The Vampire Diaries First Look: Will Damon Take the High Road?

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A return to Mystic Falls really is near.

With The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 11 set to air on January 23 and finally put an end to this painful hiatus, The CW is now looking a ahead one week and giving fans a look at The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12.

Titled "The Devil Inside," this installment will center on Enzo and his revenge-based offering to Damon. Will the latter be able to resist his former friend's temptation? Will he able to remain honorable in the face of pressure from his scorned fellow test subject?

Elsewhere, Tyler will enter the picture once again, apparently ready to get his drink on with Matt, while Damon will seemingly make a heartfelt plea to Elena.

And get rejected? That appears to be the case in one of these photos from the upcoming installment. Click through them now:

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Man i dont even care about them . i just want stefan to be happy . ef all them except my babe .

@ Mariee


@ mary

This so much. He deserves happiness. He tried so hard to be happy and humane yet got screwed by the two people closest to him....i mean cmon


NO! TVD is great beacause of damon and elena, so please get them back together!!!


pleaaseee! get DE together!!!!!

@ red

agreed but maybe Elena has to show Damon hes become a better person and if written properly this could be a good angle .Damon broke up with Elena and the two still love each other so there is hope and he broke up with her because he doesnt think much of himself and doesnt believe hes good so maybe Elena wont give up on him and show him he is so wrong


It depends what Enzo wants but i think Damon is trying to explain what he thinks he should do and Elena doesnt agree .she loves him so why would she reject him .


I can already see Enzo trying to get Damon on the dark side again. Making him feed on human etc. Elena then catches him doing that and she's upset.
Or Katherine goes into Elena's body and we have an emotionless bitch again... Sucks either way!
I'm loving Delena angst but at the end... Please! Just get them back together! They love each other so much for Christ's Sake!


I think Damon and Elena will finally split and Damon who will then be wanting some friendship will probably begin to see Enzo as his friend again and then Damon will accept Enzo's offer of most likely going to Whitmore College, Destroying Augustine and All the members of Augustine.. #Denzo Forever.. ;p

@ Dan

NO! TVD is great beacause of damon and elena, so please get them back together!!!

@ claire

that is your opinion.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Stefan: Define "out."
Damon: One who hovers and sticks his nose in other people's business. Wait... I was defining "annoying."

How's my dress? It screams safe and predictable. Am I right? Or am I right?