13 TV Characters We Still Can't Believe Have Left Us

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Some were killed off. Some left because their portrayers wanted off; others because their networks wanted a change.

But the reasons behind their exist does little to dull our pain. We still miss them. We still grieve for them. We still wish things could have been different.

From biker wives to surgical interns, community college students to misguided witches, here is a look at a handful of men and women who we still can't believe are gone...

Troy Barnes
Donald Glover left Community to pursue his rapping career. He took his beloved character with him.


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One person coming or going on NCIS does affect the show. What makes a show a hit is good story telling. This show still has what it takes to get the job done.


I'll never forgive Joss Whedon for what he did to Cordelia Chase on Angel, it was totally unnecessary.


What about Col. Henry Blake from Mash?


Some were killed off. Some left because their portrayers wanted off; others because their networks wanted a change. Read more: http://www.storecolor.net


What!?!? Not a single Stark from Game of Thrones is on this list....?


I am glad to finally find out why Viva is not on the show anymore but she made that special sparkle in the show that just isn't there anymore. We miss her so very much. I hope she'll come back also but I really hope she is happy wherever she is now.


Ziva should have appeared at the wake and funeral of Gibbs Dad
that would have told us that there is an offering....but she didn't appear


Now, wait a minute. I loved the actress who played Ziva and I miss her every much of the rest of you BUT! I still like the theme of the story line--the relationship of the characters. They work together, care for each other, it is very "family" oriented, I know--it's guns, killing, intrigue, but the characters are in a working situation and they care for each other. Today that means something. They are not out to cut one an others throat for a higher position or the like. I like all the cast and the story line and how it's carried out. I didn't watch it only because of the Ziva character, I like the whole cast, story line and how it's portrayed.

@ Marilyn Stoudt

when she announced her exit from NCIS without notice CBS offered her a massive RAISE....she declined....they will take her back but as time goes by the chance of that dims from the future


Try to get Zivvna back she made the show


please bring ziva back I just dislike the kid who is replacing her she stink she give the show nothing , I love the show and the rest of the cast , but please get that young lady out she really dose nothing for the show she is a misplacement there ,

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