The Vampire Diaries Review: Devil of a Time

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If Kat has lived nine lives in her 500 years of being on the run, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 definitely represented my favorite one.

I've been critical of this character for seasons now, calling the writers out on many occasions for making Katherine nothing but a plot device, someone to randomly show up from time to time in order to move the story in some direction.

But when she actually is the plot? When she's insulting Elena's hair and showing a vulnerable side to Stefan and ratting out Caroline's scandalous sexcapades on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 11 and wondering how anyone could love Bonnie?

Yeah. I'm all aboard the Katherine train now. It was a really fun ride this week.

The installment was titled "The Devil on the Inside," presumably because Damon's monster came out to play with Enzo by hour's end.

But the entire episode was about characters trying to pretend they are someone they're not, trying to see themselves in the best light.

Damon is the obvious example. He's someone who believes he's at his best when he's with Elena and someone who finally realized this week how insulting it actually is to her to think he could poison her with his darkness.

But Elena Katherine gave Damon a perfect response to his little speech outside the party. Yes, she broke his heart. And, yes, she walked away smirking because that was her intention. But wasn't she also correct? Doesn't Damon need to be a good person on his own before he thrusts the pressure on Elena to make sure he remains that way?

It's like they always say: you need to love yourself before anyone else can really love you. In Damon's case, however, the problem is that he does seem to love himself... when he's embracing his own inner Ripper-ness.

Seriously. Some of us eat entire pints of ice cream or listen to sad mix tapes when we get dumped. Damon commits homicide. The guy's got issues and it shouldn't be on Elena (even if it was Katherine pretending to be Elena) to fix them.

Elsewhere, Caroline didn't want to think she was the person who would actually get slammed against a tree in a passionate lovemaking session sleep with Klaus. She scoffed at the "Prudy Trudy" nickname, but she likely preferred it over what Tyler was thinking and essentially said with his bared teeth: Hybrid Ho.

Leave it to Stefan to swoop in, deliver a winning line ("Drunk or not, she doesn't deserve that.") and later hit all the right notes when comforting Caroline.

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Tyler, of course, was also pretending from the moment he returned to Mystic Falls.

He wanted to leave his stint on The Originals behind, to toast to a new beginning at home. But it was a nice moment toward the end when he confided in Matt just how terrible things were for him in New Orleans - and how they've only grown worse.

Indeed, nearly every character was forced to face a truth about him or herself this week. Some came out of it better and stronger (Caroline was able to accept her Klaus-tastrophe and realize it didn't make her a bad person), while others just came out of it bloodier and more of a savage.

We're sort of seen this with Damon before, but Enzo makes the storyline feel fresh enough. He's been a winning addition so far.

Small Bites:

  • It's worth repeating: The Vampire Diaries Season 5 spent weeks and weeks saving the life of Bonnie, only to essentially ignore her since. Couldn't they just have killed her off?
  • My goodness. Matt has A LOT of friends. Did you see the turn out at that party?!? He must mix a mean drink at The Grill.
  • On an acting level, it was a lot of fun to watch Nina Dobrev toggle between Elena and Katherine.
  • Caroline Forbes should never not be cleaning. Especially in that tanktop.
  • Elena and Damon. Damon and Elena. I know there's a nickname in there somewhere. Best TVD line ever?

What did everyone else think? Check out this teaser for The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 13 and sound off now:


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I have to say I've been having major issues with TVD lately... they keep rehashing the same old storyline... body swapping.. a character near death... all the while there are these HUGE plot holes no one addresses.. how is it that Bonnie didn't realize something was up when Katherine didn't pass through her after her "death".. I mean c'mon .. you can't make Bonnie the anchor and then not address that. She would know something was wrong... and so far.. everything is hunky dory :/


I am still happy Elena is out. Could it stay this way? Probably not, because after all, she is the main character; but doesn't it speak to the writters and producers when so many people dislike the main chracter? She is an ass, as much of a dick as Damon


I actually really like this whole Katherine as Elena storyline. I kind of wanted them to kill Elena off at the end of last season when she had her fight with Katherine and then have Katherine impersonate her, so this is pretty awesome to me haha. I agree the everyone needs to stop giving Tyler such a hard time. He did walk away first, but he did that because Klaus ruined his life and then chased him out of town. When he came back it was only because Klaus ALLOWED it as a grad present to Caroline. If I'm Tyler, I'm not taking that at all. Being with Caroline because Klaus ruled it so is not really being with Caroline on his terms, like he wants. Klaus still has control if he lets it go and takes his deal, so he didn't want that. Not saying Caroline shouldn't have slept with Klaus. She can make her own choices. She just can't be upset when Tyler gets mad about it, because she knew what Klaus did when she got into this. Stefan wasn't right to punch Tyler at all. Not his business and not his place. Tyler has the right to be as mad as he wants and Stefan doesn't get to involve himself in their relationship like he involves himself in everything with his holier-than-thou crap.


what if elena returns as an angel like it happens in the books???


Finally I watched the episode and I only like one thing. Matt is getting hotter. Other than that I did not like the episode. People are complaining of Damon turning into the evil Damon again. Well Damon had been always the bad brother; Stephan is the one with the human side. And now tha Damon lost Elena he is spiraling again, Is like Damon said he is who he is and he cant change that. Elena was the one who accepted Damon the way he was because she loved him and in a way Damon got more sensitive because he found love so his evil side was dormant to be with the woman he loves, now since he knows he screwed up , he became the Damon he was in the first season:, bad, selfish, evil., he is releasing his anger, frustration or sadness becoming this bad person. He has always being like that, he was the brother with his humanity turn off Stephan was the vampire with good feelings and even though he later became the ripper, he always have the human side on him who makes him different than Damon,
The show is losing direction of the story lines.
I don’t like Katherine taking over Elena’s body. Now Katherine went back to her old ways as an evil mean vampire like n the first seasons. I like Delenas relationship and that is why I don’t understand why all the hype of bringing them together finally after3 seasons just to make them break up in just a matter of a couple of episodes. It does not make sense. At least the writers should have kept them as a couple for the complete season.
The show has lost its path for one reason only, CAUSE THEY ARE FOCUSING only jon /Damon/Elena/Katherine/Stephan/ story for the last 14 episodes and the rest of the characters story are just back up and secondary. Matt had been underused this season, Jeremy also. I don’t see the writer’s focusing on Jeremy skills as a hunter. Also in some spoilers at the beginning of the season even Ian said it so he said that we will see how Jeremy and Damon will bond together by living in the same house, and that Damon wll be like his older brother I haven’t seen such a thing at all, I mean now that Elena and Damon had broken up I guess that wotn happen at all, Jeremy and Damon bonding
Bonnie this season also underused, all the hype of bringing her back in most of the episodes so far that even the witch Qetsia and Silas had something to do with it that when finally she is alive, suddenly she barely appears on the show. How dumb is that!! And yes how Bonnie did not feel Katherine passing through her? Question to be answered I hope. The show loosing some direction from the writers.


TVD till S5Ep12... beautifull, but illogic. Ty broked up with Car to persue his revange so is not his business what Car does. All the story insist in the evilness of some caracters but everything is happening in a mystical and imaginative place, where vampires walk among the earth so i don't see the society moral dilema. The logical Klaus line in the forest should have been that he will not bother Car again if Car admits she doesn't care for him not if she is honest about carring or not. It should obviouslly be that if she admits to care for him, he will stay and if she admits she doesn't care, he will leave for good. The biggest illogic thing in last episodes is that they missed the fact that Bonnie knows when someone supernatural dies and she feels that pearson pain. How did they noticed Katherine passed away if Bonnie didn't noticed? You can say that Bonnie saw Katherine coming close to the border of life and death but she went back and the pain Katherine felt didn't pass on Bonnie so she wasn't dead obivouslly. At the end, when Elena died, Bonnie should have felt it and interact with her and imediatlly call Stephan or Damon. Ofc they made Bonnie take a trip on episode 12 cause any apearance of Bonnie whould make the whole storyline - with Katherine succeding to act as Elena - useless.

@ Andrei

They didn't miss it they are just waiting to bring that info out that's the whole reason she wasn't in this episode so they didn't have to touch that subject they aren't ready to kathrine needs to do a shit load of damage first

@ Andrei

First off, Ty has every right to be upset that the girl he loves/d slept with his mom's murderer. If you can't comprehend that than I'm just going to assume you're a 13 year old teeny bopper Klaroline fan. He didn't leave cause he stopped loving her, so yeah when the only person that you really truly love slept with the person who took everything away of course he has a right to be upset. Second, Elena never died just like matt never died. Kat just has her body and when Kat dies by that knife Elena will be back just like Matt.


I liked this episode a lot more than the 100th last wk. I hated the fact that katerine/elena broke damons heart the look of hope then disappointment on his face was sooooooooooooo sad :(. I also didn't expect tyler to find out so fast about caroline/Klaus he was also so hurt by what she did :(. Although I would have rather both these things not happen and Delena and forwood wood have gotten back together. I thought the episode was pretty solid.


The moment where Katherine broke up with Damon on behalf of Elena felt so "soup opera" to me. Like when the evel twin pretend to be the good one and messes up the lifes of everyone and after that of course there will be the drama when Elena returns,they will start explaining themselves.... really predictable, lame, and used to prolong the action and find a reason for Damon to start killing people again. Which we have seen before on the same show as many of you said. I don't believe that the same people are making both TVD and The Originals.....

@ leele

Clearly, TVD and The Originals don't have the same writters, because TO is great and TVD (specially the "Delena" thing) is just annoying


I think Aaron died with vampire blood in his system and Dr. Maxfield is going to inject him with that needle that makes him into a vampire who feeds on vampires. TVD has become so predictable. Damon is going to cycle through a killing spree. If Stefan's not on a killing spree, then Damon's on one. This show has run out of ideas. Really not as good as the first 2 seasons.

@ Sasha

That's a very good thought I bet ur right


Nice episode , it was so much fun to watch Katherine pretending to be Elena (I never seen a professional actress like NINA DOBREV she is a great ).
I felt terrible for what happened to Elena although it was predictable but how she was running in the woods and then she saw Damon and jumped to his arms ,it was really sad.
I didn't like that Bonnie and Jeremy didn't show up this episode but we've seen Matt like more than 2 scenes so I am happy with that ,and I would to see them more .
I felt bad for Aron too he was very sorry about what happened to Elena even after knowing that she's a vampire,and I didn't understand why Aron took that syringe if you are going to kill him eventually.
I love what Stefan did for Caroline and how he defended her I really really like their friendship.
I would really love if Matt back to drink vervain without telling any one and then he be the one who exposes Katherine.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

You are literally the best person I've ever known. And for me to think I could ever change you was giving me way too much credit and you way not enough… you're the good. And I need a little good in my life.

Damon [to Elena]

Stefan: Define "out."
Damon: One who hovers and sticks his nose in other people's business. Wait... I was defining "annoying."