Hawaii Five-0 Review: Facing Sins of The Past

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The overall theme of Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Episode 12 was this: 

There's a time to run and a time to face the consequences of our actions. 

In fact, several of the characters had to face up to their past in order to move forward in their futures. Danno felt an acute loss for the time when his daughter was a baby and did not want to face the truth that she is growing up. 

Lou had to face the fact that a longtime friend was not the person he thought he was and had to accept his friend for who he really was -- as well as confront a few internal ghosts of his own.

And Lou's friend, Jack Anderson, had to finally stop running from that awful crime he had committed years ago that cost a woman her life and admit who he really was and to pay for his actions.

On the happy-endings side, Kono finally found Adam, who had been in hiding fearing for his life, and let him know that it was over and that he was free to return home. 

Their tear-filled reunion was brief, but only a prelude to the warm welcome he received when she brought him back, and there were hugs from everyone. They were all only too happy to close the chapter on that part of their lives.

Another new beginning that shows promise was Danno meeting Amber Vitale. Their moment at the gas station proved fortuitous as Danno was close by when she was inadvertently shot by a kid playing with a rifle on his father's fishing boat. 

Bookending Danno and Amber's meet-cute was how she awoke at the hospital to find him sitting there and they finally introduce themselves.  Sometimes there is such a thing as love at first sight and there was certainly an instant connection and attraction between Danno and Amber. Even Steve noticed and good-naturedly ribbed Danno about it.

A second strong theme of this episode was the importance of connections in everyone's lives. The people we share our lives with not only make up our teammates and friends, but also our family. The familial love was strongly felt here.

One fun example was when both Steve and Lou passed the phone back and forth while talking with Danno in an effort to lend their support and advice as Danno worried that his daughter was growing up too fast. Steve may have had the more soothing advice and Lou the more tough-love advice, but just knowing that both cared enough to offer their advice made Danno feel less alone while being in a fatherly freak-out zone.

One priceless moment was when Danno complained, "It's like her innocence is floating up into space or something" and the best advice Lou could offer was, "Father time is not your friend.

It was felt again as Steve tried to get Lou to talk about why Lou moved from Chicago. There is clearly some heavy guilt and angst weighing on Lou from whatever send him fleeing from the mainland to their tropical paradise. Lou's pain was acutely felt as he told Jack, "You don't think I know what living with regret is like. Everyday I look in the mirror and think to myself: What if I did this? What if I did that?  So welcome to the club, my friend." 

People move to Hawaii for two reasons: 

  1. To escape from their problems.
  2. To reinvent themselves.

Lou obviously did that, as did Jack. It was also hinted at in the first conversation between Danno and Amber. He has only been on the island for four years and she had just recently moved there -- both to start again. To have a fresh start.He wanted to be close to his daughter and build up a relationship with her; and for Amber, her reasons for needing to escape and reinvent have not yet been revealed. 

But she felt that instant connection with Danno as a fellow escapee, and appreciated his open acceptance and candor without prying into her motives for moving to the island.

Even Chin had a moment where we could see he had faced a loss in the past in his own life and how he had chosen to move on. When the husband of the dead women asked, "Have you ever had someone you love stolen from you?" Chin responded that he had. 

But certainly he was not letting that weigh on him and hold him back from moving on in his life. It is just unfortunate that the husband had not chosen to move on too. Instead, he let his anger fester within him. He even admitted, "Hate corrodes the container it's carried in." 

It sounds poetic, but in reality, it is sad that he threw away his life to allow that hatred to grow to a point that he tracked down and tried to kill the man who killed his wife. It cost him years of his life, and now will cost him even more. 

He chose a life of without love, hope and forgiveness and now will pay for that decision by going to prison for attempted murder.  He could have just as easily picked up the phone and told the police where Jack was; instead, he chose to enact his revenge.  But there is a dire price to be paid for vengeance.

In the end, we saw how choosing the better path was more rewarding. For Chin, he was happy and moving on and he was rewarded by the safe return of Kono and Adam. For Danno, he chooses to be there for his daughter even as she grows up quickly before his eyes so he cannot miss one more second of her life. For Lou, he is learning to not push people away and accept their warm welcome into their lives -- even if he feels he does not deserve it. 

And Jack, after facing up to his crimes, may get to return to his family one day too, or at least set a good example for his own children.

As for Steve, well, he knows the value of the friendship and family around him. He may have a few secrets still tucked inside, but he embraces the love and strives to be a better man. He lends his strength to those around him and they all strengthen each other. 

As the episode closed, the final words were: "It's good to be home." And what a wonderful, warm, loving, accepting home they have created for one another. It is something we all would love to be a part of, which is why we are thankful for an all new episode next week. It is a chance to be a part of their family one week at a time. 'Til then...

What do you think Amber is keeping secret?


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Great that Kono is back, now the show can get back to normal. Hopefully this marks the beginning of the end for Catherine's character. She adds nothing to the show and the lack of connection between she and Steve is really old. Time to move her on. Loved Chin, as always. Nice to see Danny as I like his character and the "bromance" between he and Steve. Not sure about new girl Amber. Seems an unlikely pairing but would rather her than Catherine any day.


Michelle stated that it was in her contract to be away for a couple of episodes. That is odd. Sounds fishy


I liked this ep, very very happy that Kono is back, loved the skyline of the most beautiful city in the world, Vancouver, BC. I hope Adam has lost all of his wealth, I would much rather they be hard working young couple trying to get by and living in Konos cute little house and driving a Chevy and having a beer with everyone instead of luxury house, luxury car and expensive wine. If they were rich it just wouldn't fit with everyone else.


I also like the episode.. Grover is also growing on me. Grover and Steve make a good pair, each one with their own style but of course Danny will always be Steve first pal. I like to see an episode where the three of them have to deal and put up with each other. Im happy Kono is back finally to the team and next week we will see her in action for the first time after her hiatus. But I believe Adam is not easiy off the hook of his problems with the Yakuzas, he may believe it but I have a gut feeling that something will come back to hunt him once again. I dontknow if Danny and Amber will have a thing. She is not the type of girl for Danny but who knows maybe she will grow into Grace, once they start to get to know each other better. But I think after 4 seasons, the writers need to step up and so something with Dannys character and his love life, either he wil be with someone in the future or not. But for f4 seasons Danny´s had been played in the love part. I mean this is not a love show sure, but either he has or meet someone steady or keep his character single. for all time. I miss more action on this episode I hope there will be more in future episodes. I guess this season the famous pick up line "Book em Danno" is no longer part of the stories anymore, as since the season started, the phrase had been dissapeared from the dialogue. Too sad I always like it. I wonder why is not part anymore of the stories of this season I did not miss Catherine but now I wonder what will happen with her character as I just read a Tweet by Peter in where he says Caherine wont be in a couple of episodes, also the own Michelle Borth confirmed it a couple of weeks ago that she wont be in a couple of future episodes.but she did not say why. As i dont have a Twitter account I dont know what she says about her future absence. Maybe someone will and confirm it. This is very strange,


Loved the episode. Danny meeting Amber was cool and I can't wait to see were that relationship goes from here and I can't wait to find out more about her she seems interesting. So glad Kono and Adam finally got to come home it will be nice having the team all back together it never felt right to me when they weren't even though we had Catherine it still wasn't the same but now Kono's back and everything is the same again. Adam and Kono's return was great and it was nice seeing all of them hug it was a great ending. I can't wait till the next episode it looks really good. I really can't wait to see what happens with Chin in the next episode.


Good episode. I was hoping for a little more of Kono, but we will see her next week. Loved the reunion in the restaurant kitchen, great acting. I missed Catherine as well, bu she will be back. I also found it strange that she was not in uniform at the previous ceremonies, but Steve was, as he is in the reserves. I thought Catherine was out period. Amber probably will grow on me, as we get to know her story more. I do hope this one works out for Danno. Loved the three way cargument as well. Grover has been a great addition to the show. Ratings were good also.


did i miss something? where was catherine?

Mrs cleaver
@ eileen

Ya you missed the line where Steve says "Catherine's on reserves" so she was away on duty.


"Hey. Psst. let me talk to him ... Yeah listen it gets worse ... oh yeah ... yeah, wait till she asks you to take her bra shopping ... or or when the
first boyfriend shows up ... you're gonna love that. You ain't seen nothin yet pal, so put on your big boy pants cause father time is not your friend." ROFL
Best dialog I've heard on any show in a long time!
Great episode. Glad all the gang is back!
Missed Catherine, she should have at least been at the party being part of the team and Steve's current squeeze toy don't ya think?


Another favorite added to my list to be rewatched : ) Lou is growing on me. Loved all the bonding, especially when Lou went "McG" in the hospital scene. Loved the contrast between their style and Chin's in getting perps to talk. Loved the 3 way cargument. And the absolute best part of this episode...Kono is baaaCCK!!!! : ) Loved the Ohana ending!


Really nice episode. Love the new dimension added with McGarrett and Grover, Alex and Chi are both great actors and it's so nice to see them going toe to toe in an argument without snark and childish behavior, they are getting to know each other. Great to see Kono back. Love how Kono and Adam showed up at Steve's unannounced and how Adam thanked McG for his help. Missed Catherine this week but can see where she might not have fit in on this episode.

@ Heather

I missed Catherine too, but she's part of the team and Steve's girlfriend. How does she not fit in?

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