Criminal Minds Review: When Flowers Just Aren't Enough

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Isn't it amazing, the lengths to which some people will go to get their marriage on track?

Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 15 brought us back to the traditional Criminal Minds format, as it centered on a series of murders, along with a puzzle that had to be solved before the BAU can identify the Unsub (or in this case, a pair of them).

I don't think it's possible to ever get used to the portrayal of the banality of evil often depicted on this show.

This episode chose to make it clear it via a bizarre dance scene between the husband and wife with the strains of "Feel Like Makin' Love" playing in the background. Gentle and vicious at the same time, Criminal Minds seems to excel at moments such as this.

The thing that nailed the believability factor was Reid's comparison of the Unsubs to a real life case involving a couple who murdered a number of women in Toronto, in what is known as the infamous "Scarborough Rapist" killings. 

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka were, like the couple in this episode, entirely unthreatening and accommodating, which is how they were so easily able to lure so many girls into their trap.

You had to appreciate the forbidden and delicious irony the couple enjoyed as they discussed the revival of their marriage with their counselor. How hard it must have been for them not to wink at each other, especially with exchanges like this:

Therapist: Now we're finally getting somewhere. You got to trust the process. Let's build on this. Any plans of doing it again?
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson: Absolutely.

It's impossible not to be aware of tandems who have relationships that work despite their - in some case because of their dysfunctional behaviors. This one takes the scary cake, though. Murder as foreplay - as Rossi labeled it - strikes me as completely over the top. Yet, in real life, it has happened.

At least they saved the therapist.  I'm never 100% sure whether the last victim will be rescued in time or not.  Criminal Minds has surprised us a number of times, so the ending is never a foregone conclusion.

In lighter news, Garcia learned a very important truth, one which Morgan explained to her - and one I'm sure most guys watching the scene appreciated:

Let me let you in on a little secret. Guys, we don't do well with subtle clues. You gotta be direct. Straight up. Just tell him exactly what you want.


I'm sure there are exceptions, but in a lot of instances, this is just so patently true it's ridiculous. Good on Morgan - it'll save Garcia a world of future headache.

What was your take on Mr. and Mrs. Anderson?


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I enjoyed this episode. The actors who portrayed Mr. & Mrs. Anderson were excellent. You could actually see the evil in their eyes. Well done! What's more, the old profiling magic of the team was evident. Bravo to the writers for giving Blake some good screen time. It made up for the Valentine scenes between Garcia and Morgan, which (like all the other relationship scenes) were total time wasters.


Weirdly, the thing I found most distracting about this episode was that the motel at the start of this episode was the same one that 3XK "hidden"was in in Castle.


Douglas,... Every women knows that when you want something from a man you have to practically spell it. We know that since kindergarten, but that's just now the way we roll, unless the issue is really important. That aside, I didn't find Garcia-Morgan and Garcia-Morgan-JJ moments lighter. I found them annoying, and I wonder if Garcia would ever stop acting as if she clings desperately on teenage years.
I appreciate that this episode contained a little bit more of profiling, although there were some serious jumps from two clues to an address. Still it's a pity that Hotch was barely there, and that nowadays the biggest contribution of Reid is to pump stuff out of a toilet. Also, too much Mary Sue / JJ... Again...


What a poorly written episode. In a few seconds the profilers make the most obscure and improbable leaps of logic, which inevitably prove to be right. That's the only way they can move the plot along. The well is getting dry. Take an extra minute or two to pretend that some detective work is going on. Inferences are not facts.


I'm just glad the writers finally figured out that there was another female profiler, the one with experience., the one who knows what the heck she is doing. Blake usually gets left in the treadmarks of bionic JJ. It was nice that Blake did the interrogation. Also Reid and Rossi actually were seen for longer than a few seconds.
I'm with another reviewer. I could care less about Morgan, Garcia and their little soap opera they have going on. I do like Garcia's boyfriend of the week.
At least there was so profiling being done.


I really couldn't care less about Garcia's Valentine issues and Morgan's advice. I don't watch this show for that. But apart from that, and the little chitchat with Mary Sue JJ, the rest of the episode was more or less ok, although the way they found out who were the killers was rather obscure and JJ keeps covering most of the bases nowadays... yawn...


I enjoy it felt like the old CM


I couldn't help but bust out laughing when "Feel like makin' love" started playing........that had to be the best scene of the epsiode........

@ Terrie

I laughed too...! But I just don't know why...

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