Chicago Fire Review: The Aftermath

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Chicago Fire came back from a short winter hiatus and felt like a completely reinvented show on Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 11.

The series made a bold move of leaving the direct aftermath of Casey’s Fate in the hospital and moving forward a few weeks later.

Chicago Fire Returns

The doctor gave Casey a clean bill of health, but there was still quite a bit at play affecting his memory. The opening scenes of the installment made it clear that Casey isn’t quite sure if what’s he’s dreaming is real or fake, and Dawson disappearing completely from view is probably not a good sign either.

Yet, memory and lock combinations were not the only issues plaguing Casey: his demeanor is slightly different as well.

It’s unclear how much brain injury Casey is, or was, facing after the accident. The flash forward kept all of the information a secret and the only sign of the aftermath was the small scar on the back of his head. If Casey is dealing with a brain injury, there’s a possibility his personality has been altered as a result.

Casey’s always been a kind and gentle person. There have been times he’s gotten in someone’s face, but he’s never had the reaction he did to the bank robber. What that man did is grotesque and immoral - keeping an entire bank full of customers, employees and firefighters hostage while the place is burning down - but Casey would never have wailed on a man’s face like that before.

His actions were like a rage blackout, requiring some yelling from Mouch before he came to again.

Most of his personality is still intact, however, and his willingness to keep this from Dawson is because he wants her to be fully focused at the fire academy. It’s typical Casey, so there’s hope that he’s still mostly the same person.

Dawson and the academy is the storyline that I’m most looking forward to. As a brother to a fireman, I known the pain, sweat, tears and injuries the men and women training in them face against, and it’s exciting to see Chicago Fire Season 2 spin its own story with Dawson. She’s smart and she’s tough, and having her stand in both worlds - firefighting and being a paramedic - is very true to life.

Dawson’s only female peer at the academy, Rebecca Jones, is not making the best of impressions. Jones is willing to look sweet and nice in front of her peers, but the minute she sees an opportunity to improve her own chances she takes it.

She missteps in thinking she has an in with Severide, but he picks up on her behavior pretty quickly and wants her out, knowing that this type of attitude endangers the men and women working with her. Unfortunately, much like Severide, she has familial connections that force him to look the other way.

Hopefully, Jones’ behavior won’t drag Dawson or Severide down.

The bank-owning Molly’s is just another series of unfortunate events for the bar. Every time things begin looking up for the bar something else crops up that could spell the end for it. These types of stories are growing stale. There are only so many brushes with death a bar can have: either let Molly’s live or die.

Finally, there’s Shay and her new partner, Allison Rafferty, who happens to be homophobic. As long as Shay can keep her “lifestyle” out of her face, they’ll be completely fine with each other. It’s rather unfortunate that people still hold this kind of view, but good on Shay for standing up to her.

At least Rafferty is showing signs of being receptive when she covers for Shay and the lawyer that comes to visit about the man who killed himself.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • Clarke’s decision to finally let his wife take the wrap is reassuring. His character is a welcome addition to the family and it’s about time Mills has a friend he can connect with like the rest of the guys. Hopefully Chicago Fire will hand him a series regular spot before too long.
  • Speaking of Mills, he is no longer a candidate. He’s one of the brothers now. A nice end point after making his decision to stay with the fire department.
  • Chicago PD makes a few appearances! Look for our review of Chicago PD premiere after it debuts.

Should Casey tell Dawson what’s going on with him?


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I love all the cast of this show. The spin off was awful. I hope this show stays on a long time.


I think Casey has a few things going on. He probably has a lingering concussion. He could have some permanent brain damage, but odds are it’s a temporary condition. I would think firefighters with vision/memory problems don’t have a very long career ahead of them; and I don't see them writing Jesse Spencer off the show.
Personality changes are seen with damage to the frontal lobe. So if the scar is in the back of his head, odds are the blackouts/freakouts are more psychiatric. An acute stress reaction or PTSD to his near death experience is the most likely diagnosis.


Agree with Mrs. Alex on many fronts. Dawson-Casey: a bit fast, he is though that guy that can't ever be alone
Brian-Katie: cute couple, loved how Kelly was giving Brian the old big brother stink eye, but I think he likes him so he going to not interfere.
Clark: nice character, a bit too easy how it ended for him and his ankle GPS, but it was a story that had no legs so they killed it quickly, but strange way to get rid of an ex-wife.
Kelly: good call, Jones is concerned about a guy having her back, when she should have had his and offered to help him more or asked Kelly to help. She too was trying to play the sexy card with him, which surprised me, Kelly was all business, never giving her the light of day.
Shay: I will go on the record on this one, the lawyer is handling the estate of the guy who shot himself. He was in love with Shay and left her a boat load of money.... or at least enough to pay the bank to save Molly's. It's a guess, but knowing how Molly's gives them a nice happy place to go, outside fo the fire house, it makes sense for it to stay open.

@ bustson

I thought the exact same thing that the guy was rich and he left Shay money and she will help pay off the bars debt, I like Casey and Dawson together and hope he lets her in and they don't break up as it took so long for them to finally be happy

Sarah silva

This was a great episode.
I am glad Casey is okay, well he is okay physically but he is not 100%, his vision seems to be bad not to mention he has some issues with his memory. I am sure that will be explored as the season continues. I am not a fan of Dawson and him and I think they are moving fast, moving in together after 6 weeks. I think if I liked them as a couple more I would be all for it.
Personally I did not see that much of a difference in his personality, yes he did punch the robber but he was also great with the kid in the SUV and went to the hospital with beer as promised!
So Mills finally got his spot on squad, it is convenient as it opened a spot for Dawson to come back as a fire fighter..
I felt bad for Severide, he was told that he could let anyone in the program go if he felt it was justified and he let Jones go but then was told he could not let her go because of her dad! I do not like Jones from the little we have seen of her!
I love Brian and Katie are cute together! I loved the scene with them and Severide!
I am glad that Clarke stopped covering for his wife. I did not want to see him take the fall,
I am sure Allison will warm up to Shay eventually, she already showed signs of that when she covered for her with the Lawyer.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I totally agree with everything you say Mrs Alex O'loughlin the only thing I disagree with is the thing about Casey and Dawson. It's been more thatn 6 weeks that they are together his accident was 6 weeks ago. They had chemistry from the 1st episode in season 1 so I really think they belong together and should stay together.

@ Charl

I agree Charl.I think Casey and Dawson are great together and have tons of chemistry!

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