Ravenswood Review: Unforeseen Forces

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Remy's nightmares and sleepwalking problems hit an all time high last week when she almost stabbed her own boyfriend.

Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 8, meanwhile, featured her off to a sleep clinic where the professionals could monitor her brain activity. The only problem? I don't think those doctors specialize in the supernatural.

First of all, as someone with insomnia and sleep issues, I found this Inception-ish episode to particularly freak me out/ One of the scariest feelings is to be in a bad dream that you know isn't real but you can't wake yourself from. Those usually happen in a very deep sleep.

Now riddle me this: If a girl came to your sleep clinic having a recurring nightmare she had since she was a child, why would you induce her to sleep with something that is known to produce vivid dreams? Also, isn't that the kind of thing you would refer a patient to a therapist for?

Clearly someone needs to get inside Remy's head and figure things out and I'm not talking about the creepy guy from the pact who looks like the Hamburgler.

So Remy saw the pact and is getting to close to the answers and that's why that man is trying to get rid of her. She was even connected to it as a child. The locket is triggering her connection to those dream-scapes where she is able to see the past and the truth.

When Miranda touched the locket she was able to tap into Remy's head. That's how she ended up saving her life.

By the way, I think Miranda deserves some credit for figuring out a little bit of this whole ghost thing. Mr. Price may think ghosts are useless but Miranda is definitely not. Collins and Caleb know that too.

Caleb: Last time you were out you were tricked by demons into a haunted house so...
Miranda: Yeah well I'm smarter now, I've got a strict policy against walking through glowing doorways.

Also at the hospital, we see Springer. Springer told Olivia that Dillon is the one who made him bury the knife. We also saw Collins at the hospital to visit Springer. In Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 7, Grunwald and Collins were seen discussing Springer and whether or not he knew he what he was getting into when he agreed.

It's obvious at this point that Collins is trying to help Olivia and Luke's family. I believe his intentions with their mother are good and that he cares for her. I also think that Collins is trying to protect Miranda by keeping her spirit locked on the grounds. Beatrice was right that Miranda doesn't know what she's talking about when it comes to breaking the pact.

Whatever is outside the grounds, supernaturally speaking, is worse than what is on the inside. Basically as I see it, these kids are screwed. If they don't break the pact, they die. But if they break the pact, something equally awful may happen and it may happen to all of the other souls lost to the pact before.

All signs point to the knife being important and the fact that it was used in Mr. Matheson's murder should be a big indication that he was involved with the pact before his death.

So which will be worse? Letting the spirits leave Collins' estate? Or keeping them there trapped for eternity? Vote below and sound off in the comments!


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Sarah silva

This was another great episode!
Collins sure seems bad, he tried to kill Springer in the hospital, at least is sure looks like he did try to kill him. However is he being threatened by Dylan too or a bigger power? Or is he the one that Dylan is answering to?
I hope Remi does not die but when we see her eyes crossed out at the end of the episode, it makes me think her days are numbered.
I think these are the options on how the show will play out, however many seasons they get, the 5 will all die OR they will break the curse and no one else will die OR Miranda and any one else that dies will be brought back to life.
I also get this weird vibe from Mr. Price, I thought that the first time we saw him.

Leigh r
@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

There's definitely more than meets the eye with Mr. Price. He's too cute of a guest star to not have a back story! haha

Sarah silva
@ Leigh Raines

Ha! Too funny! Yes Justin Breuning is a cutie.
I really hope you keep reviewing this show, I know I am the only one that comments on here but it is always fun to read recaps on the shows I watch.

Leigh r
@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

thank you!

Sarah silva
@ Leigh Raines

HA! Too funny! Yes Justin Breuning is cute.

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Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

What if suddenly I’m evil’s puppet?


Caleb: Last time you were out you were tricked by demons into a haunted house so...
Miranda: Yeah well I'm smarter now, I've got a strict policy against walking through glowing doorways.