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Bones Review: Dance to the Music That’s Playing

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This was another strong outing, but Bones Season 9 Episode 13 did that thing at the beginning where they try to make me vomit up my dinner.

This time, it even used the word vomit and showed vomit to make sure to ram the point straight to the stomach.

The best part of that (and there is a best part out of that disgusting sentiment) is Booth was eating while Brennan was talking about it, so they're fully aware of what they're doing to the audience.

It could only have been better if she had said she found some tongue in his cheek: 

Booth: I don't believe this.
Brennan: No it's true. I recovered a portion of them as I was scooping vomit out of the victim's eye socket.
Booth: Bones, remember that conversation we had about people trying to eat.
Brennan: Yes. Of course, yes. Well, I'm a little disappointed, because what will be our lunch conversation?

Bones at the Bar

The murder was truly interesting, mainly because they made the victim seem kind and a bit put upon. As a musician who worked hard and yet only found out he was an international sensation days before he was killed, it made his story all the more compelling. 

Something else came to mind as I watched and as Sweets and Angela listened to the victim's music. They said they didn't like country, but something about his music was different. While the music wasn't typical country that non-country listeners think of, I also believe when someone passes you tend to hear or see their work differently. The fact that someone died opens your senses to their talents in a way you might not have been willing to listen or see them before. Just a theory of mine.

The other reason the case worked well was because of the way the bones on the victim were broken coincided with a broken bone suffered by intern Wendell Bray. He got it playing hockey with Booth and was pretty proud of it. Booth even had video of the exact moment the break happened.

Thank goodness he did, because Brennan immediately knew something was wrong and her motherly instincts kicked in (I like that new side of her) and she snooped, only to discover Wendell has a rare form of bone cancer.

Between the life of the country singer who had apparently waited a lifetime to fall in love only to have his shot at happiness sabotaged and then his life snuffed and Wendell's horrible news, it was quite sobering.

I liked how Wendell took time to weigh the decision of chemotherapy, possible amputation or bone replacement and radiation all in an attempt to prolong his life for a cancer that has an extremely high mortality rate. He remembered his father and how his life was barely worth living at the end, but he had a life. Wendell's has only just begin.

Booth and Brennan wanted him to fight, but didn't want to persuade him one way or another, and being silent was difficult. I always enjoy their discussions about such weighty matters especially since they share such different views on God and the universe. 

Some devout Catholics would find it difficult to marry someone who does not believe in God, and I applaud Bones for showing the exception and not the rule. Together, they make sense of even the most difficult circumstances.

Brennan: I thought your belief in God gave you the sense that the universe had some kind of loving plan.
Booth: Well God tests us to see what we're made of so we can appreciate what we have.
Brennan: Well I can appreciate the universe without cancer.

As we've seen one intern turn serial killer and one die horribly, I wouldn't have been surprised if Wendell had chosen to drive off into the night to see the world while he was still well enough to enjoy it. We never know when our circumstances will change, which is why we should make the most of life while we can. It's sometimes much easier said than done.

Those wise little nuggets that come from Bones, like the title of this review, are what I love about the show. Sometimes, you just have to dance to the music that's playing.

What decision did you think Wendell would make?



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(Slight tangent...) Carissa, I'm a Southern Baptist-turned Episcopalian in the Bible Belt, so I hear you re: dating outside our religion. The teaching, that is. I married another like me, but I don't care what anyone else does. It's about respect. Dreamrose, the rudeness Brennan has shown about Booth's faith bothers me too. But then, she never has been big on tact. I love Wendell, but I also miss Vincent Nigel-Murray! If I were there, I'd have a *massive* crush on him!


I have a couple of quibbles with the characterization of Zack. He is not in prison; he is in a psychiatric facility for the criminally insane, although he is not insane. He also did not become a serial killer. He killed no one. He became the acolyte of a serial killer. I was kind of surprised to see Wendell decide to stay and fight. I guess the actor has not yet received another offer from a television show good enough to take him away. I see that as odd, as he is a very good actor, and my favorite amongst the remaining squinterns, now that Mr. Nigel Murray is dead. But thank goodness for small favors, if another job has relieved the show of Finn. Can't someone offer Daisy a job on a long-running show elsewhere?


thankyou for replying carissa i guess just wishful thinking on my part


Lovely insights into the relationship of these wonderful characters. I felt privileged to see Bones struggling with her feelings, and the final scene was definitely a superior offering.


Good episode, bones being bones and being normal too Poor Wendell, at least he find out early and bones argument is one of the argument of many atheist, agnostic people What happen when God's plan crush our plan(either selfish or selfless)? Doesnt sound that like a dictator instead of a benefactor as the religions claim?


I watched last week's episode just before this one and I will admit that this one had a better story and Bones wasn't as annoying but the writing was a cop out. It's easy to be a tearjerker when making one of the favorite interns is diagnosed with a cancer so rare that it will surely kill him. Would it have been as sad with one of the more obnoxious interns diagnosed? No. Just like when they killed Mr Nigel Murray was very sad because he was a great character. These kinds of story lines are too easy and lazy on the part of the writers.


Season 9 episode 13, what is the name of the song playing at the end that Booth and Bones dance to?

@ Sue

Love Don't Die Easy by Charlie Worsham (also the victim in this episode)


such a good episode tonight. I'm glad wendall is staying to fight his illness . i luved the ending when bones hugged him she has her touching moments. don't no why we need another intern where the heck is finn!!!!!! or bring zach back

@ barbara

Great episode. I think the last scene (were Brennan hugs Wendell and then hugs Booth) is the most human I've ever seen Brennan. Could anyone hear what she said to Booth while she held him? I just couldn't make it out even after replaying it many times.

@ Samuel

Oh, okay. I was able to understand her this time. She was said "Really, really slowly".

@ barbara

Well, Zack is in prison because he went off the rails, and Finn is playing a character on Pretty Little Liars, where he may go off the rails! LOL


@Carissa Pavlica - I take exception to your claim that Catholics have difficulty accepting people with other religious beliefs. This may be true of the manner in which Catholics are (unjustly) portrayed on TV, but it is hardly a reflection on real life. Catholics in general are very accepting of other religions and faiths.

@ Dreamrose

I didn't word it properly, as you are reading into it something I did not intend.

@ Carissa Pavlica

Thank you for clarifying the statement. I think, though, that devout followers of pretty much any religion may find it challenging to marry someone who did not share their beliefs, especially if that person happened to not believe in God at all. One of my ongoing criticisms of "Bones" is the simplistic and occasionally downright childish portrayal of Booth's Catholic faith. It's frustrating, especially since I find the show so enjoyable otherwise.

@ Dreamrose

I do agree that anyone who believes in God might find it difficult, but in my upbringing (Catholic) I was taught not to even date outside my religion at the time, so there are a lot of old-school people still looming around. Especially with the new Pope, I think people will start to see Catholicism in a new light. I do like how the show respects both Booth's Catholic faith and Brennan's... I don't know if she's agnostic or atheist... behavior, but they respect each other and try to learn from each other, which is unique for network television when it comes to religion, which tends toward the more "general" views.