Hart of Dixie Review: Welcome to Morebell

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After a long winter hiatus, Hart of Dixie has returned and has amped up the anticipation, as Bluebell faces losing itself by merging with their sworn enemy, Fillmore.

In Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 9, Tansy, Shelby and Rose return to help fill void that Lemon has left in her short absence, while Lynly's departure seems to be quite certain.

A Crazy Plan

In this installment, we got the feel of what Parks and Recreation had to face earlier on Parks and Recreation Season 6 when Pawnee merged with Eagleton. It seems like the conclusion of this event will end the same way for Lavon Hayes as it did for Leslie Knope; he'll lose his political power.

For the record, I'm still heartbroken from Knope being recalled. I will also be heartbroken if Lavon will no longer be Mayor.

After the dark twist in Hart of Dixie Season 2 of Wade cheating on Zoe, I wouldn't be surprised if Dixie recalled Hayes.

Elsewhere, noticeably absent was the official troublemaker, Lemon Breeland. As discovered in Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 8, Lemon left to take care of her grandmother and will not be back for awhile.

To help fill that vacant spot, three favorites were brought in: Tansy, Shelby and my personal favorite Rose. All three characters had completely different roles that were needed to keep the flow without Lemon.

When Shelby first came into Bluebell, I didn't like her at all. Now? I LOVE her. I love her even more now that she is pregnant. Nothing would make me happier if her and Brick reconciled. I love them. End of story.

As for Tansy, I LOVE that she is back, mainly because she is going to drive a wedge between Lynly and George. Quite frankly, I could care less if Lynly gets heartbroken. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was her and George, which has been my main complaint during Hart of Dixie Season 3. I have never enjoyed their pairing and I don't foresee me doing so in the future.

You know what else I didn't like? Lavon trying to make George promise he won't break Lynly's heart. That was completely unfair for Lavon to do that. I understand why he did - she is his family and he is worried about - but come on. All of us, as viewers, know that Lynly and George will not last.

Meanwhile, Rose returned and brought her young innocence back to Bluebell. She is so adorable and the fact that she thinks Zoe is the only adult she has to talk to. So cute.

As Zoe proved tonight, she is far from an adult. Everyone, including Joel, knew she was jealous about Wade and Vivian dating. She can lie to everyone and say it was because she was worried about her family but we all know that was completely false.

When will Zoe Hart stop lying to herself about her inevitable feelings for Wade?

The worst part is, I love Joel and she will break his heart.

Overall, this episode was a great start to the rest of the season. I look forward to where we are headed. I also love that we ended on a cliffhanger! What the heck is going to happen to Bluebell? Is it going to be Morebell now?

Which character were you most excited about seeing return in the episode?


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DONT LIKE AB and lavon there is no chemistry
from lavon side like lavon more with lemon this two are so great together you can see the sparks in there eyes and lemon have more political in her that AB up to lavon and lemon breeland hayes great match together ,,,,,,,,,


I cant believe where the witers are going with series 3 for starters they bought in the insufferable tool Josh Coooke all the fans were naturally excepting to see Wade and Zoe hook up for good maybe even a marriage
but writers you have completely spoiled the series 3 with your outrageous
instalment of new people like lynley the twit and joel the obnoxious boyfriend ask all your fans team Wade or Team Joel you know who would win hands down the writers should take a leaf out of Stephanie Meyers writing I know this is supposed to be a romantic/drama/comedy
but it is turning into a nothing show so so so so so disappointed in Gerstein.


Mmmm maybe I'm just over the idea this show is what I thought it would come back to (man, I miss season one and a bit of season two) but I'm at the point where I understand if the show gets cancelled... it's definitely the writing. The writing is so, odd. The writers/exec producer decided they would write in that Wade would cheat on Zoe. However, we all know (well, at least the majority of us) that they're the heart/sex appeal/pull of this show so... when you completely destroy a main character like that; you need to have a clear idea about how you're going to rectify it. Not simply use it to pull two main characters apart and expect the audience to just shrug their shoulders at and carry on watching the same characters. The discussion between them in this episode was the ONLY really great moment in an alright episode but it didn't actually make sense. "You're the one that walked away remember?" ...she didn't just "walk away" Her partner cheated on her. That's a big trust barrier that was completely knocked down. There's all sorts of feelings that come with that and I've never actually been through it but solely watched the heartbreak friends and family members have been through. Relationships don't survive it so to simplify it to "you walked away remember" and leave the other character being placed into the "learn to get over it" box (and funny "you're jealous" moments by other characters) was odd writing to say the least. These two were and are the reason I love this show. The other characters have grown on me but watching a show where it's easy to see that the writers don't really know what they're doing with the main characters... other than the cycle of keep them apart/get the back together at the last moment is annoying. Especially when the audience aren't getting the amazing realistic moments that occur when somebody you love has cheated or being the one who cheated. And... if we're not getting those moments - will they just pretend it never happened like what they do most of the time... then throw them together approaching/at the season finale? Ugh, this season. :/

@ Elle

You're so right on what you wrote, it doesn't make sense at all - But then again it's broadcast on Crap Waste network.
It doesn't help that Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz is on this show, it makes me both cautious and skeptical because these two are a duo in disaster project - Case in point, this season

@ Elle

Bingo. The writing is horrible; do the writers just use a Magic Eightball to make decisions?

@ Elle

My feelings exactly. Also I think they pair people by dart board. Makes NO sense. And the pairs that work, they keep as far apart as possible.

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Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

[To Zoe] Maybe the truth is that everyone in this town can see that I've changed except for you. You need to ask yourself why it is exactly you don't want me dating so close to home.


[To Zoe] How long do you plan on punishing me?