The Mindy Project Review: Mindy Drama

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As Mindy and the gang went right to left and landed in L.A. this week, her relationship with Cliff went from right to wrong.

Cliff ultimately breaking up with Mindy was a rough end to The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 13, but the installment as a whole was the biggest disappointment of the night.

From the onset, the premise for their trip was flawed. Why would a group of OBGYN's care about anti-aging cosmetic injections? One could maybe make a case for the seminar on vaginal reconstruction for the obese, but was there no better reason to get the crew to California?

Trip to LA

Then there was the scene where Mindy was packing.

Cliff: Do you really need to tan?
Mindy: Babe this is the palest I've ever been. I'm basically a white person. Yesterday I caught myself watching lacrosse, and I liked it.

The woman who previously dreaded the prospect of wearing a bikini in a hot tub with her boyfriend packed nothing but bikinis, a Kabbalah bracelet and tanning oil for a trip with coworkers?

While neither was good, Peter's impression of Johnny Drama from Entourage was way better than Mindy's. Yet sadly they both delivered their worst performances of the season. They may have been fish out of water to some degree, but what was with their outfits at the party?

The run-in with Casey would not have been all that farfetched, but adding on his relatively overnight sneaker pimp status was a bit much, even for Hollywood. Then Mindy just decided to take a swim once her phone battery died. Mindy is the last person you would expect to do something impulsive like that.

She went from soaking her legs in the water to wading around up to her neck. A cannonball from Kevin Smith could may have been the only thing that could have saved that scene.

Danny getting up the liquid courage to call his dad was a big moment, but there were just so many issues with the rest of the episode that I felt like the scene was done a disservice.

Also, according to Morgan, that was supposed to be their last night in L.A., but then he mentioned the dinner he set up was for the following night.

Mindy of all people, given her taste in magazines, should have been aware of the paparazzi at parties like that. She, of course, behaved herself around Casey, but Cliff was well within his right to be upset if you ask me. Hopefully she will get a chance to explain herself next week, in an episode more in keeping with the high standard of comedy fans are used to.


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I know the show can be a little out there sometimes, but I don't think this was a bad episode, by any means. When they said this was the last night and had dinner plans for tomorrow, he very well could have meant the last overnight. Perhaps they have a later flight or are having an early dinner. I don't think that was that big of a deal. I really hope this wasn't the end of Cliff and Mindy. After all the build up, we barely got to see them together for 2 episodes. That seems a little unfair. I still hope Casey is end game. I do think their hilarious together. But I'd like to see this relationship with Cliff play out a little longer. Though next week's episode says she's still trying to get over her breakup with him. If it doesn't work out, I think it would be kind of interesting to see a fling between Peter and Mindy. I think they're a lot more similar and have way more romantic chemistry than her and Danny. Oh well, still a great show, in my opinion. And I, for one, laugh out loud all the time during every episode. As it appears many others do as well. That's why this show is still on the air...


I love this show! i watched the finale last year and have been hooked ever since. I laugh out loud at literally every episode. The chemistry between the main cast is amazing and they all play off each other so well. They may have a mediocre episode eveery now and then but every show does. I will continue to watch and laugh every Tuesday :)


When is this pile of doo doo going to go away and free up the time slot.
I've watched a lot of TV since the early 50's and I have watched an awful lot of sitcoms. I've never, in all of the years of watching TV, watched 5 episodes of a sitcom that failed to make me laugh even once. I laugh more at Friends rerun (parts of some of the episodes I've seen 15 to 20 times on YouTube for example) than I have laughed in 5 episodes of this show. How is it still on the air?


Wow. 2 out of 5. I personally had a few laugh out loud moments. Then Danny needing Mindy. The drama between Mindy and... the lawyer? I hate that I love KC but there's always such funny moments when Mindy and KC have a scene. The ending too... poor Mindy. I thought it was a pretty decent episode.

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I agree. At the end of the day, the show is supposed to be comedy. The impressions were supposed to be bad. The outfits bad on purpose. And the trip was made because Jeremy wanted to increase revenue. If there were any mistakes they were minor and I don't think such things should matter.

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Also... KC? I completely forgot to spell... Casey. :)

Drea xoxo
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IKR!!! i don't like cliff anyway so glad at outcome. he doesn't benefit her or enhance her. danny scene deserved a better build up and peter deserved happiness too! their outfits annoyed me, mindy knows to wear a cocktail dress so why didnt they...

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The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

What's Entourage?


Cliff: Do you really need to tan?
Mindy: Babe this is the palest I've ever been. I'm basically a white person. Yesterday I caught myself watching lacrosse, and I liked it.