Arrow Round Table: "Blind Spot"

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Welcome to a new edition of the Arrow Round Table!

The Arrow Season 2 Episode 11 table brings you all the goodies you've been waiting to banter about: Roy and his Mirakuru heroism, Laurel's battle against Blood, Slade's plans to hurt Oliver and learning about Sara on the island.

Hang out with staff writers Kate Brooks, Hank Otero, Nick McHatton, Carla Day and Carissa Pavlica and let the verbal battles begin! Be opinionated, be respectful and most importantly -- have fun!


What were your thoughts on Roy's first attempt at being heroic with the Mirakuru flowing?

Kate: Weak! I mean, we all know Roy isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and poor Sin just follows him around like a puppy dog. I did, however, enjoy the fact that he was willing to work with the arrow to get it under control.

Hank: I think Roy meant well, but doesn't realize exactly how the Mirakuru changed him. He's also clueless about what it takes to be a hero, putting poor Sin in danger like that. I'm glad he showed some regret when talking to the Arrow. As I mentioned before, Roy's storyline had stalled for me a bit. Glad to see he will finally begin training with the Arrow. Knowing our stubborn young hothead, it's not going to go smoothly at all.

Nick: Definite growing pains. It's close to Oliver last season, when he didn't give much thought about killing everyone in his way until Tommy goes, with Sin taking Tommy's role (minus the death). I love that Oliver is reaching out before to Roy before he does something he will really regret.

Carla: It was a noble attempt. He tried to take a killer off the street and he succeeded in doing that at least in the short term. I'm guessing the guy won't be picking up any hookers to kill in Starling City again. He lost control, but the fact that he hit Sin was probably a good thing in the long term. She wasn't hurt and it was a wake up call that he needed help. Without this experience, I doubt he would have been so quick to take Arrow's help.

Carissa: I was surprised he just went at it like that. I guess the Mirakuru did do a job on his mind because he was more in control before he met Thea. He still went out on patrol and did wild things, but he wasn't so reckless. I wonder if he'll be able to control himself easily, even with Oliver's help (as Arrow).

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Do you think Laurel was right to open an investigation into Sebastian Blood?

Kate: Of course, I said this last week, if your gut tells you something is off, listen to it. I feel bad for Laurel, everyone is thinking she is crazy or messed up because of her addiction problem. I look forward to Blood being exposed and proving Laurel was right.

Hank: Absolutely! Sometimes you just have to go with your gut, you know? What surprised me, was how easily Ollie and Lance took Blood's side. Oliver knows something's off but keeps allowing clues to slip through the cracks. He's not on his "A" game lately. Honestly, I'm ready for Deathstroke to come front and center!

Nick: Yes, her instincts are good; it's her actions and behavior that's causing everyone to think she's wrong. If this was Laurel of last season everyone would be tripping over themselves to help her and bring down Blood. However, they're focused on her pill popping, and, ironically, it's clouding their own judgment of her.

Carla: Definitely. His actions were suspicious and he did kill his mother. She was spot on. And, she'll end up being redeemed for her accusations against Blood, though it may be too late to salvage her career.

Carissa: Yes. She's the only one who sees him clearly, which is unsettling. Perhaps you need some chemical enhancements to see what's really going down in Starling City. Accepting the masked man as a done deal so easily was ironic, given how easily Diggle passed himself off as Arrow in the past, for example (thanks Dreamrose!). Too many loose ends for me to be happy with how the investigation ended on the episode, even if it's picked up again later.

What are your thoughts on Oliver calling Laurel his blind spot?

Kate: The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. I am definitely not feeling any Laurel/Oliver romantic feelings this season.

Hank: I think while there's definitely some truth to that, it doesn't mean he should disregard her completely. They've worked together well in the past. It's possible he hasn't fully forgiven her for coming after the Arrow so aggressively at the start of the season.

Nick: He's right on some level, and I really like Hank's answer. They work very well together, and she shouldn't be disregarded just because she's going through a tough time with addiction.

Carla: He believed in Laurel's accusations and followed them through to the end. He was there for her when even her father had left her behind. Oliver did have a blind spot where Laurel was concerned, though this time she was right. Officer Daily was the perfect patsy for Blood. I can't blame Oliver for believing Daily was the masked man. The evidence fits too perfectly. I'm not convinced it's the end of the story though. Oliver may believe it in that moment, but the other outstanding evidence will pull at him and he'll follow up. The missing file, the dead Aunt/Mother, etc. Though, it may be too late to help Laurel.

Carissa: Nick's thinking along the same lines I have been in the above answer -- everyone's judgment is clouded, but it's by their idea of alcohol and drug abuse. Their blind spot is focused on other people's past behavioral problems. I'm not saying that Laurel's coping mechanism is right, but it doesn't seem to be affecting her in the same way it does others. Not yet anyway. But the more people look past her and at her problem, the more the problem manifests and the less likely everyone is to see the person who has the problem or why. It's like Lance and Oliver have forgotten there is a girl in there. Not that she makes it easy, always pushing them away -- but they are masters at that behavior.

Slade admitted that Laurel is part of his plan to hurt Oliver. What do you think other pieces of the plan might be?

Kate: I think Slade will discover his team and use them against him. Obviously his family members are going to play a role in this as well. Felicity will be a HUGE tool against Oliver, especially if they keep moving forward with these two as they have been this season. It makes me incredibly nervous! They weren't afraid to kill Tommy so who knows what will happen.

Hank: Ya got me there... I'm not sure where the writers are going with Slade's revenge plans. I do think he will ultimately learn Sara is alive and kill her. Leading to Laurel taking her place as Canary. It would surprise me, if things go down differently. Still, the writers might surprise us, who knows?

Nick: Aside from Oliver's immediate friends and family being more pieces I haven't got a clue.

Carla: Not really sure. I'm glad that Slade's plans for Oliver have remained a mystery. He wanted to build an army of super humans and he wants to make Oliver pay for what happened in the past, yet he called Oliver a "friend." At this point, I'm not even sure that Slade has entirely ill-will towards Oliver. I can't wait to see what happens next. Maybe Slade will seduce Laurel!

Carissa: I just want to give a shout out to our incredible readers for tossing out so many great ideas. I'd love for Sara and Laurel to have scenes together. Somehow I think they'll be limited, but some readers have thought about Slade making Laurel go dark.

My idea would be for Sara to stay as Canary and Laurel to be taken under the tutelage of Slade and maybe become some combination of DC characters Rose (his daughter) and Raven (I like the bird connection with Canary). A permanent group of bad guys to always be scraping away at the Arrowverse would be so cool with all of the personal ties. Laurel would also be perfect payback for Shado because Slade would be taking away someone both Sara and Oliver loves, but he'd be taking her life in a different way than killing her.

What did you think about the island scenes with Sara? Did anything stand out?

Kate: There is so much tension, to me, between Oliver and Sara. I love these two together and the fact that we know that Sara turns into Black Canary has me more into their story on the island. As for standing out, nothing yet but I know that we're building up to a huge climax, you can feel the stakes get raised each epsiode.

Hank: If anything, that one scene made me sympathize with Sara even more. It's interesting how much I've enjoyed Sara as a character versus Laurel. It seems that's the plan though, for us to fall for Sara so when she's killed it makes an impact. Laurel seeking vengeance as Canary for Sara's death, gives her purpose. Not to mention, another hero for Arrow to train in Season 3!

Nick: I originally thought a double cross might happen, but it's great to see Sara really stick it out. Life probably would have been slightly better on the boat than on the island, but she followed her gut and knew to trust Oliver (funny how the Lance's all follow their guts, but can never quite get on the same page with the Queens or each other).

Carla: The island scenes are definitely painting Sara in a much better light than we've seen her in before. She went with her sister's boyfriend on the ship, but there was much more to that story. And she could have sided with Ivo, but she didn't. She's strong-willed and has a keen sense of right and wrong. She's made mistakes, but she recognizes them and wants to be a better person.

Carissa: I don't know what my answer is to this anymore. After I made the comment that sisters do silly things like go after each other's boyfriends, all hell broke loose. LOL I just find it fascinating that people dislike Laurel so much that it seems worse to call the police on a teen booze party and then later start dating the guy your sister was crushing on (we don't know Laurel wasn't as well), than it is to sleep with him after the other sister is legitimately dating him. The dislike for Laurel is so deep that my plan for her to be a Slade sidekick fits beautifully.  

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Oliver and felicity shouldn't be a couple they have chemistry but felicity is the Chloe Sullivan (smallville) of arrow. Who has a crush on the hero. Slade wilson is lex Luther of arrow

Fearless diva
@ Adnan+

lol and may i remind you chloe ends up with smallville's Green Arrow/Oliver Queen.

Ronald simkins

I agree with other blogs. How could Laurel possibly become Black Canary? Because she wants to? Where will the training come from?

@ isoron

They've made it very clear that Laurel is quite skilled in hand to hand combat after taking self defense classes. I'm willing to be when it comes down it, there's a lot more we don't know about her and what she's been doing while we haven't been looking. Have faith in these writers. While the guest starring bad guys of the week have been somewhere disappointing at times, have they let you down yet when it comes to a major character's story arc? They know what they're doing -- whatever their plan for Laurel might be.

Fearless diva
@ Carissa Pavlica

I'm curious do you watch the Arrow After show on youtube? The guy that hosts is named John Campea and he made some good points. One being that Sara and Oliver's skills are believable because their time on the island(and Sara with the league of Assassins later on) shaped them into who they are today. For example, say you and I existed in the Arrowverse. We both take a couple of years of self-defense classes. Do you really think it be an even match against Sara and Oliver. The answer is no because no amount of experience from self-defence classes will be on the same as the real life experience Oliver and Sara gained. Those two got so good because it was survival of the fittest. Or as Oliver likes to point out: "Kill or be Killed". That's why there people out there that aren't fully onboard with Laurel becoming Black Canary. She just wouldn't fit and for the record I like Laurel, it's not the hate or the Olicity goggles clouding my judgement.

Spindae 2o
@ Fearless Diva

In the Canary episode when Diggle wanted to stop Sara she told he was no match to her. Either way Laurel proved to be skilled in many occasions in Season 1. 2 or 3 times as she was attacked in her Apartment and once she kicked as* with Tommy & Oliver in the club. I mean that aren't skills on Oli's or Sara's level but that is good foundation for upcoming stuff. No one expects her to become BC over night she has to "morn" Sara first(even though I think Sara will get paralyzed by Slade to suffer).

Spindae 2o

1. Red Roy?
hmmm this was a classic Roy move. Remember how Roy was just couple of episodes ago. That's him. He is going with his head through a wall, the bad thing is he can really do it now. I mean the Thea-Sin interaction was great, best part of it. I ask myself when will Thea get a story on her own? Earlier Roy was her story but what now?
2.Laurel the Blind spot?
I don't know. Their chemistry is really good, it's somehow innocent. It's completely different than Olicity but beautiful aswell.
3.Slade's plan?
I think a lot of what is coming will depened on what happened on the Island. Remember Oliver said he burried the last Mirakuru infected person(I assume Slade). So Sara will probably be the rift between the 2 boys. But maybe Slade fall for Sara afterwards aswell. Plenty possibilities but I see the Felicity or Laurel decision happening for Oliver again. I could see Laurel leaving/getting kidnapped out of Starling city with Slade in the season 2 finale.
4. Sara?
I mean I get her feelings being hurt and pining but sleeping with Oliver was really shady. Oliver and Laurel were a year and a half dating. But it was a nice Vampire Diaries a twist.

Fearless diva
@ Spindae 2.0

I am loving the Laurel and Oliver as friends interactions. It works for these two and I'm glad Oliver is showing he cares. You know what would be awesome? If somehow Felicity and Laurel teamed up. Based on the conversation in the Arrowcave, she could be swayed to help Laurel. I would love that. These two girls need some interaction. As for Sara, I pointed out earlier that I think what the scene between Sara and Oliver was used for was to showcased the fact that Laurel isn't perfect. The image of Laurel Oliver had up until this episode, was of someone who could do no wrong. It's also nice knowing more about why Sara was sleeping with Oliver behind Laurel's back. Payback is a bitch lol.

Spindae 2o
@ Fearless Diva

Honestly I think we all want so much so fast. Remember how much time we needed in Smallville for things to get anywhere. I think there is good space for Lauricity scenes to come along, especially if Laurel really goes the BC way. Imagine that being a secret between Fel & Laurel which will became a rift between Olicity. Girl be4 bros.

Fearless diva
@ Spindae 2.0

Definately. I'm not saying this season per se but like in season 3 or 4. But if they were to have them shared scenes this season, I rather it be something useful like getting to the bottom of unmasking Blood, then having a scene with Laurel assumming Oliver's latest arm candy. Don't want either characters to ever be reduced to that.

Vijay krishnan

Laurel and Ollie make the best pair no matter what other dans talk about #Olliicity all the time. Felicity makes a great pair with Oliver but surely IMHO she makes the best combo with the Flash aka Barry Allen. In the forthcoming episodes I'm sure as Stephen Amell broke out earlier, Nysa Al Ghul comes to Starling City to warn Sara and subsequently there will be a blood spill eventually resulting in Sara's death and Laurel turning into the Black Canary, I've a lot of faith in Katie Cassidy and I personally the original pairing of Ollie and Laurel makes a feel good picture.

@ Vijay Krishnan

Laurel is punished for what she haven't done yet; that's to say "Forgive Oliver for cheating with her sister". It doesn't have to do with Olicity, with chemistry or not... as long as they make us believe Laurel could forgive the unforgivable, she will be rejected.
Most of women will refuse to support this kind of weakness. Tha's just inconceivable. That's what explain why so many people dislike Laurel IMHO.

@ Vijay Krishnan

How is that the case? Felicity is like the most important figure in Oliver's life. She's been his friend, confidant, and advisor for all of this time, not to mention she played a central role in helping Oliver realize that he is, in fact, a hero. Even if Laurel does eventually become the Black Canary and evolve from the whiny, obnoxious character she's been so far, what could she possibly bring to another relationship with Oliver besides f)U)c)Ked up history and emotional baggage?

@ KB

Don't forget the her messed up history and baggage is a direct result of Oliver's actions. He took off with her sister because things were getting too serious with Laurel. He couldn't have known what was going to happen later, but he did want to sabatoge his relationship with Laurel. Then when Everything Went to hell he carried that Picture of Laurel with him on the Island and talked about her as his one true love. However that did not stop him for hooking up with Shado. Then when he finally came back to Starling City and saw the repercussions of what happened to the Lance family, he felt a World of guilt. He also could not stay away from Laurel whether it be his guilty feelings or that he actually loves her. He finally gets Laurel and then Tommy dies and a combination of her and his guilty feelings drives them apart again. This time both Ollie and Laurel move on from each other. He moves closer to Felicity and she becomes addicted to pills. Once she finds out the truth about Sara and that Ollie and her dad kept it from her I can see her being seduced by Slade into going dark, but if she can reconnect with Sara and then have her die I can also see Laurel turning into Black Canary. I want to see Laurel kick Ollie's butt and then for them to eventually find their way back to each other again. Olicity can have their moment in the meantime and eventually Felicity should wind up with Barry, because those two are just too cute together.

Fearless diva
@ moname91

and what about Felicity, she has sacrificed her job at IT, a social life and not to mention her reputation all because she believes in Oliver and the good he is doing for Starling. Laurel isn't a saint here either. If she had evacuated CNRI like everyone else, there would have been no need for Tommy to come in and rescue her, thereby sealing his fate. He'd still be alive if it wasn't for her stupidity. Her vendetta against The Arrow earlier this season proved she was just looking for a scapegoat to place all the guilt she was feeling. It's called Survivor's guilt, she feels guilty that she's still alive and Tommy isn't.


Carissa I love your plan of making Laurel into Slade's sidekick. That would totally work for me!

@ Henry A. Otero

That would totally work for me too. That would be awsome ! ... so much possibilities....

Fearless diva
@ Henry A. Otero

great minds post alike. I posted that theory in one of the reviews! :) So as you all know, I am obsessed with Arrow. (lol) So I was bored today and figured that since PLL often provides clues to the audience about key plots on their season poster, why couldn't Arrow? Thus, the examination began! So obviously, Oliver is at the center, with the island behind him. Which made me think, he's getting better at letting go of that. It's haunting him but its not as bad as it was the year before. Furthermore, Felicity and Diggle are to his left and right; forming what some fans have dubbed "The Arrow Trinity". Their his closest confidantes. But after Diggle, are Thea and Roy. However, if you take a closer look, there's an obvious space between where Diggle is and how far away those two are. Which can symbolize how they don' know about Ollie's secret. However, here's where it gets interesting... Slade is in between Laurel and Felicity and his pose is that of someone getting ready to fight. Remember his monologue in the midseason finale? The "fighting pose" could be a representation of Slade getting ready for his showdown with Oliver and being in the middle of Laurel and Felicity is not a coincedence. I think its deliberate. Either this means he will use the two ladies to recreate the moment where Ollie had to pick between Sara and Shado or that at very least, its referencing that he is going to try to get to Oliver by using these two. Furthermore, Laurel is further away from Oliver and closer to Slade in distance. A reference to far Oliver and Laurel have drifted apart and their relationship fizzling out. But, could her being closer to Slade mean that she will be the easiest to corrupt?

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