The Real Housewives of Atlanta Review: Pillow Party Brawl

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NeNe Leakes' "Pillow Talk or Pillow Fight" turned into an all out brawl on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 13, as everyone was left asking who was to blame.

What on earth happened that caused Phaedra Parks' husband Apollo to start throwing punches at a pillow talk party?

We recap the lingerie clad showdown in our TVF +/- review...

Minus 20 because we're still trying to figure that out.

First off, what was up with NeNe's questions? She said they were suppose to be about bringing people together but why did every one of them come across as a dig at her friends? It was almost as though Ms. Leakes was trying to stir up trouble or reopen old wounds.  Minus 33.

Perhaps that's why NeNe couldn't stop all of that nervous pacing as they got started.

Then Natalie decided to confront her husband about Kenya's claim that he said she was only his Common Law wife. I found it interesting that Christopher got up and walked away. Maybe he didn't want to answer that question. 

Is it just me or does Natalie love to stir things up amongst these women?  My guess is she's angling for a permanent spot on the show next season. Minus 10. I'd be happier if she left and didn't come back. 

NeNe blames Kenya Moore for starting things by getting up to confront Natalie but all she did was get up off the sofa. I'm not a big fan of Kenya's but I don't think this brawl started because she stood up to speak. 

Things escalated quickly from there when Christopher grabbed her arm and Kenya's friend Brandon was quick to jump in. 

For a moment there it looked like Peter was the man of the hour. He managed to break the two up and was moving Brandon off to the side without too much fuss. Plus 25.

A Pillow Party Brawl

Then came Apollo…

He'll claim he was just backing up Peter but Apollo grabbed Brandon by the throat and threw him back onto the sofa. Then he started throwing punches and all hell broke loose. 

What was scary was how aggressive Apollo was and how no one could seem to calm him down. Minus 40. Let's hope Phaedra's kids didn't inherit that temper. 

And as for Ms. Parks over the top party for little Dylan, aka Mr. President, perhaps she should have saved some of the money she spent for her husband's legal fees. 

But back to NeNe's party. It was off the hook even by Housewives standards with the crew and security jumping in to break up the fight and Apollo stripping down before coming back for more. 

And in the most hilarious moment of the night…did anyone else see Chuck cowering in a corner?  Plus 50 to see the bad ass, arrogant football player caught on camera hiding behind his wife. 

As wild as this pillow party got, it looks like it's not over yet because the previews show Peter and Todd in one another's faces and someone even has to hold Kandi back!

Is next Sunday here yet?

Episode total = -28! Season total = -784!

So tell us,  who was really to blame for this debacle of a party?


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I feel like somethings are better left unsaid, especially when your situation is not all that together anyway. I also believe Nene or Naynay or whoever she want to call herself thinks that the world revolve around her. I feel that if it not about Nene and what she wants to do it is a prpblem. But when you are not use to sh*t than this is the way you react. Have some CLASS aboit yourself, you can take some people out of the Ghetto but that does not mean that they are not.....Get a Life already ur not the only ish that has it going on....


I lost all respect for NeNe. She was so ghetto and she is obvious none of those ladies friends. She brought all of them there to fight and not get along. I felt this episode took our race down to several levels. At one time I repeated the show, but wondering at the moment is it something I want to continue to watch. I can see why she is not casted out this year on other shows.


Is it me or did Apollo seem jealous of brandon for being there with Kenya. After all brandon was standing up for Kenya, but yet he attacks her friend Brandon then is holding her almost consoling her in front of phadrea who absolutely despises Kenya.


Who put ne ne in charge


who cares really. they're gettin paid and yall r not. get over it.

@ who cares

You are certainly immature..sounds like you'd do anything for careful...

Drea xoxo

Loved every moment of it!!! I've been waiting since the super trailer!!! it was everyone's fault!! they all could have handled it better


they are not "friends" they are all collecting a paycheck. True friends do not stab each other in the back the way the all do. Who are these people!!!!!!!!


Nothing feminine at all about Nene. Is she a transvestite....she loves strife and trouble and looks and acts like a man


nene the man is correct ...there is nothing feminine about her


Nene was the instigator and she was honest about it. Her goal was to get everything on the table so that they could get past it. Kenya felt that the issue with Chris was over, but given that Chris was never involved in the wasn't really over. The three of them needed to speak freely to get it all out. I think the same applied to Todd and Natalie. Point being...there were some things that needed to be resolved. That being said, Kenya charged Natalie. Was it Chris' place to grab Kenya? It's debatable. She is a woman, but he was defending his wife and preventing her from being attacked, and Kenya definitely headed that way. Apollo? I don't know what was wrong with him.

@ Court

lowlife's and an embarrassment to women of color in Atlanta and the nation. The act like street brawling women - and have no dignity. Women who have self respect do not project themselves as Jezebels and certainly cohort with the husbands of their friends.

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