The Vampire Diaries Review: Devil of a Time

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If Kat has lived nine lives in her 500 years of being on the run, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 definitely represented my favorite one.

I've been critical of this character for seasons now, calling the writers out on many occasions for making Katherine nothing but a plot device, someone to randomly show up from time to time in order to move the story in some direction.

But when she actually is the plot? When she's insulting Elena's hair and showing a vulnerable side to Stefan and ratting out Caroline's scandalous sexcapades on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 11 and wondering how anyone could love Bonnie?

Yeah. I'm all aboard the Katherine train now. It was a really fun ride this week.

The installment was titled "The Devil on the Inside," presumably because Damon's monster came out to play with Enzo by hour's end.

But the entire episode was about characters trying to pretend they are someone they're not, trying to see themselves in the best light.

Damon is the obvious example. He's someone who believes he's at his best when he's with Elena and someone who finally realized this week how insulting it actually is to her to think he could poison her with his darkness.

But Elena Katherine gave Damon a perfect response to his little speech outside the party. Yes, she broke his heart. And, yes, she walked away smirking because that was her intention. But wasn't she also correct? Doesn't Damon need to be a good person on his own before he thrusts the pressure on Elena to make sure he remains that way?

It's like they always say: you need to love yourself before anyone else can really love you. In Damon's case, however, the problem is that he does seem to love himself... when he's embracing his own inner Ripper-ness.

Seriously. Some of us eat entire pints of ice cream or listen to sad mix tapes when we get dumped. Damon commits homicide. The guy's got issues and it shouldn't be on Elena (even if it was Katherine pretending to be Elena) to fix them.

Elsewhere, Caroline didn't want to think she was the person who would actually get slammed against a tree in a passionate lovemaking session sleep with Klaus. She scoffed at the "Prudy Trudy" nickname, but she likely preferred it over what Tyler was thinking and essentially said with his bared teeth: Hybrid Ho.

Leave it to Stefan to swoop in, deliver a winning line ("Drunk or not, she doesn't deserve that.") and later hit all the right notes when comforting Caroline.

Should these two just get together already? Vote now:

Tyler, of course, was also pretending from the moment he returned to Mystic Falls.

He wanted to leave his stint on The Originals behind, to toast to a new beginning at home. But it was a nice moment toward the end when he confided in Matt just how terrible things were for him in New Orleans - and how they've only grown worse.

Indeed, nearly every character was forced to face a truth about him or herself this week. Some came out of it better and stronger (Caroline was able to accept her Klaus-tastrophe and realize it didn't make her a bad person), while others just came out of it bloodier and more of a savage.

We're sort of seen this with Damon before, but Enzo makes the storyline feel fresh enough. He's been a winning addition so far.

Small Bites:

  • It's worth repeating: The Vampire Diaries Season 5 spent weeks and weeks saving the life of Bonnie, only to essentially ignore her since. Couldn't they just have killed her off?
  • My goodness. Matt has A LOT of friends. Did you see the turn out at that party?!? He must mix a mean drink at The Grill.
  • On an acting level, it was a lot of fun to watch Nina Dobrev toggle between Elena and Katherine.
  • Caroline Forbes should never not be cleaning. Especially in that tanktop.
  • Elena and Damon. Damon and Elena. I know there's a nickname in there somewhere. Best TVD line ever?

What did everyone else think? Check out this teaser for The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 13 and sound off now:


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Phew! I thought for sure that Elena was going to do something that would get Katherine out of her body. I am so glad that Katherine is permanently in control of Elena now. I hope that it really is permanent and that when the truth comes out I hope the other characters aren't able to get Elena back. I really hope that Katherine's literal back-stabbing of Mia doesn't come back to haunt her. I really hope that if Mia had any friends they don't have a way to get Elena back because of Katherine killing her. The last time I enjoyed the show this much was when Elena turned her humanity off.


Enzo and Damon should have sex, they are so hot together and it's obviously that Enzo is in love with him

@ alice

AGREE 100%


Katherine was in great form dumping Damon.
Better episode then last week.


Elena would be a complete FOOL if she were to ever return to Damon. I'm team Stephan all the way now. Damon has proven one thing about himself: he is very weak. When he's with Elena and/or Stephan, he's good. When he's with Enzo, he's bad. Does the man have any idea what he is? I can understand how being experimented on by the Augustines made him "shut off his humanity," BUT the friendships he built with the people of Mystic Falls should have rehabilitated him. Clearly, they did NOT. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I want him OFF the show, but now I"m really hoping he gets killed during the series finale.


i was a huge delena fan but they ruined it and you have to admit it...they ruined elenas character a long time ago and now they are doing the same to damons...its so sad!! they are making him a pathetic loser who only cares about elena and behaves "good" or "bad" depending on whether she loves him or makes no sense at all and all this repetitive storylines are just beyond annoying...they are also ruining katherines character by making her evil all over again after trying to show us the vulnerable and redeeming side of her in the last episodes and now shes the same bitch she always was who doesn't deserve to be alive or have stefan back...caroline feeling so guilty about klaus WTF?? can we be done with that for good please?? ...something is seriously wrong with this show when my favorite character is stefan...


Why do all TV shows seem to boost the volume in the editing department when it comes to characters that have their cell phones on vibrate ? it comes across super loud almost defeating the purpose of it being on vibrate lol. it's just not like that in real life and it's a little something that I find annoying in TV shows..... In my opinion Tyler is the most lost out of all the characters,he has no direction at all. they really fucked up his character when they made him a hybrid, I will always stick to my theory that they should have never made him a hybrid he should have remained a werewolf. because it's all been downhill ever since he became a hybrid. Caroline on the other hand is looking more hot than ever !! she looked stunning on all fours scrubbing that fireplace (Hello booty shoot).... I to think Stefan and Caroline should hook up. it seems to have been teased ever since the second season. I think now is a good time to just let it flourish :) Btw it should be fun with Damon and Gambit teaming up going on murder spree.


I hated this episode. I was hoping Elena would come back to stay but now I have to deal with crazy Katherine full time. Ugh! I still love Damon even if he is going on another blood rampage. But I hate the fact that his character development was shot to hell no thanks to Katherine totally screwing up everything. Tyler's anger is justified. After everything Klaus did to him and everybody else on this show Caroline has sex with him. Did she forget that he tried to kill her once?

@ Shelly1

Wow, you are stupid


This was a good episode. It may not seem like it but Damon is actually very sensitive and he doesn't show it or talk about his feeling but whenever he's upset he kills people and that's his way of dealing with the pain. The whole time Elena was in the tomb as Elena I was like snap her neck snap her neck so she can't finish the spell and what does she do she slaps her head in and stabs Nadia which doesn't kill either of them so the spell was complete and know Katherine is Elena for good. Caroline shouldn't blame herself for sleeping with Klaus because she did nothing wrong she didn't plan on doing it and she only did it because he said she'd never see him again. I have mixed feeling about Tyler because right now I really don't like him because he left Caroline to kill Klaus so he has no right to be angry at her for sleeping with him and he shouldn't get back with her because he made his decision about them when he left he chose his hate for Klaus over his love for her and Caroline deserves a lot better than that. I totally get why Tyler was angry and why he wanted Caroline back but she didn't deserve any of the things he did to her. So Bonnie was back for one episode and is now gone again seriously what was the point of bringing her back to life I mean I never want a main character to die because I usually love them all but sometimes it has to happen because it makes the show better and the show can't kill off just anyone it has to be someone that will change the show and the lives of the people in it but also can't be someone to important that ruins the show and that you can either replace them with someone better or the show can go on with out them and that is Bonnie her death would have changed the shows and the characters and sure people would miss her but the show could go on with out her and it probably would of made it better and that's why she should have stayed dead. I like Katherine but I was ready for her to die and even though that her being in Elena body is interesting I hope it doesn't last long because I want Elena to be back. Can't wait till the next episode it looks good.


Katherine I can at least understand because she only really kills in order to SURVIVE, Damon just kills to be an a**.

@ xoxo

I disagree. He kills because he's moody and depressed. When he gets hurt emotionally, he kills. He's very reactionary.

@ TVDfan

Still not a good enough motive for me. He acts like a child. Oh, Elena broke up with you ? Boo freaking hoo.

@ xoxo

True enough, he did and does act like a big kid. But I Katherine kills for the hell of it too. Her kills are not always necessary.

Sarah silva
@ xoxo

Damon loved Katherine but did not love him back. Then he loved Elena but she chose Stefan and when Elena finally chose Damon he tried to be a better guy for her. However now that Katherine, who Damon et all believes is Elena broke his heart he realized that being a good guy gets him no where so he is back to the old Damon.


I find it really weird that Stefan is becoming Delena's new supporter.. please stop. I mean, he can accept it but it's just too weird and sad for him to cheer on his brother and his ex to sleep together again. Also, I was sad that Stefan didn't seem the least bit sad that Katherine died... I mean, really ? I thought he was developing feelings for her.

@ xoxo

I was sad about him not caring about K's death too. She was a huge part of his life and he's just over her death? Already? No ambivalence at all? That was a major writer screw up. Again, I hate this episode.

@ TVDfan

I didn't hate it, some parts were fun. But I do thing that was unrealistic and a bad move on the writer's part. Maybe it was because he didn't really have much time with her ? I don't know.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

You are literally the best person I've ever known. And for me to think I could ever change you was giving me way too much credit and you way not enough… you're the good. And I need a little good in my life.

Damon [to Elena]

Stefan: Define "out."
Damon: One who hovers and sticks his nose in other people's business. Wait... I was defining "annoying."