9 TV Characters We Still Can't Believe Have Left Us

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Some were killed off. Some left because their portrayers wanted off; others because their networks wanted a change.

But with TV season in a bit of a lull at the moment (darn you, Winter Olympics!), this seemed like an ideal time to take stock of characters we've lost over the past few months.

From biker wives to surgical interns, community college students to misguided witches, here is a look at a handful of men and women who we still can't believe are gone...

9 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone
Donald Glover left Community to pursue his rapping career. He took his beloved character with him.
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Troy Barnes

1. Troy Barnes

Donald Glover left Community to pursue his rapping career. He took his beloved character with him.

Chris Traeger

2. Chris Traeger

We are LITCHerally in disbelief. Chris Traeger has moved away from Pawnee, Indiana.

Ziva David

3. Ziva David

NCIS didn't kill Ziva off, thank goodness. But she was writen out because Cote de Pablo wanted a change.

Joss Carter

4. Joss Carter

The death of Detective Joss Carter continues to rock Person of Interest fans. But that's the idea, isn't it?

Nicholas Brody

5. Nicholas Brody

He hung on for as long as he could. And then Nicholas Brody was hanged to conclude Homeland Season 3.

Tara Knowles

6. Tara Knowles

It was as cloody and as violent as any TV death in recent memory. RIP, Tara.

Heather Brooks

7. Heather Brooks

Rest in peace, Heather Brooks. This intern died on the Grey's Anatomy Season 10 premiere.

Hershel Greene

8. Hershel Greene

He was old. He was wise. And he was taken away from us too soon on The Walking Dead.

Sophie Deveraux

9. Sophie Deveraux

Sophie Deveraux never recovered from losing her niece. She was killed off The Originals Season 1.


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    yes NCIS not the same without Ziva..Dont watch NCIS now cause its not the same


    NCIS Is just not the same without Ziva I never missed an episode but the zing is no longer there havent watched a full episode since she left the new girl is so insiped the connection has been lost with all the charactors and I so loved Gibbs but he has lost his zing now to


    Ziva was a character that helped make the show the success it was. Great writers and equally great actors make a show a possible. The person who replaced Ziva is a limp as bologna and totally unbelievable. C'mon, a newbie telling Gibbs what to do..........


    Charlie Harper!!!!! Ashton does no justice!


    Just signing in to check it out


    You need to bring back Ziva and Dinozzo they made the show with the joking and carrying you need to keep them just like Abby and McGee though they aren't together seriously there antics and play made the show with Gibbs as the boss and father figure.Everybody needs to be on the show NCIS forever




    Never heard of any of these ... except Ziva David.


    Zoe Barnes on House of Cards


    Elliot Stabler leaving SVU was a terrible move.

    @ Chris

    YES, THANK YOU!!! I was so sure he was gonna be on this list! Worst loss to ever happen to a TV series!

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