Grey's Anatomy Preview Photos: The Aftermath

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We're inching closer to the return of Grey's Anatomy.

On February 27, our favorite doctors will return and deal with aftermath of December's heart-stopping wedding.

Also on Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 13, Alex will be furious when he finds out what happened to his father.

Elsewhere, Callie and Arizona must decide if they will be moving forward together, while Meredith is peeved with Derek when he goes back on his promise. And, finally, Bailey finds out she was wrong about why Ben returned. 

Check out these photos from "Take It Back" and don't forget: you can always watch Grey's Anatomy online here at TV Fanatic.

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...what about Jackson and April? Return already.




agenda, how do wealthy surgeons not afford a live in nanny?


Derek is gonna go back on his promise to give Mer a year to establish her clinical trial. So this is the MerDer plot line for the rest of the season, conflict! Mer'll have to agree that Cris was right and she can't be a mom and a cutting edge surgeon.
Hope Mer hires a house keeper!

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