Person of Interest Review: The Other Machine

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I’ve got a feeling the New Year’s resolutions for Person of Interest are going to include way more than getting a toned beach body.

Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 12 kicked off 2014 with a couple shootouts, drug-fueled interrogations and a continued persistent pursuit of the Machine by a variety of interested parties.

Just imagine what these people would do for a new iPhone.

Finch Fights POI's Enemies

The flashbacks of Finch as a young teen trying to deal with his father’s memory loss really do reveal the innocent origin story for the spectacled hero, but also the Machine itself.

Except now, the Machine has taken on a far greater life of its own, a more sentient being than piece of generic hardware. And as much as the countless groups fighting for it’s control are scary, the Machine in control is a far more frightening concept. It’s evolved to a point that isn’t just doling out social security numbers. It’s got its own agenda.

Which makes it tough for a character like Finch to watch his “baby” grow up from the small idea into the behemoth intelligence, all while losing those around him.

It’s done so much good, but maybe that blind faith needs to be rechecked. Perhaps, Finch really needs to worry about the Machine. And if he had to, if it was necessary, could Finch destroy it?

Yet Root’s faith in the Machine has never wavered. I have a feeling that’s going to end up hurting her in the end. For now, it allows her to tote around two guns for twice the kick-ass firepower, and of course rescue Finch and Shaw.

Sure, she was stuck having a bunch of syringes shoved in her by Control. Heck, she even had one ear cut. But she didn’t count out the Machine.

It was super creepy listening to the Machine speak through Root. The computer hacker herself has always been on the crazy side, but it went to another level.

Trust in me. I am always watching.

Remember things like Skynet, Hal 9000? Yeah, I’m going to pass on trust with this one.

And I do love the concept of another in Samaritan. It was good to see Finch wary and convince Arthur to destroy the drives, but if Vigilance or the government couldn’t get to them, anyone recall the shadowy organization known as Decima? What a cool twist at the end to bring back another antagonist.

It is rather fun watching the many groups try their hand at facing off against the POI team, especially in a bank vault. Plus, when you’ve got Shaw to handle things like MC Hammer, you know you’re in for a treat.

She continues to prove herself less as a paid hand and more as a member of the group.

I was missing Reese action, so it was a great moment to see Reese and Fusco, fresh off their fist fight from Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 11, saving the day.

Which made it positive for the hour that everyone managed to escape, but Reese choosing to leave? Decima with the Samaritan drives? The Machine getting more powerful?

The 2014 road ahead is looking to be a tough one, and hopefully, Finch can find a way to pull his team back together and prevent major consequences from the likes of Decima, and certainly the Machine.

Should Finch be like Root and trust the Machine or be like Reese and not follow blindly?


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Great episode. These last few episodes are making me love Root before I just thought she was totally insane but now I still think she's insane but in a good way she's a really fun character and the way the machine talked through her was really creepy. So glad Reese came back to save them but then he left which I hope isn't for to long and from the looks of the next episode it might not be. Can't wait to see what happens with the other machine now out there and in the hands of the enemy. Can't wait for the next episode it looks really good.


Mentions of the NSA are so appropriate.
This show is cutting edge.
Finch = Edward Snowden? ;-)
Letting The Machin/AI develop into a main character is the most original twist since The Matrix.
This is a cutting edge metaphor for our age.
The AI feels like Hal 9000 grown up.
Thank you Chris Nolan.
Keep us posted.


This show is about as metal as it gets. Root got one ear bone carved out? Man, that's heavy. And yet, despite what would be the normal reaction after overcoming Control - she accedes to the Machine's requirements instead and lets her live. Reese may think he's out, but….the Machine is watching, interfering. I predict he won't have a choice to stay away.


How to sum up this episode - don't f**k with Decima!!!


guess john won't be around much too busy making movies. will have to be called the shaw root harold show

Sarah silva

It was nice to see John back, I was hoping he was back for good but I guess not!
Root is one tough chick!
I did not see the twist at the end coming that the girl was a fake bank manager and switched the disks!


Excellent episode all the way around! So much going on, so fast, on so many different fronts. Reese's innate 'protector' is going to win out over his disillusionment. And the preview for next week....he's still going to drawn in, even when he walks away. He and Finch are 2 sides of the same coin. Shaw has assimilated nicely into the fractured team. Didn't get any pushback from her about helping & being involved. LOVE the AI story line. It is going to be a wild ride for sure!


Based on the clips from the next episode, Resse is staying at least for that episode.


Amy Acker why are you so awesome


Seriously, Reese needs to get over himself... He is just so irritating! The Machine tried to warn Finch, it did come late but that is only because Simmons acted quickly!
Frankly Carter should have asked Finch and Reese for their help instead of freezing them out.
The Machine was created to protect people, its the US government's fault, people like Vigilance and that other British organisation that that is causing it to act in unpredictable ways. I would rather trust the machine than trust these other idiots. I like Root, sure she might be a means to an end but she's cool in a creepy way that I like. Amy Acker is AMAZING!
I seriously hope Nolan doesn't turn the machine Evil and gets Reese back to where he should be. Its annoying really this whole brooding crap.

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