Sleepy Hollow Season Finale Review: Horsemen 2, Witnesses 0

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The Sleepy Hollow Season 1 finale consisted of two episodes, Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 12, "The Indispensable Man, which dropped a final hint leading into Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 13, "Bad Blood."

By the end of our two-hour finale, it was clear the winner was Moloch, with two Horsemen in play and humanity sorely losing with two witness run asunder - one buried alive and the other trapped in Purgatory. Whoopsies!

The clock seems to have struck Armageddon.

We were thrown some curve balls during the final two hours, and the first was starting the beginning of the finale from Henry Parrish's point of view. By leading off with him and his "nightmare," we we given a sense of calm and assurance that he was coming to the rescue. 

I don't know if you were all shaking off that feeling when Parrish grasped the prayer beads (Which I thought were Rosary beads. I don't know if this was intentional to point out that Reverend Knapp was Anglican and not Catholic, or not, as both denominations call their beads the Rosary -- I found it interesting). He healed quickly and seemed a bit concerned about it, so much so that he grabbed them again before they could take note of his hand. 

I knew then something was off, but never did it cross my mind that Parrish was the key to all of this. 

No matter how "inside" Andy Brooks was with Moloch, he wasn't inside enough to have the detailed information. Clearly his tie with Abbie was so deep as to be nearly indestructible.

It also makes me wonder why Parrish would have touched Andy just before Abbie thrust a pipe into his forehead knowing that he would tell Abbie to destroy the map. Perhaps he wanted her to kill him because Andy's love made him a wild card. Still, he did pop back to life. Maybe Parrish just wanted to know what Andy knew.

There are some confusing aspects about Parrish being Jeremy, even though it's a groovy twist. He was in the ground for 200 years and the death hex didn't work. Clearly. But why did he age just up to about his 60s or 70s? I'm going to need some explaining on that.

Parrish's love for puzzles and trying to give his over-confident and uber intelligent father clues to his existence were both shrewd and touching. Somewhere inside, he was still hoping to be recognized.

Perhaps if, instead of cleverly patting himself on the back all of the time, Ichabod had taken some time to better familiarize himself with his surroundings, he might have read the signs. Always thinking you're the smartest man in the room can be detrimental when your more cunning spawn is right in front of you.

Inserting himself into Katrina's mind in Purgatory was the perfect way for Jeremy start the ball rolling. If the witnesses are prophesied, then it makes sense that both of the first two Horsemen were in some way related to Ichabod. Will the other two be related to Abbie?

It only seems fair. Ichabod was there for the beginning of the planning for the Apocalypse and Moloch chose two of his loved ones as Horsemen. Abbie has been there for the carrying out of the Apocalypse, so now her loved ones should appear. Perhaps her parents, or Corbin or Jenny -- if she doesn't pull through.

It was a satisfying finale to a somewhat stuttering season. Even in it's conclusion, there were still pieces hanging that felt as though they should have been better addressed. After an entire hour focused on Irving and his family, he had only two brief scenes before confessing to murder and then he was shipped upstate. To keep him out of the action in the finale after earning his stripes seemed unfair.

It's difficult to imagine where Season 2 will pick up. Will Sleepy Hollow be neck deep in war? It should be. Irving isn't there to warn anyone; and if he tries, after naming "evil" as the being responsible for the murders before confessing he'll hardly be taken seriously.

Jenny may be dead, but more likely she'll either be in a coma or well and confined again since her sister is no longer around to be her guardian. Abbie is locked in Purgatory, Ichabod is in his son's tomb and only Katrina is left to fight for them all, and she has the pesky Horseman of Death dragging her down. 

I hardly imagine she'll be shown playing house, cooking the headless fellow meals while she waits for an opportunity to trek off and find her husband again so she can jump back into Purgatory to reunite the witnesses to fight the Apocalypse. Well, we shall find out next fall!

Until then, catch up or revisit them all when you watch Sleepy Hollow online. Maybe it will become more clear after a second or third viewing.

Be sure to swing by all of the Sleepy Hollow reviews again and jot your new thoughts down, too!

What was the biggest surprise in the finale?


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YEAH! More John Noble next season. I really enjoyed this finale because of the two big reveals...1) Henry is Jeremy, and 2) the Second Horseman's Coming already occurred, was the event that Abbie & Jenny witnessed, and he's been waiting for all of them this entire time. Way to have your backsides handed to you! OUCH! Enjoyed the funnies, like Crane buying into the "I need a better phone" hook, his stumbling on to a Revolutionary War reenactment, and buying newer period garb. That coat should really have disintegrated by now, considering Ichabod came out of the ground minus a coffin. But, this show isn't about reality, is it? Victor Garber's Purgatory appearance was enjoyable, if knowingly brief. However, I do have nitpicks. Like, why does Henry now have normal human hands when the ones shown rising from the dirt are clawed, elongated and demon-like? I can understand Henry's anger at Katrina, who left him behind. But, why is Henry so ticked off at Ichabod who died before he even knew he existed? He should blame Horseman #1 who killed his father and essentially orphaned him.

@ KansasGuest

Ichabod Crane should have disintegrated while in the ground for 200 years, too, but he didn't. Whatever preserved him clearly also preserved his clothes. Henry was buried alive for 200 years. Clearly he's insane. This is why he blames Crane for no good reason at all. He even witnessed Crane's grief and guilt over the son he never knew, and was unmoved. Dude's nuts.


I'm not sure how I feel about this episode. I want to love it, I do. There are however a few things that keep me from doing so. One of those things is the special effects. Last episode we had the weird cheap looking fake green glowing letters on the bible, this episode not only did those same glowing letters return, the entire scene in Washingtons burial place made me roll my eyes because of the fake special effects. I can watch National Treasure 1&2 if I want to see that.
Secondly, I am not interested in Katrina. We've seen too little of her to justify Ichabod leaving Abby behind with so little trouble. All the talk about their bond being so strong and him not leaving her behind was reduced to nothing in the span of a few minutes. And it was all for nothing, since death (who we haven't seen in a long time) suddenly and conveniently pops op and takes the useless Katrina away. oh well. I did love John Noble in this episode, as I always do. I'm not sure how I feel about him being Jeremy, but I didn't see it coming. One thing that always bothered me about Jeremy is this: Why did Ichabod never tried to find his grave? If he cared so much about this son of his, wouldn't he have started looking for him, even though he was suppose to be dead? I also wonder about his aging process. One last thing, did we always know seals should be broken, did I miss something? I probably missed something, I'll watch this season again before the second one starts.

@ nasne

Ichabod didn't leave Abbie behind. That was Abbie's decision. The witch needed to leave, someone had to stay, and Abbie made a good case to be the one. I'm tired of people blaming him for this. It does a huge disservice to Abbie's character. She's totally badass, and can take care of herself much more than Crane can (she's always saving him!). She was easily the one with the better chance of surviving in there, even if Katrina wasn't a factor in the decision.

@ dee

Maybe you are right. Maybe my issue isn't so much with Abby staying behind, but why she was staying behind. I for one do not care one bit about Katrina. So releasing her, just because she was convienently needed for some spell, minutes after they decided not to go to purgatory seemed a bit like lazy writing. There is something about that scene that just irritates me. I realise how great a character Abby is, and I admire her for staying behind. It just felt wrong, so soon after Abby and Ichabod promised to protect each other. Maybe this is a way of protecting Ichabod, but again, the reason for staying behind just wasn't enough for me. To me, (and yes, I know that is highly subjective, so don't hate me) it felt like Ichabod had to choose between Katrina and Abby, and he chose Katrina. Not a choise I am happy with, since I am not invested in that character at all. I don't see any chemestry between Ichabod and Katrina.

@ nasne

You're not the only one who thought, "Huh?" about the seals. I think I will have to go back and rewatch the entire season because there were probably a lot of details I ignored or didn't understand that make perfect sense now in hindsight.


Great episode. I was totally surprised to find out that Jeremy was actually Parish and he was also the horseman of war. I wasn't that shocked when Abbie decided to stay in purgatory so Katrina could leave because it made since that she would stay. The ending was great because Abbie is stuck in purgatory, Ichabod is buried alive, Katrina was taken by the horseman, Irving is being arrested for admitting he killed a priest and cop all to protect his daughter, and Jenny is lying unconscious after a car accident. You usually don't get an ending where all your heroes are stuck or hurt in some way and evil has the upper hand which is one of the reasons this show is so great. I can't wait till the show returns in the fall I really want to know what's going to happen next.


Thrilling finale. Sleepy Hollow goes all in on a weekly basis so they had to really do it big to top themselves. A trip to Purgatory kind of does the trick....but of course they didn't stop there. The Henry Parrish twist so huge and so unexpected, I'm impressed with how well they sold it and what an excellent performance John Noble gave. Full review here:


I'm all for shows having 13 episode seasons and would like more of them to do so (less filler). The only downfall is when the cliffhanger is as exciting as this one was and having to wait 8 months. Luckily, I've watched enough British and cable shows that has used that format for years so I've gotten used to it but this was one show I really wanted to be on again next week with a new episode. So suspenseful and what a twist. I always thought there would be more to the Sin Eater than he seemed but WOW!


Loved the finale and like you, I never imagined Henry Parrish was the key or the second horseman. The age thing threw me as well, but he definitely looked older when Abbie and Jenny witness Moloch resurrecting him. Maybe the hex caused him to age slower? It's not clear but I do plan to watch the finale again, if I catch something I'll let you know. Tons of twists and turns, didn't see most of it coming. The unpredictable nature of the show keeps things interesting. It's going to be a long wait to find out what happens next. Also, looks like John Noble might be a series regular in Season 2. More John Noble is always a good thing!


I read the previews about the shocks in store but had kind of down played that as hype. Was I ever wrong; those last 30 minutes were filled with numerous OMG moments! Parish being Jeremy Crane was such an evil twist.


I loved the way the show portrayed Purgatory,much more than Supernatural did in the past. Wow the finale was about as bleak as the Empire Strikes Back in that the heroes all got there asses handed to them.I think our heroes need some sort of Supernatural power on there side.I can't see them standing much of a chance in an "Armageddon" situation by just being normal.Maybe Katrina can be what they need,Ohhhhhh wait.......She just got jacked

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