The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "500 Years of Solitude"

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The Vampire Diaries celebrated a milestone this week, as the CW hit explored Katherine's "500 Years of Solitude" and brought back a host of familiar faces.

Indeed, as the series' big 100th installment, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 11 was a trip down memory lane for more than just the dying antagonist.

Was it a quality one? Our Round Table panel of Miranda Wicker, Leigh Raines and Steve Marsi is here to answer that question and various others right now:


1. In a word (or a few words), The Vampire Diaries Episode 100 was...

Miranda: Epic.

Leigh: Almost perfect. (My hate for Nadia can be discussed at another time)

Steve: Disappointing.

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

2. What is your favorite all-time Katherine moment?

Miranda: Meeting her for the first time in 1864 and learning about the doppelgangers. It was an interesting layer to the story and Katherine quickly became one of the most fun part-time characters, even if she was a plot device half the time

Leigh: The Vampire Diaries Season 1 finale when she let Damon kiss her and then you thought it was her in the kitchen until BAM, Uncle John's fingers. Those were the days...

Steve: Gotta go with Leigh's pick here. I was never a huge fan of Kat, but that was some vintage TVD episode-ending head-turning.

3. Klaroline getting conjugal: Totally hot, totally random or both?

Miranda: Both! Klaus is waging war with witches for New Orleans. He's moved on from his grievances with Katherine. (Except not because grudges are what he does.) But there's no way Caroline will be able to walk away from hot sex with Klaus, so I'm betting that's not the last time they get busy through the remainder of both shows!

Leigh: Both, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course Klaus would pay a visit to his favorite victim. And he and Caroline had unfinished business. That little grin he had after she first kissed him, before all the whooshing, so perfect.

Steve: Random for sure. We need some kind of term for this kind of crossover hookup the writers only facilitate because they can (not that I blame them, because it's Joseph Morgan ... but it's still sorta pointless).

4. Whose return was most welcome?

Miranda: Alaric. Forever and always the answer is Alaric.

Leigh: You know that Miranda and I will always answer Ric. You might as well ask us, who besides Alaric, were we excited to see. Second place, it was nice to see Aunt Jenna. Elena needs her.

Steve: 'Ric, because the rest of them either feel like they never left, or wouldn't have been missed until they were brought back and you stopped and thought about it. With 'Ric, the loss hurt the most and the void has yet to be filled. Miss you buddy.

5. If they actually went shot for shot, which regular character would be the first one out? The last one standing?

Miranda: Bonnie's out first. She strikes me as a lightweight. Damon, of course, lasts forever, but Matt would give him a run for his money. It's his secret non-supernatural power.

Leigh: The supernaturals have an unfair advantage! But I also kinda feel like Matt could crush everybody.

Steve: Damon, obviously. Guy was locked up and had experiments done on him for years, and has been targeted for death I don't know how many times. Pretty sure going shot for shot with the world is part of the fabric of his being. First out? Paul Wesley once told us that Michael Trevino would go down easy in TVD-themed Hunger Games, so I'll say Tyler.

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can Kathrine just flupping die already, I'm sooooooooo sick of her! i wished they would bring Ric back from the dead.

@ mysterious

She's only look up her self..
She"s not totally the past season 2
She said to Damon that Elena in danger so,they need to protected elene from klaus

@ mysterious

Also jenna


I thought this is episode was lacking. I loved seeing familiar faces. But the ending came as no surprise because as Katherine said she is a survivor. Also Caroline and Klaus was totally random. I don' care for them. And though I love Tyler I do agree he has been gone wayyy to long and they all seem to have forgotten about him and no longer have any use for him. But I still root for a forwood reunion!!!


Actually, I have nothing negative to say about this episode. I loved it. I understand what some people are saying about predictability. Yes, we were all pretty sure Katherine would live. Yes, we were all pretty sure she'd end up inside Elena if she used the traveler spell. I would encourage people not to give up on Caroline and Klaus. Yes, he said he'd never come back - but - when was the last time you remember Klaus keeping a promise? My sincere desire is that the direction taken in this episode becomes the direction of the series in the Spring Semester of TVD. We all love the classic characters and shoving Jeremy or Caroline out for several episodes while you make room for Enzo (yawn), and other flat characters? Bored at the very notion. More of the people we love, less of the people we'd rather see as snacks. Good job on episode 100 TVD. It made me remember why I stuck with you!

@ Incarnate1559

I hate Klaus.
I likecaroline and Tyler...I hope their back together as boyfriend and girlfriend...the last time I checked their just broke up.


1. I personally loved this episode. I love katherine's character..
So i'm glad they did not let her character die. :D
2. Tyler's back? what could his character do in the TVD? His better off at the originals.
3. I actually like what they're doing to matt's character. STAYING HUMAN and all. But at least give him some credit or something, or like a major purpose.
4. I liked Caroline and Klaus, but it was never going to happen... unless they are going to put caroline at the "The Originals". And that's something!
5. TVD, what's next? You have Katherine to be the major bad guy again... but what's next?


I personally was very annoyed about the whole Matt-in-danger again plot-line. This is a character that is being seriously neglected on the show! His body is invaded by a traveler and it takes his friends how many episodes to even attempt to help him? And now again in this episode. Matt is be buried alive somewhere, and caroline, bonnie and Jeremy WALK AROUND in a slow pace yelling his name (as if he can hear them) while discussing their sex life. Talk about priorities! I was also expecting a new bad guy, only for it to turn out to be Kat in elena's body, ergo Kat looking and behaving like kat. The only good thing was aleric and Klaus and Caroline in the woods. VD really needs to up their game!


I liked the episode, but it was so spoiled and predictable that I just waited for Katherine to take Elena's body.
1. One word: Predictable
2.Katherine kisses Damon Season 1 finale.
3.Klaroline: Just to please the fans.
4. Alaric, always.
5. Kill Tyler and let Damon rule.


I am very pissed and how the scene of Klaus and Caroline was spoiled. never come back? never see you again? It feels like writers wanted to get fans on board at first on Originals giving fans hope with "i intend to be your last" and now that they have audience they say "I will never see you again". that very very very annoying.

Fearless diva

1.) One word for the episode: tear-jerking. (technically two but its hyphenated. :P) The entire episode had me really feeling sorry and sad to see Katarina go. But I knew that if there was a perfect moment to kill her off it was in the 100th episode. However, I kind of had a gut feeling that Kat would pull something like that.
2.) My favorite all time Katherine moment was in the season 1 finale. When we think its Elena kissing Damon but it's really Katherine and the whole " Hello John. Goodbye John." and the fingers get cut off.
3.) Honestly, the Klaroline scene felt like it was a disservice to the fans. I would have rather they kept it as in. The whole speech Klaus told her last season finale.
4.) I loved all the cameos equally but yeah, definately Alaric was the most depressing.
5.) spindae 2.0, I'll have to respectfully disagree with you on Tyler. I think if they will kill someone in the last season, then it will probably be Bonnie.

Spindae 2o

1.One word for the episode? - Twistful
2.All time favorite Katherine moment? Killing Caroline, turning Caroline was the best thing happened to the show.
3.Klaroline? I really think Caroline needed it. She is hurt, she lost Tyler, Jesse & her bff have their own drama. It was obvious thoughout the episode that she was isolated from her friends. She needed this guy who would give her the world.
4.Best comeback? Emily Bennet & Aunt Jenna.
5.Who would die first and who would survive till the end? Tyler is long overdue, hopefully this is the last one for him. Last one standing, havn't you learn anything from yesterday? Katarina Petrova is a survivor.

Leigh r
@ Spindae 2.0

Turning Caroline was a great moment! I'd definitely put that high on my list of favorite Katherine moments.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Elena: You memorized my breakup?
Caroline: Of course I did.

Matt: Who spends two years pining after a girl?
Damon: I can hear you, dumbass.