The Vampire Diaries Turns 100: Cheers to Katherine?

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As the promos for The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 11 have teased, it's unclear whether or not Katherine will survive the January 23rd installment of this CW drama.

But one things appears to be certain, based on photos released this week by The CW: the character's friends foes frenemies will at least raise a glass to their memories of this ancient blood sucker-turned-human, regardless of her fate.

Of course, Damon and company will have another reason to toast the 2014 premiere as well: it marks the show's 100th episode.

So sit back, click through pictures from the special installment and then watch The Vampire Diaries online if you need to catch up prior to the return:

Drinks All Around?
Caroline and Bon Bon
Nadia Image
One Drink for Damon
Jonnie Pic
Nadia Profile
TVD Quartet

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I do agree on something. That an episode where the story is to celebrate someone possible death whether that person was or is good or bad, is very heartless and rude. I know all of them are vampires and they can live eternally but it is veyr rude the way the episode is made. Celebration of someones dying. That is not very nice. Why Julie Plec agree with this story beats me!!


All of them that are celebrating Katherines Death are all pathetic Especially DAMON! He was the 1 obsessed with her for 160 years and now all of a sudden he hates her!? And Stefan is the only person with Nadia standing with Katherine by her side and yet everyone says Stefans the bad guy? ARE U SERIOUS? Katherine ruined Stefan's life also but Stefan is the only one with a heart even after everything she has done to him. Jeremy, Caroline, Bonnie and Elena are just as stupid celebrating Katherines death! Jeremy: She fed me to Silas and I died. HELLOO JEREMY DAMON SNAPPED YOUR NECK INFRONT OF ELENA IN 02X01! Caroline: She did Kill me. DID YOU FORGET DAMON ABUSED YOU WHEN U WERE HUMAN AND WANTED TO STAKE YOU INFRONT OF ELENA IN 02X02. AND DAMON KILLED BONNIE TOO AND FED ELENA BLOOD TO TURN HER AND WISHED DEATH UPOUN HER BACK IN SEASON 1! Damon is acting like his much better than katherine oh please damon.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Elena: You memorized my breakup?
Caroline: Of course I did.

Matt: Who spends two years pining after a girl?
Damon: I can hear you, dumbass.