The Vampire Diaries Review: Devil of a Time

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If Kat has lived nine lives in her 500 years of being on the run, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 definitely represented my favorite one.

I've been critical of this character for seasons now, calling the writers out on many occasions for making Katherine nothing but a plot device, someone to randomly show up from time to time in order to move the story in some direction.

But when she actually is the plot? When she's insulting Elena's hair and showing a vulnerable side to Stefan and ratting out Caroline's scandalous sexcapades on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 11 and wondering how anyone could love Bonnie?

Yeah. I'm all aboard the Katherine train now. It was a really fun ride this week.

The installment was titled "The Devil on the Inside," presumably because Damon's monster came out to play with Enzo by hour's end.

But the entire episode was about characters trying to pretend they are someone they're not, trying to see themselves in the best light.

Damon is the obvious example. He's someone who believes he's at his best when he's with Elena and someone who finally realized this week how insulting it actually is to her to think he could poison her with his darkness.

But Elena Katherine gave Damon a perfect response to his little speech outside the party. Yes, she broke his heart. And, yes, she walked away smirking because that was her intention. But wasn't she also correct? Doesn't Damon need to be a good person on his own before he thrusts the pressure on Elena to make sure he remains that way?

It's like they always say: you need to love yourself before anyone else can really love you. In Damon's case, however, the problem is that he does seem to love himself... when he's embracing his own inner Ripper-ness.

Seriously. Some of us eat entire pints of ice cream or listen to sad mix tapes when we get dumped. Damon commits homicide. The guy's got issues and it shouldn't be on Elena (even if it was Katherine pretending to be Elena) to fix them.

Elsewhere, Caroline didn't want to think she was the person who would actually get slammed against a tree in a passionate lovemaking session sleep with Klaus. She scoffed at the "Prudy Trudy" nickname, but she likely preferred it over what Tyler was thinking and essentially said with his bared teeth: Hybrid Ho.

Leave it to Stefan to swoop in, deliver a winning line ("Drunk or not, she doesn't deserve that.") and later hit all the right notes when comforting Caroline.

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Tyler, of course, was also pretending from the moment he returned to Mystic Falls.

He wanted to leave his stint on The Originals behind, to toast to a new beginning at home. But it was a nice moment toward the end when he confided in Matt just how terrible things were for him in New Orleans - and how they've only grown worse.

Indeed, nearly every character was forced to face a truth about him or herself this week. Some came out of it better and stronger (Caroline was able to accept her Klaus-tastrophe and realize it didn't make her a bad person), while others just came out of it bloodier and more of a savage.

We're sort of seen this with Damon before, but Enzo makes the storyline feel fresh enough. He's been a winning addition so far.

Small Bites:

  • It's worth repeating: The Vampire Diaries Season 5 spent weeks and weeks saving the life of Bonnie, only to essentially ignore her since. Couldn't they just have killed her off?
  • My goodness. Matt has A LOT of friends. Did you see the turn out at that party?!? He must mix a mean drink at The Grill.
  • On an acting level, it was a lot of fun to watch Nina Dobrev toggle between Elena and Katherine.
  • Caroline Forbes should never not be cleaning. Especially in that tanktop.
  • Elena and Damon. Damon and Elena. I know there's a nickname in there somewhere. Best TVD line ever?

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I hated this episode. HATED it. I love Katherine but this plot is terrible. We know this is reversible because Elena is the center of the damn show. UGH. Now it's just the wait to see how many lives get fucked up even more with Katherine in her body. And since that traveler witch is dead, how can it be fixed? (Since we know it can and will) The only thing I did like was when Stefan punched Tyler. Tyler was a dick and deserved it. I don't care which couple you love, the episode was crap for all of them except maybe the future possible Staroline(??) relationship. Seriously, I have not hated any of the Originals or TVD episodes. Disliked some but this is the first one I hated. Oh! Yay for this episode proving the reviewer wrong and showing that Elena was in fact STILL IN HER BODY WITH KATHERINE! Sigh.


Stefan and Caroline were easily the best part of the episode, and I loved that it addressed something really important : slut-shaming. Damon is an IDIOT. All of his character development has been squashed, and how is Elena supposed to forgive him for killing yet ANOTHER person she cares about ? He's reverting back to season 1 Damon. Yes, love can't change you, only you can change yourself, but I thought the show had alreadly addressed that. No need to squash character development.


so what new character is gonna get Kat out of Elena now...ugh


Here comes the Damon hate....Damon is a vampire!!!! This is who he was when we first met him!!! Damon goes on a nude toys damage and everyone hates him. Stefan goes ripper and everyone feels bad for him. Personally I love them both (it's ok to love them both...Kat said so lol). But I especially love when they're bad. Right now Damon is bad. Stefan and or Elena will reel him in eventually. This is classic VD. Back in full force thank god. I hope we can keep this feeling of what the show always was...but they need to fig out a way to make Bonnie and Jeremy relevant again tho. Why bring these two back just to ignore them. I agree. Glad Aaron is dead. Unload these new ppl and stick with our regular characters dealing with a conflict together.
This review hits the nail on the head psychoanalyzing each character and their motives. Well done.

@ Katerina27

I'm not fond of this reviewer or the fact that he ignores TVD canon a LOT, even when the comments point it out to him. And anyone who doesn't like Katherine at all times makes no damn sense to me. (And I know I said I hated this plot line for her but I don't ever hate the character...She rocks)

@ TVDfan

I hear you. There were some review that were waaay off. However I thought he nailed THIS review.

@ Katerina27

OMFG nude toys rampage!!!! Autocorrect I F-ing HATE you. Lmfao. That was supposed to say MURDEROUS RAMPAGE


I loved Katherine sticking it to sanctimonious Caroline. And Stefan needs to get a big helping of STFU. Tyler was right to feel betrayed by Caroline sexing up Klaus. Not for having sex, but for WHO she did it with. Stefan, dide, Klaus Killed his Mom.


I suddenly hate Damon. I hope he and Enzo end-up back in that lab being poked and prodded again.


How can you hate Damon? He's just being his usual I'm depressed and screwing up again" self... Elena will get back in her body and will sort of fix it. Hopefully with some character growth all around...

@ TVDfan

I think the problem is something the reviewer touched upon...Damon can't keep relying on someone else to keep him being "good." It's not fair to Elena OR him. He has to come to that conclusion and like himself first.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

You are literally the best person I've ever known. And for me to think I could ever change you was giving me way too much credit and you way not enough… you're the good. And I need a little good in my life.

Damon [to Elena]

Stefan: Define "out."
Damon: One who hovers and sticks his nose in other people's business. Wait... I was defining "annoying."