9 Relationships on Television We Totally Wish We Could Be In

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Dysfunction runs rampant on television, so the few nuggets of relationship gold should be admired.

Each of these couples have their own difficulties to overcome, but they embrace them and are made even stronger by their circumstances.

While you may not want to live in an zombie apocalypse or be secret KGB agents living in America, each of these couples have persevered despite their hardships.

Check out  nine relationships that we wish we could be in and then vote below...

Which relationship would you want to emulate?

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Nathan and Haley - One Tree Hill <3

Gail letson

Lilly & Marshall


Angela and Hodgins have been through the wringer over the years, but their love is just golden, and they have an adorable little one too! That's the kind of relationship for me!


What about Monroe and Rosealee on Grimm?! Love Love Love them! So much better than Nick and Stupid Juliette.

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