Being Human Review: Spells and Consequences

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It's so great to have Being Human back. 

Being Human Season 4 Episode 2 was full of the things that are best about the show: unexpected revelations peppered with insanely comedic moments to keep even the most tense stories from going over the top dramatically.

Being Human knows never to take itself so seriously that it loses sight of the fact they're trying to pull off a show about two werewolves, a ghost who has been to purgatory and back more than once and might be a witch on the side, vampires and myriad other supernatural forces.

Always, the tone navigated is precisely the manner it should be for a genre piece.

That doesn't keep me from feeling the feels for the characters and occasionally wanting to reach into my TV set and knock some heads together.

Sally. Oh Sally. At what point will you listen to your elders? Aidan is a good deal older than you and has been around the supernatural block a few times. When he asks whether something makes sense, maybe you should just take a listen. We get it -- you like your new powers and think that because you successfully swam your way through a bloodbath to get away from Donna that you can now wield them handily. You are wrong.

Of all characters to test out her magical wizardry on, why did it have to be Josh? Josh is the heart of Being Human. He is the most human of all of the supernatural beings, even when he is a wolf more than a man. For years, Josh prepared dinners for two roommates who could not eat, just to keep the customs they would expect as the humans they were so trying to be. He is always the first with a joke and a kind word. 

To try to save Josh is admirable. To do so without regard for the consequences was woefully inadequate and no lovely afterthought about being there to chat after they shared similar fates of disappearing for a bit makes up for it. I'm angry at Sally.

I should be angry at Nora. It was Nora's decision, in the end, to allow Sally to perform her magic, and her menstrual blood that made it all possible. But she's been there for three months day in and day out waiting. She's tired and weak. It was easy for her to want to believe -- the very things that she at first accused Sally of doing. Let's take just a moment to recall the funny side of life, because this is the stuff that brings levity to the worst times.

Nora: What?
Aidan: Um...I can smell it? I'm sorry!
Nora: Oh my God!
Aidan: Now I'm horrified!
Nora: Is that like an ongoing skillset?
Aidan: No. Well...
Nora: So in all the time we've known each other and all the time we've lived together, you could...
Aidan: It just kind of comes with the territory of being a vampire! There's not much I can do about that.
Nora: Great!

When Sally fluttered away and fluttered back and told Nora she shouldn't have done anything without Sally's presence -- as if Aidan was going to leave Josh stuck inside of a wolf carcass with his hand jutting out of its mouth -- I wanted to slap her. Too little too late! 

Now Josh is in some sort of half-finished spell state, not wholly a wolf and not wholly a man, possibly worse off than he was before the spell. He'll hate himself easier than anyone else would in the situation, be guiltier and feel more responsible. What's next?

Someone posed a question in the comments for Being Human Season 4 Episode 1 as to whether Kat might be related to Susanna and possibly Aidan through Isaac. For a short time it was a possibility, as she told the tale of what happened to her after Bishop turned her into a vampire.

Yes, Bishop is her daddy, too. Ironically, I believe that he did sire her out of noble intentions as a gift for Aidan, as I also believe he truly loved Aidan. But her guilt over killing her own child for her first feeding put a little dent into those plans. She apparently never forgave herself, as she has taken to self-flagellation to atone for her sins in the name of the Lord.

It's always good to see Mark Pellegrino back as Bishop, and this was no exception. I also don't doubt that he didn't turn Isaac not to punish Susanna for killing him, but to spare Isaac an eternity as a child. We saw how well that went down in Interview With a Vampire. Children do not make good vamps. It's nice to know Bishop had some boundaries.

I hope we'll get to find out exactly what happened to Susanna all this time. It makes sense that she would hate Bishop, but more that she'd hate herself. She wouldn't want to see Aidan until Bishop were dead in the event he might share her secret, although Bishop was good at keeping them.

Thinking he might reunite with Susanna only to be brushed off so quickly did persuade Aidan to share his "normal" life with Kat. While it might seem to some like he's settling, I hope he realizes he's not. She's beautiful both inside and out. She's good for him, although at some point he's going to have to share his secret with her. All of their secrets. How easy will they be to swallow?

I'm loving the season so far. If you missed the first episode or want to see it again, you can watch Being Human online from our site. 

Which supernatural creature would be most difficult for Kat to imagine being real?


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Debbie debra

I really enjoyed the review. The writers are geniuses! I love the time of the month conversation, really hilarious! The show never disappoints me. I watched all 3 seasons on demand before the new season and I fell in love with it again. It reminded me of how amazing Being Human is! It takes so long to come back. But we are loyal fans and are patient. There is alot of humor in it too, gotta love that.


Love this review! I agree it's so fantastic to have this show back on my tv screen. I absolutely love it.


Good episode. The whole time traveling thing with Sally is kind of interesting and I'm interested in finding out more about it. Josh isn't a wolf anymore but there's still something wrong with him because Sally didn't get to finish the spell and I can't wait to see what happens with that right now Josh has the most interesting story to me, Aiden's wife actually being alive and a vampire is interesting and I can't wait to see what happens with them it must be pretty awkward because he has a girlfriend. I want to know when he's going to tell Kat about what he is and everything else. Can't wait till the next episode it looks good.


You are so right, it's great to have Being Human back! You know, I was a fan of the original UK show but it's a distant memory. They really messed that one up in my opinion. The U.S. version has really managed to keep things interesting while maintaining its unique tone. Of course, they also haven't lost their original cast along the way. Still, it doesn't seem the UK creative team planned far enough ahead. I loved the UK's Annie and because of that it took me a long time to warm up to Sally. You're right though, she doesn't listen and always jumps in head first. Nora was just desperate, poor thing. I don't remember exactly how Josh became trapped in his wolf last season. Wonder what this half-spell state has in store for Josh. Isn't Mark Pellegrino the best? After John Noble, he's my other favorite genre "go to" actor. Love him in Tomorrow People as well!

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Being Human Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Josh, it's me. Sally. I want you to know I came back different. Powerful.


Nora: What?
Aidan: Um...I can smell it? I'm sorry!
Nora: Oh my God!
Aidan: Now I'm horrified!
Nora: Is that like an ongoing skillset?
Aidan: No. Well...
Nora: So in all the time we've known each other and all the time we've lived together, you could...
Aidan: It just kind of comes with the territory of being a vampire! There's not much I can do about that.
Nora: Great!

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