The Blacklist: Watch Season 1 Episode 12 Online

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Let's be frank: The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 12 wasn't the strongest installment of the series.

This was partly based on a lack of Red Reddington, but also based on a couple of very entertaining hours over the past few weeks. There's always bound to be a letdown on any series.

Overall, The Alchemist was an interesting idea for a character. He protects the guilty? So he can turn these people into entirely different folks via genetic manipulation and hide them from being located? Pretty cool.

But there wasn't a ton of charisma involved, making him into a rather generic individual unfortunately.

There was one major reveal, however. We finally learned the identity of the mole, a secret that came out toward the end of the hour. Who is it?

Watch The Blacklist online now for the answer:

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Meera isn't the mole even though she said she was..............It's a swerve.............I do agree the lack of Red in this episode brought it down a bit..........I know you reviewers can't talk about previews but if you seen that then you saw that it looks as if Meera and Red will be working together to get the real mole................... You also left out about Tom and Lizzie's fight and Tom going off with "Jolene" aka Lucy Brooks........... I can just imagine how we will be left hanging when the season finale comes..................