Teen Wolf Review: Life Is But A Dream

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The first half of Teen Wolf Season 3 felt seriously disjointed at times.

However, Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 13 opened the second half of the season with scenes reminiscent of some of the best in Asian horror films, and since that's going to be the vibe for Season 3B, that's a beautiful place to be.

Narrowing the focus from the overindulgent casting that occurred in Season 3A with the extra Alpha pack back to the core characters made the creepy bits feel all the more frightening.

There weren't outside forces attacking Scott, Stiles and Allison - but their very own sanity was in question. It reminded me a lot of The Ring, except they didn't watch a video tape -- they took a dip in very icy waters.

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I don't know if you've ever suffered what Stiles did in the opening scene, but having nightmares within nightmares are real. There is nothing worse than waking up several times thinking you've finally reached asylum only to learn the worse is yet to come.

I almost bought it when Stiles woke up the second time, but being next to Lydia was a giveaway. What were the odds he was going to get the girl just after suffering two back to back nightmares?

Scott's issue of wolfing out unexpectedly and seeing his shadow as his wolf self didn't seem too bad in comparison to either Stiles or Allison. Allison? She's seeing the chick from The Ring crawling in jagged ways, showing up in shadows that she doesn't see and affecting her ability to wield her bow -- and she's taken the form of her Aunt Kate.

Similar to Stiles, she also walks while awake through scenes that her mind builds to trick her into doing things she wouldn't do otherwise.

Frankly, it's brilliant. The series feels fresh and invigorated, and everyone seems to be centered and excited about the material.

Although the focus was narrowed back to the core characters, that doesn't mean we weren't introduced to some new faces such as Mr. Yukimura and his daughter, Kira. With the Asian influence promised in 3B, they weren't a surprise and better yet, they were a welcome addition. Immediately their father/daughter banter made them sympathetic and interesting.

Mr. Yukimura: I thought you said you wanted to make friends.
Kira: Not like that.
Mr. Yukimura: You said you wanted to be noticed.
Kira: Not like that. I could set myself on fire and be noticed.
Mr. Yukimura: Well then you'd be dead.
Kira: Exactly.

The hour was named "Anchors" because Scott didn't have Allison to think about to keep him from wolfing out and Melissa told him to be his own anchor. The transformation of her character from a mom accepting Scott's predicament to a fully fleshed out character supporting his friends and the town as they discover the extent of its supernatural ties has been excellent.

Elsewhere with the parents, Sheriff Stilinski is reopening all of his unsolved cases to examine them from a supernatural standpoint, which makes complete sense. Not only has his world been rocked, but his professional career probably seems like a joke when he sees missed opportunities as he did with a young girl named Melia whose body had never been found after a car accident. He's taken to the responsibility at a more rapid pace than did Melissa.

Mr. McCall has chosen this moment in his life to go after the Sheriff for his record of unsolved cases. There always has to be an ass in the group. I supposed he'll be the fellow with egg on his face by the end of Season 3B. Sadly, there wasn't any action between Stilinski and Melissa, which I thought we might see after their near death experience at mid-season. 

There were some things that aren't true, such as Stiles belief that you cannot read in your dreams (I do), but it served a good purpose. After he had another crazy dream he had in class (a lucid dream) when everyone was using sign language because it was something he could read, he and Scott went to Dr. Deaton. That's when they learned "when is a door not a door?" When it's ajar. Deaton said that the doors they left open in their minds need to be closed, stat.

If they each need to close the door as soon as possible, there must be triggers for each that are keep their doors open. I wonder if those triggers are tied to their dreams. Allison is still dealing with some sort of guilt over Kate's death, maybe Stiles worries that he never woke up and is really dead and Scott is afraid he will lose control of his wolf. Just tossing ideas out -- share your own!

We also saw Isaac pursuing Allison, but afraid of Scott's reaction. Allison is worried about Isaac, too, or Kate wouldn't have been strangling him in her dream. Scott may have run into the Kitsune (a Japanese shape shifter myth about a were-fox and trickster spirit) that's coming this season when he thought he found Melia in the woods and lo and behold -- we got a glimpse of Peter and Derek.

Where the hell are Derek and Peter, anyway? In somebody's basement, strung up on a wire fence pumped with electricity, shirtless and snarky as ever. It will be interesting to discover how they ended up together and how Mary Queen of Scots disappeared, other than through time travel and into Reign

There's a very detailed Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 13 recap in case you missed anything. Hit the comments, as always, to talk about everything that happened and about your hopes for the remainder of the season. In the meantime, let's take a poll!

Who is suffering the most with their open mind?


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Love the episode and so glad the show is back it feels like its been forever. I think Stiles is suffering the most because of his nightmares within nightmares and never knowing if he's really awake. To close the doors in their heads I think they'll sort of have to face their fears in some way like with Scott he will have to learn to control his transformation and then he wouldn't be worrying about loosing control, with Allison I think she has to deal with Kate's death and once she realizes that she is not Kate and wouldn't become Kate she wouldn't worry about it anymore, and with Stiles I have no idea because I'm not exactly what he's dealing with because his nightmares all seem to be different. The Melia story is interesting and when they were at her fathers house I thought he might be a werewolf because of the way the dog went quiet when he yelled at it and the way he got angry. My first thought was when they suggested that the car accident was actually a werewolf attack and Melia's body was never found I thought that she might be a werewolf or something and it looks like I might of been right since Scott chased a wolf through the woods and when he caught up to it he thought it was Melia. I'm very interested to find out what happened to Derek and Peter and what happened to his sister. I do not like Scott's dad right now and I wonder when he will find out Scotts secret because I feel like he will at some point. Scott throwing Isaac against the wall every time they talked about Allison was funny. The introduction of Kira and her father was funny and I like her and I'm totally for a Scott and Kira relationship because it looks like they might be going that way I think they would be cute together. I like how they changed the opening from the color blue to red and they made it so much darker and scarier to fit this half of the season I really liked it. I can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.


Before the season started, I thought in the end Scott would be the one to suffer the most since his issue is likely the most externally dangerous, but, based on a season preview, it kind of looks like the twins help him out in their twisted but trying to be helpful way. But what I found interesting was his shadow thing was the first hey, that is Kitsune type stuff!! But usually that is the Kitsune herself (I think his issue with being afraid of himself and what he could become likely continues until he is able to transform and still be himself). But, I think he is actually in less supernatural danger (I actually am guessing the danger he faces is helping Kira and I am guessing Malia against angry townspeople) Poor Stiles...and I don't even think he's reached his own issues yet. Um...Alison, she is likely actually seeing the real bad guy who is just taking the shape of Kate right? And she totally is going to be possessed.


a kitsune is a fox not a werewolf

@ nate

I made some alterations.

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Sweetheart, let me tell you something no teenager ever believes, but I guarantee you is the absolute truth. You fall in love more than once. It will happen again. It will be just as amazing and extraordinary as the first time and maybe just as painful. But it'll happen again. I promise. But until then, be your own anchor.


Yeah, try not to forget we hit the reset button on a supernatural beacon for supernatural creatures. I think there's a pretty good chance that things are never going back to normal.