Book 'Em: 16 TV Characters Who Should Be Arrested for Scene Stealing

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You'll recognize their faces. You might even wonder why they're on this list. After all, a lot of them are the reason you watch your favorite shows in the first place.

But you know why? Because they're scene stealers!

They might have just signed on for one or two episodes (we're looking at you, Emily Bett Rickards) but their screen presence was so powerful their characters became a reason to watch. Who can imagine Arrow without Felicity Smoak?!?

What would The Walking Dead be without Daryl, who wasn't even in the comics on which the show was based? The character was created specifically for Norman Reedus after he auditioned for Merle! Precious Norman as crusty Merles? No way. He stole our hearts as Daryl.

Get out the handcuffs and find out who else should be taken to task for Hollywood robbery. Agree? Disagree? Hit the comments with your favorite scene thieves. 

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Crowley rules. Dean and Crowley are the best in Supernatural. Love felicity as well.


Yes, yes, & yes !!! Crowley, Nolan & Monroe ! And in that order. They are the main reasons I watch their shows : )
Crowley & Nolan get the best one liners & a vegetarian werewolf ?
Gotta love it ; )
(Yes, I *know* Monroe is not a werewolf but I do not know how to spell the correct name so chill !)


Went thru all 16, er, or was it 27, of them, and didn't recognize one. Not one. I guess I don't waste my time enough!!!

@ ld

If u waste them writing about t why not watch it.


Elijah from the originals, Monroe and nick even if they have their own love lives they still manage to have a partnership,scott and stiles friendship shines,cho from the mentalist and Eli from the good wife!


Love felicity I don't know why the writers kept bringing her and Oliver farther apart hate those triangle stories!


oh i love Crowley hes sort of that hate to love and love to hate and as for Silas fantastic he works so well with the Grimm guy !!!!! without him it wouldnt be Grimm hes apart of the entire show !!!!




I totally agree on Norman Reedus, but most of the other shows and stars profiled are a real drag. WHO watches "Pretty Little Liars" but the kiddies, judging by the title of the show. Parks & Recreation? GAG! A real loser of a show, with no one on it that I'd call a "star".Never even HEARD of "Orange is the New Black"! TWD has them all beat to hell, just like BB did and SOA DOES, so why bother to watch 2nd best?!!

@ diamonddiva1954

If you've never heard of Orange is the New Black, you need to get Netflix and give it a go. Do a quick Google search about it, read our reviews. Clearly not every show is watched by every person, but this lists represents our readers very well. :-)


Agree about Brienne from GoT and Pam from TB. I would also have included Bronn from GoT. He isn't on screen very often but when he is he steals the thunder!


The reason most of these characters work is because they are not the main focus of the show, or just part of an ensemble. There is too much of a good thing. And please don't ruin Felicity by hooking up with Oliver. That would totally kill their relationship!

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