Arrow Round Table: "Time of Death"

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There is so much going on, but we've narrowed down the topics for the Arrow Season 2 Episode 14 Round Table to Felicity's desire to prove herself to the team... feelings about Laurel... Sara's new job... and Slade's surprise visit to Moira.

Join staff writers Kate Brooks, Nick McHatton, Hank Otero and Carissa Pavlica in the discussion now!


What do you think about Felicity's need to prove herself to the team?

Kate: I don't necessarily believe she needed to prove herself to the team rather than prove to herself that she could do and be more. I thought it was fantastic. I loved watching her struggle with comparing herself to Sara thinking that she needed to be all of those things to be an asset, only to realize that she's been more than enough the entire time. Thank God for Dig and his "you're irreplaceable" comment. Felicity showed a lot of growth in this installment and she didn't to be the damsel in distress to do it. Bravo!

Nick: It's getting very crowded down there, and Felicity was feeling left out. She wants to prove to them that she's a valuable asset to the team, but she doesn't originally recognize that her unique skill set makes her valuable - particularly since The Clock King was momentarily beating her at her own game.

Hank: I think it was a little insecurity on her part. Possibly not feeling as seasoned or experienced as the rest of Team Arrow. Because Felicity is such a computer whiz, she might see herself as a bit of a square or not as cool as Sara. The leather jacket remark is a great example of that. I loved the way everything came together in the end. Felicity saves Sara and gets her own little scar in the process. Brilliant!

Carissa: It was so painful to watch someone with so much to offer feel less than amazing. It would have been nice if Oliver had thought ahead and anticipated that moment, but he was living in the moment, excited Sara was joining him. It was also interesting that Sara was one of the first to reach out to her, giving her pointers on how to work out. Oliver, on the other hand, was condescending.

He's not as above reproach as he likes to think. Bottom line is Felicity has proved herself many times over and if she's still feeling insecure, then she's not getting the feedback and encouragement she deserves.

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What has Laurel done that has been so horrible? Granted, she's been self destructive, but has that really affected anyone else to any great degree to cause Oliver to give up on and viewers to intensely dislike her?

Kate: I think Laurel has been selfish for some time, blaming Oliver and everyone else for her problems. She is starting to realize that she is her own worst enemy.

Nick: Laurel has, for most of the series, has been the person who keeps getting her life upended by every single event. Oliver and Sara returning from the dead; the gambit going down; Tommy's death; her family splitting apart. Every time Laurel thinks she's been able to move on or figure out a future for herself something need comes along knocking her over. Most everyone is aware of this, particularly Oliver.

To answer the question, nothing Laurel has done by herself has been horrible, but her destructive addictions are beginning to take their toll. Her path to self-destruction is throwing shrapnel everywhere, but she's been refusing to acknowledge it until now. That collateral damage is what was causing so much ill will.

Hank: I'll be honest, from chatting with other fans on social media, as well as my sister who is a fan of the show... I think the fan hate is geared towards Katie Cassidy. Not only have the writers made the character unlikeable from day one, but Katie does tend to overact at times. Personally, I think Colton Haynes overacts as well, but Roy is way less irritating than Laurel. This was the first episode in two seasons where I felt good about Laurel.

Carissa: When Oliver told Laurel off, it felt like Ezra setting up Spencer for taking pills on Pretty Little Liars -- it was something that needed to be done, but not necessarily the most appropriate vehicle to deliver the information. Oliver tends toward the self-righteous. He told Laurel he loved her for half of his life, but he did a great deal to destroy that love when he invited her sister onto his boat. He's been lying to her ever since about practically every aspect of his life yet he expected her to be an open book with him.

It makes him look a bit hypocritical. He cheated and "died" and has held all information about it back from her, but wants to compare life horror stories. Unless they both know the full stories, they can't judge. He killed a lot of people, she was killing herself. Which is better or worse? Viewers like a hot superhero and not someone who drags him down. Adding the sister to the mix gave Laurel a really raw deal.

What did you think about Laurel's explanation regarding her last five years and how Sara's return turned to self-reflection?

Kate: I think it's extremely valid. Losing not only your boyfriend but your sister too that enviably led to her parents divorce and Quentin's alcoholism. I mean, that's a lot of heartache crammed into 5 years. She was slowly drowning and now she's ready for some accountability.

Nick: It's a poignant and brutally truthful moment for Laurel. Her life was completely changed five years ago, and she had to portray herself under a certain facade. As life grew more challenging for Laurel her facade began to crack; Sara's return and the drinking culminates with her cracking.

As much as she's tried to be a certain person for herself, her family, and her friends Laurel watches Sara come in with one swoop and take all of the things she's been trying to do right out from under her, and her conversation with Ollie is what helps her come to this moment of self-reflection. The one man she could continually lean on, as crazy as it sounds, with harsh words and criticism isn't going to put up with her anymore

Hank: Like Nick says, it was a brutally truthful moment for Laurel. Though Ollie came across as harsh and self-righteous in that conversation with Laurel, it seemed to have helped her snap out of it. I can't stress enough how ready I am to either love Laurel or have the writers kill her off.

Carissa: It was a beautiful moment. Nothing else mattered as I watched that. It was two sisters putting everything else aside to validate their relationship and I was brought to tears. It had to be overwhelming for Laurel to know Sara was alive and everything she had known for five years was all for nothing. How easily it could have changed if there was a rescue boat, or the bazillion other things you'd imagine should such news be thrust upon you. We've known all of this, she just found out. Her honest approach with Sara about seeing in her everything she lost about herself was worth the build up.

With Sara's new job as Verdant's bartender, how will she manage to save Starling City from evildoers?

Kate: I thought about this too!! How is she going to work nights and be a vigilante at the same time? I don't think Sara thought that through but it is a good cover. I think Thea will catch on to the lies she'll probably tell to leave the bar at night... Who knows!

Nick: Verdant's cocktail menu just got a whole lot more lethal.

Hank: I feel like this is one of those times where the audience will have to suspend disbelief. Fighting bad guys comes first, so Sara is going to be missing a ton of work. Especially since bartending and crime fighting are both nighttime gigs. I think it would be cool if Thea brings it up at some point. If the characters acknowledge that Sara is disappearing at a moments notice, that would be really fun.

Carissa: I love Nick's answer. It made me laugh out loud! My first thought was Thea would probably take the same approach Laurel expected from everyone when it comes to Sara, that it will be just fine "Because it's Sara."

Want to take a stab at Slade's agenda for meeting with Moira and what tipped the scale to reveal himself?

Kate: Slade is going to interject himself into her campaign so in turn he will become apart of the Queen's life. This will only get him closer to their family so he can kill them all.... Muwahaha! Actually, I'm better off not predicting things like this because I'm usually very wrong. But man, did I love Oliver's face when he showed up. It's about to get real in Starling City!!

Nick: I think he may know about Oliver and Moira's falling out regarding Thea, and will play that out by using that rift against them. Oliver will try to warn Moira, but their harsh words puts them at odds with each other so Moira will shrug him off.

Hank: Slade is toying with Oliver, it's a game to him. He revealed himself because Brother Blood turned out to be pretty useless in the grand scheme of things. Slade is probably there to back Moira's campaign while working his way into the Queens' good graces. I have a feeling an upcoming island flashback will reveal that Slade learns the truth about Shado's death. I'd be surprised if Ollie is not forced to relive that island moment in the present. Slade holding a gun to either Moira and Thea's head or possibly even, Laurel and Felicity. Someone won't be around for season three, that's for sure.

Carissa: Agreed that Blood turned out to be a dud. That day that Slade pushed him aside and said he'd take care of things himself or something, he was obviously putting something into motion. It makes me wonder if Nick might not be onto something. That was before Felicity found out about Thea's paternity. He could have set that up to drive Oliver and Moira apart to get close to Moira and an unsuspecting Oliver. OMG -- can it please be Wednesday now??

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This episode was a bit of mixed bag, and I felt several of the Characters regressed/were changed in order to fit the plot. 1. Glad Felicity defeated the Clock King by herself - but I cringed at some points of her arc this episode. We went from someone confident to face off Moira and tell Oliver damned the consequences last week to someone who felt the need to point out her wisdom teeth scar when the others were talking about bullet holes. Character regression in my book and having the team treat her like a child didn't help. And the end 'You'll always be my girl' - not sweet in my book. 2. Laurel. I felt something for her this episode, however I am still not interested in her character's journey. Oliver's speech made him a world class jerk. Make up your mind writers. Is he the guy that can pick up that something is bothering a friend, or apologize or the Self Righteous Jerk who is so self absorbed he throws things back into Laurel's face when he was a contributor to said events. 3. Laurel and Sara. I liked Sara as Sara and Sara as Canary before she came back to present day. These last two episodes I have begun to dislike Sara immensely except when she is around Sin. (Still like her as Canary) The apology should have gone both ways. 4. Everyone on Team Arrow was on a Queen payroll. What's one more person. 5. Slade and Moira (earlier on when she reminded Oliver that it was still her house) were the highlights of the episode. Those scenes were flawless and cannot say enough good things about them.

@ Surreal

I think you and Surreal saw a different episode to me Felicity was the one envious of Sara not the other way around hell even Sara noticed this thats why she said to Felicity 'are you ok''?The only thing Sara did wrong in this ep was invite Oliver to Laurels for tea and even though it was a mistake i understand her reasoning

@ Surreal

1. I totally agree with everything about Felicity. She deserves more than that. She deserves respect, Its not her fault she wasn't stranded on an Island for 5 year, and yet they (Oliver and Sara) seem to think less of her because of it. I also think Sara is jealous of her ability to have hope, something Sara lost a long time ago.
2. I really enjoyed the Oliver/Laurel moment. I think Oliver was justified. He was concerned about her when she was trying to get his own mother the death penalty for goodness sake and she cant seem to make up her mind, pushing him away and still expecting him to be there and pick up the pieces of her broken life. I just hope he is finally done with her and the "I have loved you" comment was passed tense and not applicable to future episodes.
3. Sara does need to apologise for the affair but she also needs to know that she has suffered enough for her mistake and they need to move on.

@ Gina+

2 things Felicity acted like the child not the others please take your blinders off 2/Sara did try to apologise to Laurel last episode excepted the blame etc until Laurel went into rage mode so those 2 points are invalid also Sara could not have been any nicer to Felicity surely you can't deny this


The only thing Felicity proved is how immature she is she acted like a child all episode hopefully she will try being herself instead of Sara.I also hated how they made Felicity save Canary to make her look good after all would the Canary have gotten into trouble if Felicity wasn't there in the first place, i loved everything else though especially the Sin and Sara scene at the end

Spindae 2o

Great RT GUYS!
1. Felicity stepping up?
-I think she needed the solo mission to feel good about herself. It was just of of these days when you doubt yourself and you need to here that simple: Good job! I wouldn't make a huge blow out of it.
2.What about Laurel?
-As I said in my review comment Oli didn't has any reason to talk to Laurel that way. He was the one leaving her constantly, her ran off with Sara, he stepped away from her when he came back, he left when Tommy died(he slept with her,pushed Tommy away and run of to the island) and he left her as Sara returned knowing she was at a bad place. I hope this gets addressed at 1 point. I mean Oliver went a long way from his player days to today I really like him but he can't play that with Laurel. She was self destructive, she has a right to it. Tommy died cause of the love he felt for her it's a hard burden & she really doesn't has anyone on her side. I dislike that this speech brought Laurel back cause it really shouldn't. Over all the scene was tremendously played, really delivering a strong impact on me as a viewer.
@Hank in this case I really think it isn't Katie who has the issue here,at least from my pov. I think the writers are pushing Laurel-Oliver scenes in that Vd,Reign a like art. The scenes they share are a pure snooze fest consist most of breathing hardly, being silent & look into their beautiful eyes. They barely talk it's hard to watch.
3:Laurel's confession?
It was more than believable.But it will be really hard for them to move forward if Sara & Oli go serious. It will always be a big issue. It will be nice to see how Oli will react when "his" Laurel comes back & will Sara be jealous when/if it happens.
4.Sara's double life?
It will give us some funny moments for sure but Sara could be an insider here. Men talk a lot more about their undoings when they are drunk.
5. Slade reveal.
From the episode description I knew Slade was set to reveal himself. It will be funny to see Oliver die a couple of times next week. Think this is a way to push Slade away for a couple of weeks til we near the season finale.

Smoak and arrow

Q1: I don't think Felicity needed to "prove herself" either. It was nice to see her get some focus during the show but it just went to highlight, for me, how much she does bring to the team and to me as a viewer. She's just a likable character. Sadly, like Clarissa, I found Oliver's behavior pretty much through the entire episode less than stellar. Q2: I'm not at all a Laurel fan. I'm pretty bored by her most of the time but Oliver's timing on that speech, and the way it was worded left me feeling, again, less than warm toward Oliver. Given his choices the last few episodes, many of which felt out of left field for me, I thought he had a lot of nerve. This whole sisters thing with Oliver isn't doing any of them any favors in the Looking Good Department. Q3: LOL I got a little lost in her metaphor there during that speech and it would be nice to hear Sara apologize a bit to Laurel more as well before "all is forgiven" but, like Hank, I'm ready for the show to either make this work or write the character out. Q4: Yeah, I figured it was more a proximity thing than an actual Supposed To Make Sense thing. Though I'm starting to become impatient with the feeling I'm supposed to overlook things because it's needed by the plot. Q5: Slade showing up at the end was one of my favorite parts of this episode. He's so going to just destroy everything from the inside out. It's going to be awesome. I agree that Slade'll worm his way into Moira's campaign and use that to gain an ever present presence in the Queen's family's life. Awww, Queen Family dinners with Slade at the table. Weekends with Slade. Slade's totally screwing with Oliver on his own home turf. That takes balls. I like it. Q5:

Leon uchiha

Slade Slade Slade! I am not sure what his true agenda is regarding Moira's campaign but I am hoping Moira and Sara does not die this season.
The way things are with Ollie and Moira atm... if she dies it would be similar to how Ollie reacted when Tommy died - Best friends that were bitter towards the end, except this time his reaction will be worse given Moira being his mother. And Sara, I just don't know how I would handle watching Laurel's grieve scenes... puke!
But apart from all this... let the Deathstroke Destruction begin!!! Is it Wednesday yet...? 'Not yet kid' Aaaarrgghh!

Leon uchiha

As far as Laurel and Sara - lets just hope Laurel stops being so destructive and a little more like able. I know it is a bit of a contradiction on Ollie's part but I actually liked the hallway scene between them. It forced her to take a look at herself and find some new strength with moving forward. Sara bar tending... hmm, she didn't even stay long at her welcome back from the dead party. That is all I have to say for that!

Leon uchiha

Great read team, interesting theories.
Was good to see Felicity come through in the end. I think it was a bit of both jealousy towards Sara, and the fact that her skills were being tested that pushed her to take the lead on bringing down the Clock King.

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Are you done?
Oliver; Yeah, I'm done. I'm done taking the blame and I'm done caring. Why don't you go have a drink. Get wasted. Go to Verdant. I'll pay for it. I have loved you for half of my life but I'm done running after you.


Roy: Do you two know each other?
Sara: No, we don't.
Sin: Right, we don't. I just love when people come back from the dead. It juices my zombie fetish.