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I didn't think the dress was "a wedding dress" at all. Not Kate's style.
Episode was so much like "Devil Wears Prada". Castle is filmed in Los Angeles & the house in the Hamptons is Malibu. They use alot of places in downtown L.A. for NY. You can see on line where every episode & the locations/scenes were shot. Pretty interesting. Kate won't wear that dress because when they do finally marry, it won't be a surprise for all of the fans!! Love the show.

@ Denise

I'm lost. When did "Devil Wears Prada" show on TV? Was it a Castle episode? Also where do you go on line to find the locations and scenes that were shot on every episode?
As for the dress, ugh! ABC should find another costume designer. Looking forward to a beautiful May wedding. Kate deserves to walk down the isle with her Dad! My question is will she wear a wedding band on her finger? Since she never wears her engagement ring,maybe she wont wear a wedding ring.


Loved your review. I too loathe that dress. PLEASE let it suffer a firey end. Also completely and totally on board with a Hamptons/Beach wedding. This huge formal venue seems completely out of character for them. Especially Beckett. Something more intimate and emotional than a huge ass production PLEASE Mr Marlowe.


My comment on the dress -- If you put a fancy cowboy hat on Kate, from the front she'd look like a rhinestone cowgirl with tulle chaps!


My guess is that this dress will get destroyed before the wedding in some crazy boondoggle (fire/theft/coffee stain?), and she'll end up in something attractive...............or so I hope.


I also hated the dress and didn't think it fit with Kate's personality....but I have seen a lot of friends get married over my many years and should no longer be surprised at the dress that the bride chooses. A lot of the time it is SO out of character. I think it's because the fashion industry and the wedding industry have put such an emphasis on the dress. And everyone gets so carried away with all the pomp and circumstance. I would love to see a fall wedding with Kate's father, Martha, Alexis, Esposito, Ryan and Lanie (maybe the Captain) at a the house in the Hamptons. I have to admit that I'm in favor of a fall wedding only because it would mean at least one more season, but unless all the actors in this series are tired of regular work, I would think that ABC would keep this going for a good while longer since they don't seem to have a lot of top shows.

@ Drew

It is possible that the house which stands in for Castle's house in the Hamptons is not available for shooting the wedding. I cannot think of any other good reason why they do not do that. It is a natural.

@ Sue Ann

Sue Ann, I was thinking the same thing. There are all kinds of production issues that could keep the Hamptons house from being used as a wedding venue. It may not be available when they need it or filming there could create budget issues.

Still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I think it's the perfect setting for these character. :)


I do not like the wedding dress. It does not look like something Kate would chose. I also do not like the blond streaks in her hair. She is beautiful as a brunette and the blond is not flattering at all.

@ D. G.

Agree with you, she looks much better as a brunette. It highlights her features much better than blonde hair. And I did not like the dress either!


I too HATE the dress.. it really doesn't look like something Kate would, it doesn't really look like a wedding dress. Sept. is what I thought Kate really wanted...and I was thinking that's how the new season would start (if we get a season 7) but now I'm thinking that maybe it's going to be the season finale...
Glad too, that Kate wasn't getting cold feet and just missing her mom, and that she told Castle what was bothering her.. and I too would love to see them get married at his house in the Hamptons, and I'm surprised that Martha or Castle hasn't thought of it already


even though I hate the dress (the tulle really does look strange), there was finally the long-awaited kiss (there were even kisses ;D) between the soon-to-be married couple (one note: beckett still has her apartment?)
and the story was awesome...
I just wish there could be a scene with Kate's father (have we actually seen him after beckett decided to take the job in D.C.?) and Castle...that would have been the icing on the (wedding) cake


The ep. was ok.nice to see them and martha discussing/checking out reception halls,for a second when kate was talking to rick while in the dress thought we were going back to her feeble ways of last season,seems like that is history -yet odd to me that the future bride to be hasn't chosen a date other than to be in agreement with rick to a sept. wedding.


I hated the dress too. I hope she doesn't wear that one. The episode was too much like The Devil wears Prada. The bad guy too easy to figure out.

@ Bonnie Maynes

Absolutely! I knew it was Principle Wilson (90210) within a few seconds of seeing him. Too much Devil wears Prada too! Mathilda King also had the 'anna wintour' haircut. And that wedding dress being sent over sorta reminded me of SATC movie 1


I didn't like the dress. It would of been better if it didn't have the wierd white skirt on the bottom. It makes her look like she has big hips. Also grey dress for a first time bride not a fan. The beading is very nice on the top but not what I would have pictured for her wedding dress.

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