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These characters said goodbye, in one way or another, during recent TV seasons.

We still can't believe they are gone...

Troy Barnes
Donald Glover left Community to pursue his rapping career. He took his beloved character with him.

I don't understand why you put heather brooks in your list and not Mark Sloan, Lexie Grey or George O'Malley


you put heather brooks in your list and not Mark Sloan, Lexie Grey or George O'Malley... strange

@ Guest

This was only within the most recent season. If it expands they'll likely be included.


I don't even know who they are. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME

@ GG

So GG. What shows do YOU watch?


I am so glad the only shows on this list I recognize are BB and GOT.


Ok Ziva was awesome and everything, she was my 2nd favourite character, but to say you wont watch the show without her is a little OTT, the show worked before without her and they're doing just fine now, so as much as I LOVE Ziva and MISS Cote, the show still has Gibbs so I'm still satisfied, but I agree, she should come back, but Bishop should stay too, she's great :D btw for the person who keeps spamming about Ziva being gone is a douche and everyone here will agree you're WAY outvoted dude... -_-


How is it possible that Sybill Crawley and Matthew Crawley, Radar (he is not dead, luckily) and Henry Blake from MASH aren`t here?

@ Alice

We didn't go back that far. Yet. It's just this past season or so. :-)


Yeah she wanted a change ... she wanted the same salary as Mark Harmon or maybe even more. No one is bigger then NCIS or Mark Harmon ... no-one. Thank god Elle Bishop is doing just as a good job


20 TV characters I never heard of.


WTF you just throw a spoiler out about PLL and don't warn anybody??????


My favorite NCIS Agent. So sad she's gone but I don't watch it because of Ziva, I watch it because it's NCIS!

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You know what your grandpa used to say? Water never forgets. Anyone with a boat named them will live forever. How about that?

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