White Collar Review: Cooper 3

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White Collar's latest installment was a real shocker in more ways that one.

From confirmation of our worst fears about Rebecca to the assassination of Hagen by a sniper (likely also Rebecca), White Collar Season 5 Episode 10 left us wondering what just happened.

Mark Sheppard as Curtis Hagen

The funny thing about is that for all its intensity, the most intense pieces kind of got lost as you went along. We went from Peter and Neal unable to be in the same room, and Peter on the edge of an internal breakdown, to them suddenly realizing they had a bigger enemy to face.

I really thought the episode would hinge on Peter and Neal's explosive fallout over Neal's actions, which led to Peter's release. I have to say that Jones is right, Neal really should have to take responsibility for his actions... but that's also where Jones misinterprets Peter and Neal's relationship.

The beauty of it is that Peter has acted not only like a mentor, but also a father to Neal over the seasons. Peter seemingly knows nothing besides trying to bring Neal up right, so to speak.

So while I agreed in anger with Jones that Peter always seems to get the short end of the stick, I also wanted to slap him on the back of the head.

Lucky for Jones we didn't dwell on the point for that long. Unfortunately, it created another plot that got shortchanged in the midst of all the other excitement. Apparently Peter won't be heading to Washington just yet, but one wonders why the need to push it into tonight's episode given the real shockers that went down.

Or were they?

There was one true surprise: that Hagen was sniped in the middle of the sidewalk. With him, the damning actions that Neal took to get Peter out and Peter's internal turmoil were effectively quelled.

In its place, an unsettling realization that Peter, Neal and the rest of the White Collar division were being actively stalked.

The fact that it was Rebecca doing the stalking - and likely the shooting as well? Not so shocking! In fact, there was an overwhelming consensus among fans on social media that Rebecca was up to no good rather early on. I have to admit that she took a little to easily to Neal being a con artist and actively using her in one of those cons!

Me? I would have stormed out and tried very hard not to look back at Neal's all too handsome face!

Interestingly, she may also be responsible for Siegel's murder. But it really begs the question of why all of this is taking place and what role the code plays in all of it.

There's definitely a lot to look forward to moving forward, Collars! Will you be along for the ride?

Were you surprised by Hagen's death?


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I think that someone who set up Hagen could be setting up Rebecca as well. I don't see her leaving her pictures like that in obvious display or that naked wire. Looks like a trap.


How many times has Neil done something to save Peter's Bacon? Something, that in the long run, helps Peter out.
Neil should stand up for himself and say to Peter... "You know what? I'm tired of you always thinking I'm bad and that I'm incapable of doing the right thing in your eyes. The next time you get in a jam perhaps the best thing for me to do is DO the right thing in your eyes and let you hang out to dry! You need to get off of your high horse! You and that wonderful your career of yours would be FINISHED if it wasn't for me going out on a limb FOR YOU! You and your lovely wife would be talking to each other on a phone between thick glass if it wasn't for me STICKING MY NECK OUT FOR YOU! Yes! I did some things that were 'necessary' in order to keep you from rotting away in a cell. It's NOT ALWAYS BLACK AND WHITE PETER!" I'm really getting tired of Peter's character. I hope that he does go to Washington. We need some new blood on the show. It's getting boring with Peter's incessant I'm so perfect that I smell like Vanilla pudding / holier than thou attitude. Actually, now that the show has progressed, I'm really getting tired of the show's original premise. I'd like the show much better with a much cooler Agent than Peter and Neil OFF of his ankle bracelet fighting crime side by side. A go getter Agent along side the convicted Felon whiz kid and his quirky side kick Moz. I'm glad to see Hagan dead. Yay! I'm glad that the writers didn't drive that plot line into the sub basement. Rebecca's files for the White Collar Division were in what looks like TWO drawers of that array of file cabinets. What are in the other 33 drawers? Who was Hagan talking to? It's also surprising that Rebecca, as calculating as she is, would be so sloppy as to leave the 'device' with the yellow and green wires so plainly visible on the wall next to the door. Neil can't catch a break for his love life it seems. I'm thinking Rebecca is either in charge (of Hagan and others) or she's answering to yet another more sinister foe. She's a beautiful and sinister. Perhaps she's orchestrated all of this all the way back to working in the Museum , leaving crumbs if you will, seeing moves way ahead of the her opponents on the Chess board so that Neil would 'use' her to get what she could not get done.

@ wizarddrummer

You nailed exactly what I was thinking. The writers are making Peter so awful to Neal this season that I almost hate watching what used to be my favorite show. If it weren't for Neal's creative 'help' (spurred on to do "whatever is necessary" by Elizabeth), Peter would no longer be an FBI agent, would not have gotten a promotion, would not have his personal life back. And all he can do is revert back to calling Neal a "criminal" over and over again. Peter owes Neal so much, and 'White Collar' works best when the two of them are working together, solving crimes together. After all, Peter was the one who searched for Neal on the island to save him and figure out a way to bring him back to the U.S., was the one (in Season 1) to urge him to stay in NYC because what he was doing "really mattered", and Neal got to point where he said he "trusted" Peter more than anyone in his life. Peter should be over and done with this major mis-trust of Neal by now, unless the writers are trying to turn off their viewers and end the series: by having Neal in jail forever, dead, or on the run forever -- none of them good ideas at all. Even when Rebecca is revealed for the monster she is, Elizabeth is the one who asks Peter, "how do you think Neal is feeling right now?", and Peter just doesn't care. If I were writing the scripts, I would not be having Peter (whose life has been saved by Neal and Mozzie more times than he acknowledges) turn into this awful character.

@ wizarddrummer

I agree 100%!!! Peter's character is getting tiresome. I would really like the show just be Neil and Moz. And bring back Neil's old girlfriend, she was such a good character.

@ wizarddrummer

Who is Neil? It's NeAl

@ sissy

Really? That's what you pick up on? Picky, picky, picky!!

@ wizarddrummer

To be fair if neal never draw his father out then peter would of never gone to jail and The Whit collar boss would't of been fire and the FBI agent wouldn't be dead, Also we can't forget Neal lie to better about the Gold and the Box.

@ Michael

ah, but Michael, PETER was the one who suggested and encouraged Neal to find out about his father.


But isn't it obvious they were working together on some level, I mean he supposedly kidnapped her, and held her captive, yet the place where she was-was actually her apartment, so wouldn't Hagen had to have been in on some part of her plan, whatever that might be, and however she may have presented it to him?


The action in this episode leaves lots of Plot Lines to be resolved. It looks like Hagen was being used by Rebecca (since she added the signature to his painting). Also there had to be at least one other person working with her since when she was "released" there had to be someone off screen to shine the light on her (simulating a door opening on the room where she was being held). I think the timeline in his wallet was him monitoring that person entering/leaving the building (or it could have been Rebecca he was watching). Note that he was killed after she know that the codex had been decoded (and thus he was no longer needed).


I too like Neal and Rebecca together. They light up the screen together. A very good actress she is. Hope she will come back another season if they can expand her storyline somehow. She could be the main nemesis for Neal or she could turn out be working undercover and she and Neal live happily ever after...hahahaha Hard to think she is a killer..how scary for Neal. God and he loves her! grrrrrr Peter cannot go to DC, there will be no show without him. Is Jones jealous of Neal? Kinda petty how he kept egging Peter on.


I agree this episode was really great. Feel the same about Jones,he forgets that Neal saved his butt in one episode and his buddy's in another. Too sanctimonious by far and his promotion has inflated his head size. Peter is also an ungrateful jerk after all Neal didnot
steal the gold to keep for himself. Hope Jeff Eastin brings these two back together soon its what I love about this show.


Was I surprised by Hagen's death? Yes. Was I surprised by the whole Rebecca revelation? No. Ever since Neal slept with her, I knew she was going to be trouble. Also, in this episode, the way she was talking to him on the phone after she "escaped" was transparent. "I'll only feel safe when I'm with you"???? SERIOUSLY?!?!?! COME ON GIVE ME A BREAK! That was as obvious as finding Waldo in a nudist camp.


So were Hagen and Rebeacca in cahoots??
If not, then who was Hagen talking to on the phone?
But if so, why would Hagen stalk Rebecca at her apartment?
This all better be answered soon!
Another awesome episode in one of the best seasons...


Disappointing Rebecca reveal.


I know it was not a popular storyline Neal finding his father but could Reebcca be a part of that

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