The Big Bang Theory Review: Lion Sleeps Tonight

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Have you ever wondered what an evening with James Earl Jones would be like?

Okay, probably not. I'm guessing that if you had, it wouldn't have been anything like the whirlwind adventure that Sheldon went on. Sorry, Bob Newhart, but you've lost the top spot for best cameo on The Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 15 was by far the funniest episode of the season.

If you've ever tried to buy Comic-Con, concert or playoff tickets, the opening sequence looked quite familiar. Refresh! Refresh! The anticipation is exhilarating and nerve-wracking and the disappointment when you don't get tickets is devastating. At least with concerts or sporting events, it's not against the rules or illegal to buy scalped tickets. Stub hub is your friend.

Comic-Con on the other hand is strict. The moral dilemma that the guys went through over whether or not to buy the scalped tickets felt real, but played out with plenty of laughs. Raj is now a pinkie-swearing badass! Shaking my head at that one.

By far the best and more laugh-laden part was Sheldon and James Earl Jones' grand adventure of sushi, ice cream, a ferris wheel ride, "Lion Sleeps Tonight" Karaoke, ding dong ditching Carrie Fisher, the strip club, and a shared sauna. Oh, plus somewhere along the way Sheldon got a big stuffed bear. 

I'm not sure which was my favorite. The noise James Earl Jones made when he stuffed his mouth with ice cream is definitely towards the top of the list! Now, I can only hope we get a follow-up episode when James Earl Jones actually takes the guys to Comic-Con as his guests and heads to Tijuana with Sheldon.  A drunk Sheldon in Tijuana would be incredibly funny.

While the guys dealt with their Comic-Con disappointment in their own ways, the gals decided to act like grown-ups at an afternoon tea. Yeah, that didn't work out so well. Though, Amy was the belle of the tea party with her tiara. What does it mean to be an adult? Alcohol helps. 

Part of what makes The Big Bang Theory work is that none of the characters are stodgy, old adults. They all have a kept a bit of their youthful spirit -- some more, much more, than others. Heck, even James Earl Jones is just a big, ole kid! Never change!

Here are a couple of my favorite exchanges and moments, check out our The Big Bang Theory quotes section for more funny lines.

James Earl Jones: Let me guess. You like Star Wars.
Sheldon: [nods yes]
James Earl Jones: You know, I've been in other movies.
Sheldon: [nods yes]
James Earl Jones: But you don't care about you, do you?
Sheldon: [shakes head no]
James Earl Jones: I have one thing to say to people like you. I like Star Wars too.

Loved the two of them on the ferris wheel!

Sheldon: Hey Los Angeles! I'm on a ferris wheel with Darth Vader! He's nicer than you think!
James Earl Jones: I am!

The Carrie Fisher cameo was a nice addition. Loved the bat! I think that she'd easily take James Earl Jones if they faced off. By the way, how many of you Googled Angie Dickinson? It's okay, you can fess up!

What was your favorite Sheldon and James Earl Jones moment?


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I still think Bob Newhart has the upper hand over James Earl Jones. It was classic acting. Anyhow love the song and carrie fisher part. Solid as always TBBT


i am with yu guys about peeny that was not funny when she said she tought it fuuny when the fell and hit his walker. i am so over seeing penny with drink in her hand and not having money. i am with who said it's time to break up the shamy and getting rid of amy. i am so glad that sheldon and amy were apart this week to. to bad they are togather next week. i love sheldon and james earl jones lastnight did not like the girls part


They are the writers to make the bright series, is not guilt of the characters if an episode is less amusing! I adore these guys, each of them!!! and the couple Amy/Sheldon is absolutely adorable!!! I would not look at the show anymore if they separated them.


I really like Penny and Leonard being together (enough that I waited until I could get the whole season and they had gotten back together to watch the episodes after they broke up). I especially like the scenes that show how hot for or into Leonard Penny is -- because of the incongruity, maybe. Like when she decides to get a pair of lensless glasses to look smart rather than be smart and she stumbles after him as he leads her to the bedroom to undress her down to her glasses ... and maybe her boots -- or when she wore the little black dress to the faculty get together to use her boobs for Leonard's advancement. I mean that that's a stereotypical character, but a funny and loving one. I too though wish she didn't drink so much or knock the side mirror off her "friend's" car and not even tell them (and I can see someone laughing at the old guy falling, but also see them catching themselves and feeling bad for their initial reaction).


What a failure for a episode - The only delight was all those Sheldon and James scenes, the rest was a major failure and that is me putting it mildly. I have read interviews with Kaley and Johnny were they both state their characters are growing, really????? Are they both stupid or something because neither Penny or Leonard has evolved a bit. But they have made Penny more stupid and she gushing down more alcohol, and Leonard is still a dimwit and he's not even funny, although he has never been funny when you think about it, I mean being jealous, insecure and filled with mother issues are not funny and after almost 7 seasons it's getting old. I thought after this two latest episodes that Penny would "grow", but after this episode when she said that she laughed out loud to old man falling down that notion came crashing down. That was not even slightly funny at all, it was sad and cruel to be honest, and once again for the numerous time this season she had a glass of wine in her hand. After 14 episodes of this season I can state this:
- Sheldon is awesome when he is not with AMY, break them up ASAP - Penny and Leonard should have ended episodes ago, it's the sadest and unfunniest couple that has ever graced the airwaves, granted they both had chemistry in the beginning but that is all gone now and any moron can see that fact. - 7 main characters with guest stars are way too much when the episodes is only 21 minutes, make the episodes longer or drop 2 characters. I suggest Amy and Leonard because those two are not even funny, they both are just sad and pathetic.


A drunken in Sheldon in Tijuana would be funny--if he were "tricked" into going. A man who sanitizes his hands three or more times a day and avoids hospitals because of the sick people and germs isn't about to voluntarily visit a country that's not known for its high standards of hygiene.


I totally agree with @R the part of Penny being a bully was almost offensive to me.
I guess that this confirms that the format of 22 min episode wont work as well in the past, because the large main cast, and the guest starts makes each scenne almost like a screenshoot
Please someone say to Chuck Lorre to experiment with more episodes of 44 min (not as specials chapters or season finale or premiere)


I had a really hard time choosing between JEJ and Sheldon singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight, especially because he said "take it Mufassa", and seeing crazy Carrie. Up there with my top BBT episondes


I know it's supposed to be funny but Penny talking about how she laughed when the old man with the walker fell down was just not funny at all. I guess it goes to show that part of her is still the bully from high school. That joke just fell flat for me.

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Raj: Anyone in?
All the Guys: No!
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All the Guys: Refresh. Refresh. Refresh....
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