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Life on the island and in Starling City grew degrees closer on Arrow Season 2 Episode 14 as we learned a bit more about Sara's relationship with Sin and Oliver came face to face with Slade in his own living room.

It was likely a discouraging night for Olicity shippers and Laurel haters, as the relationship between Oliver and Felicity felt more than ever like a brother and sister situation and Laurel finally came to terms with what has been driving her destructive behavior.

Oddly enough, those revelations felt like breakthrough moments that will drive the course of the season in ways we hadn't come to grips with until now.

Robert Knepper was on board as William Tocker, AKA The Clock King, but he was again an underutilized bad guy who only helped set the stage for our main characters to learn an important or powerful lesson. I'm giving up on any expectations going forward that big name guest stars will make an impressive criminal impact. 

Without The Clock King, however, Felicity wouldn't have had a chance to prove her value to the team. 

We knew that the more people who came into the tiny Arrow Cave the more feathers would get ruffled and Felicity has been basking as the only female on the team for quite some time. It was an honor to be in her position and she had skills Oliver and Dig didn't. Enter Sara with her battle skills, battle scars and computer skills and Felicity felt like she was no longer needed.

She didn't need to prove anything to anyone but herself. It was her own self worth that was in question. She made some bad moves that she wouldn't have taken otherwise, and even donned a leather jacket in an attempt to look tough. Felicity's big moment was protecting Canary against The Clock King and taking a bullet for her. She has her own scar and she and Oliver shared a moment as a result.

Oliver: Are you alright? Diggle had mentioned that maybe you were feeling a little left out.
Felicity: What? No. I just used to being your girl. I mean, not your girl, girl. Your girl. I know it sounds like the same word, but it means something different in my head.
Oliver: Hey. You will always be my girl, Felicity.

Is it difficult to believe that she's alright with Oliver dating Sara? Not at all. Felicity is strong, if just a tad socially inept. It's entirely possible that all of her tongue tied missteps when talking to Oliver have been just that... indications of her inexperience with the opposite sex. Crushing on Oliver with his shirt off is one thing, expecting to be in a relationship is another. 

Sara's fear of being in the same room with Laurel lead to a dinner disaster, and that lead to Oliver giving up on Laurel. It's exactly what she needed. A final push to the brink. 

The exchange between Laurel and Sara that followed was so well played. It was emotional and felt true. Laurel realized she had spent so long holding on to anger over what happened when the Queen's Gambit went down that she didn't like the person she had become. 

When Sara showed up, so strong, beautiful and full of life -- in spite of having been through hell -- Laurel hated her even more because when she looked into the mirror she finally saw herself as the opposite of her sister and knew it was all her own doing. 

Laurel's process is only beginning, but making that first step by reaching out to Sara and begging her acceptance, as well as attending a meeting with Lance, might mean she's on the road to recovery.

Now that Oliver has given up on Laurel and Sara has reconnected with her and Oliver made the discovery that Slade Wilson is alive and well in Starling City and in his living room, no less, I'm back to a Sara/Shado showdown at season's end with Sara and Laurel. 

My thought behind that is made with some assumptions, such as Sara and Laurel continuing to mend their relationship and growing closer. If Sara finds herself in the same spot, as strong as she is now but with her sister in Shado's place, I don't think she could live with herself or with Oliver if either of them let Slade kill Laurel. 

For all of the nitpicking and backstabbing that sisters may do (and yes, dramatic license propels that to much higher proportions than what we do in real life so please remember I'm talking generally here), there is always a connection no matter how torn sisters may be at any moment. Have you ever heard "I can say that about her because she's my sister, but you can't"? 

The point is that no matter how much animosity was between Sara and Laurel if either of them was faced with a life threatening situation and had a way to save the other, I don't think they'd hesitate. We'll see how it plays out, but that's my thinking.

It was certainly fortunate for Thea to send an urgent text to Oliver at the exact time Slade was at the mansion, wasn't it? All of that will play out next week in more detail. Slade pumping that fist of his and that angry handshake between the two showed how the tension had mounted very quickly.

Other bits:

  • The island scenes were barely necessary this week, but did explain how Sin and Sara were acquainted. I had wondered that at one time, so it was nice to bring that back and touch upon it now that Sara is "alive" again. 
  • Lance learning that Dinah has someone else was a bit heartbreaking, but I didn't expect Alex Kingston to sign on full time so it wasn't a surprise.
  • The scene between Diggle and Felicity was very special. It would be nice to see them become closer as Oliver and Sara are out on missions more frequently. 
  • It seems we'll get more time at Verdant now that Sara is the new bartender. That's also a great way for her to get to know Thea and for Thea to get more airtime. I like it!
  • I'm hoping that all of the female characters are featured in the Birds of Prey episode because the more I see of them together, the more I like the idea of their dynamic.

Remember you can watch Arrow online to catch up on any of the installments you missed or just to relive your favorites!

Were you pleased with the Sara and Laurel reunion?


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I feel like Diggle is largely under-utilized in Arrow. 1 st season he has a purpose. But now it seems he is just the person questioning Oliver every time he make a decision (and Oliver doesn't give a damn of what he thinks)


I really couldn't care less about Laurel at this point. I had always been rooting for her and was a fan of her and Oliver but not anymore. Her behavior at the dinner was totally out of line. She just blames everyone else for her problems. As someone who is also a little bit less than whole I identified and I wanted her to do well. Now something has flipped and she lost any sympathy from me. I am glad to see Oliver give her the push and pleased she is making amends. I'm going to watch this with interest. Who knows, if Laurel can pull herself round then maybe everyone can? Maybe all you need is someone to call you on your BS instead of enabling you to drown in it?


yes I know Felicity isn't in the comics but I like her and I see her as Oliver's Lois (normal woman with no superpower but could make him cross all the lines and even challenge himself "


Yep, the end of that episode left me with my mouth hanging open. A total WTF moment when I heard then saw Slade in Ollie's living room.
I loved this episode. I just read all the comments. I will say, I am not a Laurel fan, but I too sympathized with her. Was very happy that she finally realized what was wrong with herself and went to the AA meeting. I do think that Oliver's speech was justified. However, some mentioned that the " I have loved you for half my life etc" was odd. Now I can see why. Sleeping with her sister and saying something like that, totally wrong. Sara bringing him to the dinner was so stupid I have no word for it ! In total contradiction with the "we should keep US a secret from my family and Laurel". Like what did you think was gonna happen ! ugh. And yes, she should definitely apologize to her sister already !
That dinner though, Lance, come on ! Really ? Mama moved on. Heartbreaking that was.
Felicity was amazing this week ! She got scars now, YAY ! Loved the fact that Diggle paid attention and talked to her about her feeling left out. These two, always enjoy their scenes together !
I also agree that Felicity needs a MAN in her life right now. Enough of Oliver (for now).
Sin being the pilot's daughter took me by surprise. So Sara looked her up. Interesting.
I don't think Thea sent that text. Then again, I may be wrong !
I really like the Clock King and hope to see him again !

@ Emy

I agree Felicity needs a hot, unbroken man (for a while), and jealous Oliver is always fun to watch. I hope she is his end game.


I'm not a fan of Laurel however I sympathized with her outrage at the dining table. Sara without the mask is unlikable. She's smug and comes off unrepentant for betraying her sister. I like Sara only when she's in Super Hero mode. I hope the writers don't make her a regular in the show. Sara wanting Oliver to accompany her to the Lance Family Dinner was typical of her. She is shameless.
I watched that scene twice and Oliver did question the sense in going to the dinner. Felicity telling him he's not needed there, he decided to go. The family dinner was awkward. Oliver following Laural to condescend guilt about loving Laurel half his life...blah blah blah. The audacity. He loved her so much he hooked up with her sister and was still with her sister. That said, Oliver hasn't any kind of chemistry with either Lance girl, Him hooking up with Sara again in this episode seemed forced. I just rolled my eyes. As for Felicity and Oliver...
I don't pick up the brother/sister vibe. Felicity is infatuated with Oliver, he's unattainable. Felicity is smart, beautiful and witty. She's bad ass on her own. Oliver does not deserve her yet. I think he's just now starting to really see her and appreciate her. I say bring in a new love interest for Felicity and not Barry Allen. Someone more manly
Not another superhero but someone working for or with Walter? Or Mrs. Queen? Give Oliver someone to be jealous of. The writers need to have a believable love triangle.
I really like how Oliver has grown since the pilot. I do believe too many people know who the Arrow is now though.
Slade Wilson...such a sexy beast. He's a baddie now...I just hope he is able to escape death. Keep him and the Clock King around. I would like Slade to eventually find redemption.

@ Honey

I so agree with you about the Lance sisters - eck! and neither have chemistry at all with Oliver, imho. Laurel was so better off with Tommy.... I still miss him. I was thinking, for Felicity (adore her!), they should have a hotter love interest, perhaps Oliver's rival from another prominent family/company, who doesn't carry a whole lot emotional/psychological baggage. Ha! Oooh, Slade.... le sigh...

@ Honey

Love what you said, I totally agree!


Ah, you know.......I really like this show, BUT...........I'm worried we're getting close to jumping the shark. You know what really kind of sunk me this last episode? It was having Sara and Oliver meeting Sara's Dad (the cop) in an alley, AND HE DOESN'T RECOGNIZE EITHER OF THEM. Really? Really? Okay, I know this is a superhero/unbelievable show, but REALLY? His own daughter? Wearhing a Lone Ranger mask? I think so..........not. Please, please, let this show come back a bit more towards reality, and downplay the Smallville drama just a bit. Please?

@ Doubting Thomas

he already knew

Fearless diva
@ Doubting Thomas

You must not have paid attention cause Lance has known Sara is Black Canary since episode 5.




There are many different things to say about this episode but I will say a few of them as I saw in my point of view. 1. I dont like Sara to be with Oliver, I mean as crime fighters they are Ok and they are a good team but as a love couple not my cup of tea. I mean I understand Laurel on this episode and why she iis breaking down, Oliver cheated on her with her own sister and even though they are no longer together, once again Oliver is with again her sister Sara 5 yrs later and sleeping together and that is jsut happened like a week after Sara re surfaced??. That is a reminder to Laurel of what happened 5 yrs ago it is like deja vu to her once again... How will u feel if the same thing happened to you? I will mad as Laurel was. I mean the situation happening all over again? Not fair. 2. Oliver not taken Felicity seriously, she is a great asset to the team but he treats her like a puppy, he does not treat her with the respect she deserve. Felicity obviously likes Oliver, but she knows Oliver is like a forbideen man to her, they are not equal, sort of saying and she hates seeing Oliver with Sara she is jealous for sure, but Felicity cant show her feelings for him as for him Felicity is just a great team member, a sister for him and nothing more than that and she is there to help the team, she cant back away that easily. Tha tis why Olvier need to treat her with more respect and consideration. He will never see Felicity as a love interest and now she feels Oliver is downgrading her by having Sara on the team as Sara also knows her thing around computer and lab things. Felicity at some point will have to stand up to Oliver and tell him she does not want to be treated like this lost girl, she is more than that. I agree with a commenter here who says that sleeping with Oliver was the reason all these things bad happened to her, is like she never learned. I also agree that if the writers will like to pull a romance betwen those 2, Felicity needs to find a new guy a smart guy (not nerd type thoughI so Oliver can see what he is missing. I hope that with the introduction of Sin as her daughter Oliver will see things differently with her and not contineu with this lame romance, it will bring him more trouble than peace for Oliver and even his own family. I cant wait for next week episode when finally Slade and Oliver will be face to face. I wonder Oliver will react to see him after like 6 yrs and Slade now being the enemy and the bad guy.


The Good, the bad and the ugly:
So lets start with the good:
I'm really glad that Felicity proved herself to herself and was able to use her intellectual prowess to save Sara too.
Im also glad that Oliver finally put Laurel in her place - it was a long time coming!
Now for the bad:
I really don't see a long term future for Sara and Oliver, I think they will end up being what they were always meant to be - friends and fellow crime fighters, but I do understand that they need to explore the possibility.
I hated the way they seemed to talk down to Felicity, she is strong and brave, and its not her fault that she wasn't stranded on a not-so-deserted island for 5 years. it also looked like Oliver was talking to a puppy when he said that she would always be his girl, she deserves better.
and the Ugly:
Laurel: Ok so I confess, I am not a fan!
She needed to hear what Oliver had to say and I'm glad that she is taking it to heart and getting better, because everyone deserves that. I hate the idea of her being with Oliver, she is whiney and bitchy and needy and he deserves a partner. Oliver gives so much of himself to help those around him and she just doesn't seem to understand that, lets face it, the woman is not big on self-sacrifice!
My hopes for the future:
I hope that Sara remains the Black Canary, she is wonderful in the role and she is strong and loyal.
I hope that Laurel gets the help she needs and gets her law licence back, she was good at that and it will keep her occupied and out of the way of the show.
I hope that Oliver finally realises that he is not in-love with Laurel, he was clinging to the past and while that was ok initially he needs to man up and accept the truth, he deserves better and she is not the love of his life. And to be honest he couldn't have been as in-love with her as he claimed, he did cheat on her with her sister and still managed to maintain his playboy image. Laurel was a dream to help him survive the island, good for him, but now he is back and this Laurel thing needs to end already.
I would love for Felicity to date a successful business man, firstly to prove boost her confidence and to prove that she does in fact fit into the high society scene and secondly to maintain the Olicity ship.
They have so much chemistry and they balance each other out so well, I think it's only right that she should be his end game. I know that what I have said does coincide with the comics, but if u want the comics go read them, this is a TV show and its entitled to take the story in a new and fresh direction. Finally to the writers:
How many times do the fans need to comment, and ship, and review and trend before you realise, we want Laurel out and Felicity in as the end game! Come on guys! Can I get a whoop whoop!

@ Gina

Whoop Whoop !!!!!! All the way !!!

Fearless diva

My only complaint is that clearly the show sucks at love triangle or maybe I'm just tired of them after putting up with one on TVD for 5+ seasons. Last season the whole Oliver/Laurel/Tommy love triangle didn't work and this year the Sara/Oliver/Laurel triangle isn't working for me.Honestly, that's the main reason why I could never see Laurel and Oliver working out as s a couple last season. Because of the whole sleeping with her sister debacle. So to revisit that in such a way this season is mind boggling.

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Are you done?
Oliver; Yeah, I'm done. I'm done taking the blame and I'm done caring. Why don't you go have a drink. Get wasted. Go to Verdant. I'll pay for it. I have loved you for half of my life but I'm done running after you.


Roy: Do you two know each other?
Sara: No, we don't.
Sin: Right, we don't. I just love when people come back from the dead. It juices my zombie fetish.