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Cold, manipulative, good hair. You really are my daughter.

Katherine [to Nadia]

You are literally the best person I've ever known. And for me to think I could ever change you was giving me way too much credit and you way not enough… you're the good. And I need a little good in my life.

Damon [to Elena]

I walked out last time. Now it's your turn.

Tyler [to Carolin]

It felt really good to kiss him. So, then, I kind of, sort of... had sex with him.


Enzo: Do you wanna kill him or should I?
Damon: I hate deadlines.

Elena/Katherine: Isn't this weird for you?
Stefan: It's incredibly weird. But I know my brother, and I know he's better with you than without you.

Damon: You once told me that calling me "Satan" was an insult to Satan.
Caroline: Well... no one's perfect.

This is my "you're being a dick" face."


Elena and Damon. Damon and Elena. I know there's a nickname in there somewhere.

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