White Collar Review: Box It Up

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With only one episode left before the finale, you would have thought White Collar Season 5 Episode 12 would have asked fewer questions and answered more.

White Collar appears determined to drop all its plot bombs at once, so we'll have to wait till next week to find out likely a fraction of the revelations that will bring this season even semi-full circle.

Lucky for us, this installment brought back the incomparable Marsha Thomason, whose absence has been felt. The best part was her character, Diana, brought her little bundle of joy, Theo, with her!

She was right in the thick of the action, impersonating the recently incarcerated Rebecca, who caused some problems of her own!

Each week Rebecca appears to become more and more deranged. I thought it was that she was young and in love, then it graduated to obsessed and then in this episode it immediately escalated to a potential psycho killer situation.

Now she's escaped - and is poised to take Mozzie hostage now. What better way to get your lover's attention than to hijack his bestie? Then again, it seems like Neal might actually be the one under the gun!

That's what is so perplexing about White Collar Season 5. There is so much going on, it's hard to know where to look. It's like they left all these loose ends simply to tie up less than half of them - or so I predict - during the season finale. All the episodes leading up to this point are simply a means to that end.

I don't feel like the characters have grown at all this season, only leaving us wondering whether or not they were going to grow at all. Now that Peter and El have packed their house up completely, it doesn't leave much hope that they will be deciding to stay, which certainly leaves a lot of things to bring together next week.

Will they even remember that Peter is trying to leave amidst all the rest of the drama?

And what about Neal? He thinks he's ready to go straight, but in the preview for next week he's wondering if a helicopter can take him away.

What do you think, Collars? Is Neal capable of walking the straight and narrow if he's allowed to go free?


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I finally watched it and, while I generally view babies as the kiss of death on these shows, I enjoyed the episode. Rachel is fun, lol! My only complaint is Moz blabbing the entire Mosconi break-through on Neal's VM. Burn phone my b...aby. That was a sloppy plot-point. Won't keep me from tuning in, tho, lol. Go Rachel!


I don't agree with your voting choices. I personally think, yes Neal can change, but he doesn't want to, our of a conscious choice. I mean, why should he? He should always look for lost treasures, diamonds, stolen artifacts and so on. Criminal doesn't always mean immoral There are plenty so called non-criminal, legally upstanding citizents that are way more immoral than Neal could ever be. I sure hope him and Mozzie never change. Neal is a perfect example of a contradiction that works.

@ nina

I'm absolutely with you on this, nina! Neal is wonderful the way he is, all these demands about him - a fully formed adult, btw - change are just not very smart and way too didactic.


Here what I see happing Neal go with Rebcca to where ever and Peter and El go to DC then six months later Peter doing a case in DC and he run across Neal stealing a diamond and boom the season ends. Why was neal stealing the diamond where Rebecca and what happen in those six months


I love Mozzie. Mozzie and the baby were so cute. I don't think Neal can go straight. It's too tempting to be after treasure. I hope they don't kill off Mozzie. It looks to me like their is no turning back with Peter and El. The office and the house is all packed up. I hope they don't go to DC.


Classical music nerd alert, it's actually Teatro Teresa Carreño, not Carreña.


Speaking of babies - Peter holding the baby was not cute, just awkward. He and Elle have been married for a long time (and they are not getting any younger) and they still have no children. The writers should address this - perhaps they don't want kids, perhaps they have fertility issues. It is not believable at their ages that they're still just waiting for the "right time".

@ Rachael

Their still way to young to have a child anyways

@ Rachael

Why would the writers need to address this? They never said they were just waiting for the "right time". In my head they simply don't want children. There are lots of people who are not interested in ever having children. That doesn't need to be addressed on the show. They simply don't have children period.

@ Alice

Good point - Lots of us are childless by choice. And it really doesn't seem like whether or not that's the case for Peter and Elle is an issue that needs to be addressed.


Did anyone else think Diana handed her baby off to Mozzie much too quickly to be believable? She has no trust issues with this man? Getting back to her job is too important?

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