33 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

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These characters said goodbye, in one way or another, during recent TV seasons.

We still can't believe they are gone...

1. Troy Barnes

Troy Barnes
Donald Glover left Community to pursue his rapping career. He took his beloved character with him.

2. Dr. Derek Shepherd

Dr. Derek Shepherd
Dr. Derek Shepherd's death on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 was as brutal as it was unexpected and abrupt, a trifecta that left fans reeling like never before ... which is saying something on a show that leaves its fans reeling from tragedies like weekly.

3. Joss Carter

Joss Carter
The death of Detective Joss Carter continues to rock Person of Interest fans. But that's the idea, isn't it?

4. Allison Argent

Allison Argent
When Teen Wolf announced someone wouldn't make it to the end of Season 3, nobody imagined Allison would be taken. She died in the arms of Scott, her first love.

5. Chris Traeger

Chris Traeger
We are LITCHerally in disbelief. Chris Traeger has moved away from Pawnee, Indiana, taking his gal with him. No more Rob Lowe on Parks & Rec!

6. Ziva David

Ziva David
NCIS didn't kill Ziva off, thank goodness. But she was writen out because Cote de Pablo wanted a change.

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Please excuse the Zeva --- of course I know , ZIVA !


Zeva was fantastic ! " Tony " and I both miss her ! Please bring her back ! There is no replacement for Zeva ! You can see it in " Gibbs " eyes ! We all miss her !


Jadzia Dax from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and The Lone gunmen from The X-Files.


The loss of Cote DePablo (Ziva) ruined the show. It would be like killing Stana Katic
( Beckett) on Castle!


I'm surprised with all of the Grey's Anatomy characters listed, that they didn't bring up George O'male. Or however you spell his last name. lol.


What about Nucky Tomphson on Boardwalk Empire, or Richard Harrow, or Jimmy Darmody, or Nelson Van Alden


I'm just wondering y i didn't see Eliot Stabler from Law and Order SVU


Miss Kevin Tran, but what about Bobby Singer? He was the Winchester's surrogate father. We miss you, Bobby!


Why isn't Pan from OUAT on this list??


Oberyn Martell was no match for The Mountain? He obliterated The Mountain in the fight (with nary a hair out of place) and only lost the battle due to his own hubris / desire to extract a confession. Had he simply struck the killing blow, it would have been a one-sided mauling.

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