Sarah Drew Teases Grey's Anatomy Return: Who Will April Choose?!?

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Jackson or Matthew? Matthw or Jackson?

When we last saw Dr. April Kepner, she was standing at the altar about to marry Paramedic Matthew (Justin Bruenig)... but who stood up and loudly objected? None other than Jackson (Jesse Williams).

The midseason cliffhanger ended there and tonight we finally find out what happened next.

And to build the anticipation a little bit more, we checked in with Sarah Drew, who plays April, to talk about Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 13. Gather up tons of scoop from the actress now...

April's Smiling

TV Fanatic: Everyone is DYING to know who April chose. Will we find out sooner rather than later or will be in suspense much longer?

Sarah Drew: We will find out in the first few seconds!

TVF: Will April's decision be more with her heart or her mind?

SD: I don't think I can answer that since I've said in other interviews that the heart choice would be Jackson and the head choice would be Matthew. Don't make me give anything away!!

TVF: The writers could go either way with her choice - how did you feel when YOU found out who April chose?

SD: I knew it was coming and I was excited... Well, I had mixed feelings since no matter who she chooses, she would end up hurting someone horribly... So it was mixed, I think. But at the end of the day, I do think she made the absolute right choice!

TVF: Regardless of who she chose, how will her decision impact life at the hospital with some of her co-workers?

SD: What happened in the barn will create ripples through the hospital because all of these people still have to work together. Stephanie and Jackson and April all work together and Matthew works there and will see April all the time in the ER, so no matter what her choice is, drama will ensue.

TVF: How challenging was it working in such a fabulous wedding dress?

SD: Oh my gosh! I loooved that dress. I will say that after the fifth full day in it, I started longing for my scrubs again It was so beautiful and I felt so beautiful in it, but it was also pretty constricting after a while.

TVF: In coming episodes, which will present more challenges for April - personal life or hospital life?

SD: They are both so interconnected that I think they both present the same amount of challenges.

TVF: Who would you like to have more scenes with that maybe you don't get to very much?

SD: Sara Ramirez. Love working with her and we haven't had very many scenes together.

TVF: Did you have advice for some of the newer cast members when they started on the show? You were the newbie once, too!

SD: I think my main piece of advice was to not take the message boards to heart. It takes a little time for fans to come on board with new characters. I was in that position when I first came on the show and it took a while for people warm up to April. It's important not to take it personally.

TVF: Other than GREYS, what show are you addicted to?

SD: Scandal. Parenthood. House Of Cards. New Girl. Nashville. Those are my faves!

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9pm on ABC. 

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Anyone who thought it would be matthew has clearly never seen an episode of greys


I don't even try to catch any of these shows any longer. Seems that every time I have a scheduled program, it's never on.


I totally agree with jl williams. Jackson and April DO NOT belong together!
I felt super bad for Stephanie. I also felt bad Alex, glad that he had Jo at the end when Jimmy died finally that was a beautiful scene. Other than that I LOVED the rest of the episode and I LOVED how they tied next weeks episode with tonights episode that was genius and AWESOME. I LOVED Jo's reaction when Alex introduced her as his fiance and she was like when did that happen, that was AWESOME!! I loved Leah telling Stephanie talking about how Jackson and Arizona used them. Even though in the preview you see both Jackson and Alex making out in the closet, now if the only relationships allowed are married couples then Jolex is in trouble and so is Jackson and April. Now Alex and Jo don't know about the NEW rule so they are okay in the closet but Jackson DOES KNOW and he did say we won't have to worry about sneaking around. But come on it took Jo 3 weeks to realize that she accidentally got engaged. And now the NEW ONLY married couples can have relationships. I say that Jackson, April, Alex, and Jo ALL know about the new rule which would explain both couples in the making out in closet and it might explain about Alex and Jo's fight in the halls. ;) again I can't wait until next week's episode!! Season 9 and 10 ARE THE BEST MOST AWESOME SEASONS!!! PLUS I LOVE ALL THE RESIDENTS ITS LIKE GREYS ANATOMY IS NEW ALL OVER AGAIN! AWESOME and EPIC =D


CRAP. absolute crap. april and jackson should not be together. i can't believe the writers allowed jackson's selfishness to win out and get him & april the happily-ever-after ending. the newbies have grown on me and i hate to see them get dumped on like this. CRAP.


I got new cable service and forgot to set it up to record. Who did she pick?


I use to be a big fan of this show, but the last couple of season's have gotten sillier and sillier. It is as though there are new writers on the show. Give me back the old characters...the only two I really like are Avery and
April....was watching tontines episode and turned tv off half way longer a fan of this series.


My predication: Matthew will storm off and April will be upset that Jackson has ruined her wedding so there will be weeks of April angry at Jackson (Matthew having left the picture) before they finally get back together (that's if they both don't die in a plane crash) during the getting back together stage.


She is right about the fans. Sometimes they are so rigid and reject new characters but personally, I love new characters I mean after ten seasons, what more can we learn about Meredith and Derek ?

@ Evelin

which is why I though season 6 should of been the last

Spindae 2o

Got a feeling she will choose Mathew.

@ Spindae 2.0

I hope she does, April gave Jackson many, many chances to say something.

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