Nashville Review: Grab Your Torch and Pitchfork

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How would YOU handle hordes of crazy people publicly hating on you?

I'd have a tough time dealing with it, and Juliette didn't fair all that well either as she only dug herself in deeper and deeper during Nashville Season 2 Episode 11.

Breaking up America's favorite couple is one thing, but in the world of country music it doesn't get much worse than denouncing God. Screaming "There is no God" into a crowd of angry people with cameras probably wasn't the smartest thing Juliette ever did, even if it was followed by the rest of her then-unfinished sentence.

Comforting the Girls

When your back is really up against the wall, as it has been for Juliette during this heinous situation, you won't stop at anything to turn things around. For Jules, that included asking Layla for help. The little jerk who has been nothing but trouble for the country star was called upon to set the record straight, and she did a fine job.

Unfortunately, when a group of people has their collective mind made up, it's very difficult to change it.

Fortunately for Juliette, there may be some positive personal moments in her near future. Yup, that's right, the Avery/Scarlett volcano finally erupted for the second time in two seasons.

With her constant complaints about Gunnar and Zoe, and him pretending like it meant nothing that Juliette showed up at his place in the middle of the night ready to declare her love, Nashville's (least?) favorite couple finally had enough of each other.

This should make for some interesting developments in the near future. Does Avery make a move on Juliette? Is she still feeling the way she did on that night of clarity? How much trouble does Scarlett being single cause Gunnar and Zoe? Will she attempt to steal her ex back from her best friend and be as hypocritical as it gets?

Speaking of Gunnar, the man sure had his hands full in first attempting to find Will and then dealing with his friend's emotions once he located him in the mountains.

Thankfully, Will stepped out of the way of the train that was coming towards him at the end of Nashville Season 2 Episode 10. I've really enjoyed watching Chris Carmack portray Will's struggle. He still doesn't know what to do with himself, but at least we now know that he might be incapable of doing himself true harm.

Will ended up surviving the midseason finale, but unfortunately for Teddy Conrad, Peggy didn't. Teddy did a lot of mourning during the hour, but eventually he began wondering why the man was attempting to kill him in the first place.

Things are pointing in the direction of Teddy eventually finding out that his ex-father-in-law did in fact put a hit out on the Mayor. If that does end up being true, are we buying it? I know Lamar Wyatt is a terrible man, but is murder terrible? I can't imagine what would do to Rayna if she ever found out.

- I'd like 100 cartons of Kleenex delivered to the Jaymes household please. Thanks. -

Meanwhile, Rayna struggled with what song to release as her first single on the new album, and Deacon struggled with writing new material for his solo act during Nashville Season 2 Episode 11.

What did y'all think of "I'll Keep Climbing?" What were your favorite moments? What didn't you like? What was the best musical performance from the hour? Where is Teddy's search going to take him?

And given the recent events, what is your favorite couple on Nashville?


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Sarah silva

I knew that Will would be fine and that Peggy would be the one that would die. When Teddy finds out she really was not pregnant he will be in a worse place.
I thought Deacon going from happy to see his girlfriend to super mean to her was really odd. I am glad he did not drink and he explained to her why he did what he did.
I do not like that Scarlet broke up with Avery.
I feel bad for Juliette, however in time she will do something unlikeable again but she will get her chance with Avery.
Will is way to angry, he needs to accept he is gay. I hope he signs with Rayna and then feels free to be who he is. Being gay does not change the fantastic musician he is.
I loved the song at the end with Maddie and Deacon.


Loved Juliette's opening song, so haunting and sad. Poor Juliette, it seems no matter what she does it turns to trouble. Breaking up with Charlie hurt her but she tried to do the right thing. Rayna and Luke were through last week, he pretty well walked off when she left the record label. He's a good time Charlie only. I still like Ian(?) but Rayne seems to pretty much sleep with who's helping her at the moment. Scarlett is a whiny wimp. So sick of her pouty face and whining voice. She went back and was Sleeping with Avery yet Gunnar wasn't supposed to move on? I don't know what Teddy's thinking. I'm not sure if he's being paranoid or if someone is really out to get him.

@ Infoplease+

Someone IS out to get him................LAMAR. Even though it wasn't Teddy that got him arrested, Lamar thinks it was.


I loved the music when this show started, and especially loved the special music & relationship between Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen. But the writers turned it into a soap opera, and I don't watch it any more. Another show with great potential down the drain.

@ marthafranklin

i agree, the show has fantastic potential but sadly is not living up to it these days. i'm sorry to say the writing is deteriorating...

@ marthafranklin

It is a damn drama! What else did you expect?


What is happening to this show?.... We really enjoy this show, the characters, story lines and music have been great.... But its beginning to border on silly.... Last nights episode moved so fast from scene to scene and relationships starting and ending in a matter of minutes... It just wasnt satisfying.... Nothing is surprising anymore... the anticipation for whats coming next is not there like it was in earlier episodes.


I enjoyed this episode but can't remember seeing so many relationship's disrupted in one nite.I guess I missed something over last couple of weeks because it's looking like Rayna is now in some luv triangle. The moment with Deacon and her daughter was telling.I thought she called it off with current boy friend (can't remember his name) last week. I think Juliette and Avery will make a go of it.I am a big fan of Scarlett but think she missed a great opportunity when she blew off K Clarksons offer. I get the young and innocent deal but wish she had maybe ask for help from Rayna.Was trying to figure out if Layla thinks her an Will are a couple or is she aware of his life issue.


I don't think Scarlett would ever set out to "steal" her ex back but I think we all know that a Scarlett/Gunnar reunion is inevitable and I don't think that would make her a hypocrite. As her best friend, Zoe should know that Scarlett didn't refuse Gunnar's marriage proposal because she didn't love him and going for him when there was still unresolved feelings (or ever in my opinion) is just uncool. Some exes are just off limits to friends....forever! But, if you're going to do that, then you're pretty much saying it's fair game and Zoe should not be surprised in the least when it comes out that G & S still have feelings for each other.

@ LizzyB

agreed! ^^^ scarlet wisely wasn't about to marry gunnar right then after all his crazy behaviors and then arrest (last season) ... she has the werewithal to tell deacon to "man up" earlier this season... and then dumps avery because -??? hunh-? they just began re-exploring possibilities! this is one of those places where the writing and character development are lacking. listen up, writers : most grown up people like stories that are character driven rather than strictly plot driven. this is one of the main things that was so winning about nashville at the start! put it together with the music (wonderful!) and an inside view of the music business and wow! great show. what might be an interesting way to save the show is to do some background stories about the characters... since we are talking about the way the writers are trashing scarlet (for one) ~ wouldn't it be cool to know some more backstory-? her mama is deacon's sister, eh-? what happpened to her daddy-? what was difficult about her younger years-? how about her and avery before the breakup last season-? some of her insecurities make sense (MANY women feel like "impostors") -- why not explore that some with scarlet within the context of the show-? of course she has feelings about gunnar for goodness sake! still, i don't believe the scarlet we have known would blow off that deal with kelly clarkson... not to mention the speed and choppiness of the relationships and scenes... < sigh!> please, y'all, get it together! and if you can't --- call me!

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No I'm not alright. I'm disgusting.


I'm not writing a brief here. I'm writing a song. It's a different ball game.


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