme of things. On the positive side, it gives Oliver common ground with Roy (i.e. Thea), and Ollie can definitely train Roy more freely and answer a lot of the questions that had been frustrating Roy. Anyone else think that Nick Fury got a lot better looking at the end of this episode, when he came to ask Bronze Tiger if he'd ever heard of the Avengers Initiative? Wait, sorry, wrong universe... ;-)

@ Dreamrose

I know Oliver had Thea call Laurel a cab, but he didn't give her Laurel's keys before he walked off to call Sara. I know it's silly, but a keyless drunk Laurel would be ineffective outside her apartment. Lol

@ Carissa Pavlica

I rewatched the scene, and it looked like Oliver *might* have slipped the car key off the keychain. It's really hard to tell as it happens out of frame, though. Why does Laurel have so many keys all on the same chain, anyway? What are they all for? I would never put my house keys on the same keychain as my car keys - that's asking for trouble if I lose them or they get stolen, and as a (former) ADA, Laurel would know this.

@ Dreamrose

I agree: "it looked like Oliver *might* have slipped the car key off the keychain."

Enrique rea

A fantastic episode. I'm still fangirling. Roy's roid rage was handled to an extent rather quickly. Beats dragging it out. Nice seeing MJW again as bronze tiger again. Laurel continued to spiral out of control. It should be leading to something substantial plot wise. I just keep hoping that Diggle would get more to do. Despite my feelings about the new 52 version of Amanda Waller I got goosebumps as she recruited BT. Wishing for a suicide squad show. Now! Exciting things ahead.

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Love's the most powerful emotion and that makes it the most dangerous.


Oliver: You hacked into a prison system network?
Felicity: Is that judgment I'm hearing?
Oliver: Pride.

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