White Collar Review: Cooper 3

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White Collar's latest installment was a real shocker in more ways that one.

From confirmation of our worst fears about Rebecca to the assassination of Hagen by a sniper (likely also Rebecca), White Collar Season 5 Episode 10 left us wondering what just happened.

Mark Sheppard as Curtis Hagen

The funny thing about is that for all its intensity, the most intense pieces kind of got lost as you went along. We went from Peter and Neal unable to be in the same room, and Peter on the edge of an internal breakdown, to them suddenly realizing they had a bigger enemy to face.

I really thought the episode would hinge on Peter and Neal's explosive fallout over Neal's actions, which led to Peter's release. I have to say that Jones is right, Neal really should have to take responsibility for his actions... but that's also where Jones misinterprets Peter and Neal's relationship.

The beauty of it is that Peter has acted not only like a mentor, but also a father to Neal over the seasons. Peter seemingly knows nothing besides trying to bring Neal up right, so to speak.

So while I agreed in anger with Jones that Peter always seems to get the short end of the stick, I also wanted to slap him on the back of the head.

Lucky for Jones we didn't dwell on the point for that long. Unfortunately, it created another plot that got shortchanged in the midst of all the other excitement. Apparently Peter won't be heading to Washington just yet, but one wonders why the need to push it into tonight's episode given the real shockers that went down.

Or were they?

There was one true surprise: that Hagen was sniped in the middle of the sidewalk. With him, the damning actions that Neal took to get Peter out and Peter's internal turmoil were effectively quelled.

In its place, an unsettling realization that Peter, Neal and the rest of the White Collar division were being actively stalked.

The fact that it was Rebecca doing the stalking - and likely the shooting as well? Not so shocking! In fact, there was an overwhelming consensus among fans on social media that Rebecca was up to no good rather early on. I have to admit that she took a little to easily to Neal being a con artist and actively using her in one of those cons!

Me? I would have stormed out and tried very hard not to look back at Neal's all too handsome face!

Interestingly, she may also be responsible for Siegel's murder. But it really begs the question of why all of this is taking place and what role the code plays in all of it.

There's definitely a lot to look forward to moving forward, Collars! Will you be along for the ride?

Were you surprised by Hagen's death?


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This episode was my favorite of the Season. I saw the social chatter about Rebecca being one to watch out for, but I did not see that coming. I liked her and Neal together. He seemed to care about her and he was happy.
It was even more of a shocker that Hagen was shot and to see that Rebecca has case files on the Team - wow!
So, it appears that Peter is not going to Washington, for now and Rebecca is now the new nemesis of White Collar. It's about to get interesting.


I didn't trust Rebecca from the beginning, and normally Neal & esp. Mozzie, are better at reading people then they did with her. I didn't like Jones in this episode either. It seems that everyone is treating Neal like dirt this season..I believe that Neal IS taking responsibilty for his actions. and Peter is being "burke-the-jerk". It seems that Peter has made up his mind that Neal will never change. Like Peter also told Hagen "Your kind never change" With Hagen.. That might be true.. but with Neal...I don't know.. Peter is just making me mad this season. OK.. don't venting


They have been practically spoon feeding us that Rebecca might be two faced. All the innuendos, spoilers, and Bridget Regan's awesome portrayal made everyone doubt her. So as much as I might want to pat myelf on my back I can see the writers planned for this. The real unpredictable shocker was the reveal with her spooky disguise pictures and the FBI files. Frankly, I think the real twist is yet to come.


I had a feeling she was dodgy but not THAT dodgy and the sudden death of Hagen really took me by surprise. Jones is a self-righteous arrogant jerk TBH. The number of times Neal has saved his ass and yet he acts like Neal is evil all the time. LOL The fact that I get so involved in the characters & start yelling at the screen indicates some good writing tho. :D Great episode!


Office of Professional "Resposibility"! FAIL!


Intense episode. I knew Rebecca was evil. There has to be more to the story since she kept files on the whole white collar division and on Neal since he was a kid. I hope we find out why. I don't think Peter will go to Washington. I used to like Jones but I didn't like what he said about Neal. I can't wait until next week.


I knew she was evil and I didn't know she was going to kill Hagen, Those files of Recbcca research on them was cool I like stuff like that. So now the question is what her end game?

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