Ravenswood Review: Grunwald's Guardian

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Mrs. Grunwald has been a scary presence since we first met her on Pretty Little Liars. It's not so much anything she's done, considering she saved Ali's life, so much as her overall vibe.

Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 7 confirmed she is definitely in touch with the supernatural and there is a reason as to why.

An Ominous Discovery

Last week at the coffee shop, Grunwald told Olivia:

Be careful my dear, you think you have the answers but you don't even know what the questions are.

Mrs. Grunwald

She protects Collins, who has seemed nothing but creepy since Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 1; she takes care of a funeral home; and she has psychic abilities. She also has insanely clear blue eyes that almost look fake and such a calm demeanor that it is unsettling.

So sure, Grunwald has been on the teens' radar.

With Miranda on the other side, she was able to finally figure out who is guarding Grunwald and taking care of her from beyond the grave. With the information that any ghost trapped on their residence would be from the pact and Olivia's googling skills, we were able to find out that the spirit Miranda saw was Beatrice, Grunwald's sister.

When Miranda went to confront Beatrice and ask for her help, she used the tactic of making Grunwald out to seem like a bully so Beatrice would think she was on her side. Either that... or she knew she would be pissing Beatrice off. Whatever it was, her offensive tactics worked. Then we found out that Beatrice was really Grunwald's mother and she isn't keen on Miranda butting into her business and trying to break the curse.

Both Beatrice and Grunwald are right, Miranda and the others have no idea who this pact is with and why the spirits are being kept trapped in the house. After what we saw in last week, it's safe to say that the town made a pact with something supernatural, probably some kind of hell creature or devil.

Whoever that was, was also entangled with the Collins family. Is it possible that Ray Collins is trying to do right by the town and protect the spirits from wrongdoing on his family's part?

He clearly has feelings for Mrs. Matheson and wants to help her, despite what Luke and Olivia think. He told Olivia that he didn't dislike her father, he just disagreed with the way he handled some things. Later on, Springer, who is nutso, told Olivia that everything that was happening was her father's fault.

Caleb: We’re the ones who are in danger. We’re marked.
Olivia: My father wasn’t marked and he was killed because of the pact.

If you recall back in Ravenswood Season 1 episode 5, the mid-season finale, when Miranda was finally free of the property's boundaries, she wasn't exactly safe. That was when the fake parents came in and when Max entered the picture. Caleb even said that Max is not human.

Maybe Collins is protecting the spirits by keeping them bound to the property? Maybe if they leave they are sent somewhere even worse? We just don't know yet, but with the path Miranda is on it looks like we might find out.

It also appears that Collins and Grunwald aren't the only people who have some sort of supernatural connection. We know Dylan is working with Max, and Tess and Springer are seeming very suspect too. What was that whole scene at the end? Was Springer trying to come clean? It certainly seems that way because whatever he had to say, Tess was so desperate to cover it up that she hit him with her car!

The cops in Ravenswood are working overtime and I love that Caleb doesn't hesitate in giving them any lip. He's new and he barely knows these people, but whatever they're in, they are in it together.

Elsewhere, Remy's dreams are entering dangerous territory. She almost stabbed her boyfriend in the eye and that's just one thing on a laundry last of crazy behavior. Unfortunately, previews show that the sleep clinic isn't as promising and safe as her parents had hoped.

Would Ravenswood be daring enough to kill off another character so soon? Vote below and then hit the comments with your theories!

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Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

You were gonna wish you were dead before this is over. And then, you’ll get your wish.

Jail Guy [to Luke]

Caleb: We’re the ones who are in danger. We’re marked.
Olivia: My father wasn’t marked and he was killed because of the pact.