32 TV Characters We Still Can't Believe Have Left Us

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Some were killed off. Some left because their portrayers wanted off; others because their networks wanted a change.

But the reasons behind their loss does little to dull our pain. We still miss them. We still grieve for them. We still wish things could have been different.

From biker wives to surgical interns, community college students to misguided witches, here is a look at some of men and women who we still can't believe are gone...


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You are missing one of the greatest characters that left Law and Order SVU, Elliott Stabler. Olivia Benson and Elliott Stabler were the best team ever and SVU has not been the same since he left.


As a gay man, I've always admired strong female characters. Ziva captured my heart in the 1st episode she played in. Also, having lived and worked in the DC area, and also a retired Naval Reserve Officer, I routinely visited many of the set locations in the show, which made it much more real for me. Washington Navy Yard, all over downtown DC, rural areas in Northern Virginia where I hiked and exercised my dog, and they even had one episode that began at the Huntington Metro (bus and subway station), that I WATCHED being filmed from the balcony of my condo!
The tete'a'tete with Tony (who by the way, is a happily married man, who is anything but a chauvinist). I read an interview with him about 5 years ago, that when he asked his wife how he should play the character, she told him to do all the things he knew would lead her to divorce him if he dared to try them at home, to which he replied, yeah, Boss, lol.
The one thing that did drive me crazy, though, was always waiting for Ziva and Tony to finally KISS! She is one of the few women that made me wish I was straight...smart, sexy, beautiful, and always capable of whatever came her way. I disagree with the one comment about her Mossad skillsets being no comparison for a detective that had been a Baltimore cop (Tony). While in Washington, I often was invited to social and work events at the Israeli Embassy, and I can tell you that the skills as a detective/operative Mossad agent are copied and literally worshipped by any US Federal Agent, and the kind of training, education, mental and physical requirements most Police detectives can ever live up to in their DREAMS, because most American detectives would never make it past the Obstacle Course, much less the intellectual standards, and the singular kind of focus required to become a Mossad Agent. Don't get me wrong, I worked with and admired many federal agents that I worked with, and knew as friends, and believe me, we taxpayers get more bang for the buck than most countries in the world.
So please, lay off comments that Ziva would not have had the skills as a detective as a Mossad Agent. I attended a self-defense course at the Israeli Embassy on a Saturday morning, and I ended up with my right arm in a sling for 3 weeks, mostly because I was stupid enough to volunteer to demonstrate a Krav Maga defensive move when approached from behind. THREE (3) SECONDS was all it took to DISLOCATE my shoulder (and black out from the pain)! The agent didn't deliberately hurt me, it was an accident, likely because it's very difficult to "turn off" years of conditioned physical reflexes. I'm 5'8" tall, about 160 lbs, and this guy was maybe 125 lbs, and 4'11" tall. Kind of like the male version of Linda Hunt, who plays Hetty on NCIS LA (and another woman I totally worship and adore. Taking her out to dinner sometime in LA is definitely on the top of my bucket list.
PLEASE bring back Ziva...she totally reinvigorated the show when it was beginning to get a bit stale, and could keep it on the air for an easy extra 10 seasons. And her real name -Cote de Pablo...just exudes raw sexuality and I guess I'll call VERVE, for lack of a better word. You straight men out there all know you'd write bad checks to just to get her autograph, or take a "selfie" with her.
So CBS, go load up some gold ingots from your bank vault, and pay her TWICE what she wanted, and give her script approval, allow her to co-write spisodes if she wants, but GET HER BACK!!!


Alison Archer - she wanted to do grown up stuff. Haven't seen her since.


Uhm, what about Cory Monteith's character on Glee, Finn Hudson ?


I have no idea who the first guy is


Cote de Pablo/Ziva's leaving the show broke my heart. She was so terrific and such an asset to the show. I know she wanted to move on and did, but her leaving is a big loss. The show is still great, but the new female on the show just does not cut the mustard for me.


I'm surprised there was no mention in this article of Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) from Criminal Minds. The two actresses who followed her (Jean Triplehorn and currently Jennifer Love-Hewitt) leave a lot to be desired. The show seemed to have more energy and more credibility when she was part of the cast.

@ Shell53

Agreed. Also, I miss Maeve


The only NCIS I find interesting is NCIS Los Angeles. I figure it's probably because it's the diversity of actors on the script. Both NCIS and NCIS New Orleans are rather flat as far as diversity is concerned and hence a bit boring! ------------------------------------ health and wealth


Get over it people! Actors go where they can make the most money so they can afford to buy their biggest houses and fancy Jags and Mercedes! Live with it!