Grey's Anatomy Review: Listen to Your Heart

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Grey's Anatomy is finally back!

Japril fans must have been thrilled to find out that April listened to her heart and actually chose Jackson. I know I should have just accepted it from the moment April ran out of the church but I couldn't stop thinking:

Poor Matthew! Poor Stephanie!

I was glad that Japril wasn't shoved down our throats too much as the two appeared to be on non-speaking terms at the hospital. Come to find out, they were just keeping their relationship marriage a secret. That's right! They got married. Go big, or go home, right?

As a Mapril fan, I always thought that April was much more tolerable with Matthew by her side. Surprisingly, I didn't hate seeing the newlyweds together. Now, how will their colleagues take the news? More importantly, how will Jackson's mom find out and react? I can't wait to see what she has to say. 

Side note: Do you wish the writers should have shown us what exactly happened in the barn? I'm honestly kind of happy they cut to the chase. Maybe I would think otherwise if I really cared about April's decision, but I just simply didn't care enough. 

On another note, I was excited to find out more about Derek and the POTUS storyline. However, it also left me a bit confused. So, not much was uncovered in the White House's investigation. Their only concern was questioning why Derek was sending $3,500 to a family for an incident that happened when he was a child. 

I wanted to find out more about his project with the POTUS. Also, how will it affect his promise to Meredith? Is she going to be able to continue with her research? How will taking on this new endeavor affect their marriage and family?

Elsewhere, Alex found peace when saying goodbye to his father. That happened after he punched the crap out of Ross. Alex's final scene with his father was utterly heartbreaking. Luckily, Jo was by Alex's side in the end. 

By the way, I've been rooting for Jolex forever but I'm definitely with her. That special moment outside the barn was not a proposal by any means. Come on, Alex!

Meanwhile, I don't get how buying a new home will solve all of Calzona's problems. The installment started off with Arizona sounding so sure that their marriage was over. Three weeks later and they're signing documents for a new home?! What?

Sure, Arizona explained her reasoning but I'm just not convinced that moving is the right fix for their troublesome marriage. 

Other Thoughts:

  • I snickered every time Bailey tried to find out more gossip and especially when she asked Ben for the scoop.
  • I laughed a little harder when Ben found out that he grabbed Tucker's lunch by mistake. The countless age jokes were kind of cute. I think I'm going to like having Ben around.
  • Seriously, the cat man really frightened me. I would have screamed like that little girl if I had awakened to see him so close to me as well. 
  • Is redemption even possible for Ross? I can't see it happening anytime soon. 
  • Don't forget to return early next week to chime in on our Grey's Anatomy Round Table.

Overall, Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 13 answered a number of questions with April's decision at the forefront. If tonight's return was any indication, the rest of this season is going to be just as strong and will keep us on our toes.

I, for one, am especially intrigued by the potential of Stephanie's (it has to be her, right?!) complaints to the board concerning sexual harassment and want to see how the doctors deal with the repercussions.

Were you surprised by April's choice?


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Love that Jackson and April are finally together!


Jackson and April are married!!! Yes!!!!


Does everybody watch this show only for soap opera reasons. Look folks the residents are 2nd year surgical residents on a 7 year track. It is beyond hilarious that they would make a big issue about Ben's age when many doctors in residency these days are in their 30s and 40s. Some residency programs are 7-10 years to finish, including Anesthesiology. Ben is a specialist with years of experience, all the residents should be picking him for knowledge. I would beg to sit at his table. I don't buy it, it is just perpetuating another myth about medicine that this show is notorious for creating. The only realistic thing about this episode was the complaint about sexual harassment, which actually should have been work place misconduct. SR must not have been involved in this episode, you know how she loves drama. Since when does Bailey care about gossip. Has she lost her mind? Must be the mental health medications that she now takes. She NEVER cared before and it is NOT cute. I loved her professionalism. Medicine has too much gossip as it is. Jackson and April since when did they become the new Grey and Shepherd. You are joking, this pairing is pathetic and did not need too happen. Everyone does not need to be paired off. They did the same thing to April that they did to Lexi. April was the best of her class from Mercy West and Lexi had a photographic memory, yet still the writers made them psychotic over a man, where one fails her boards and the other's ambition is to play on and off again with Sloan. If you haven't noticed, April's only storyline has been her failed boards and Jackson, no medical cases at all. If I were her I would be pissed, I miss the April that talked down the gunman. I would root for her. Apparently, Yang is the only female that can keep her wits about her. No wonder Lexi left the show. When did Meredith grow up? After 10 years she has finally realized that she had some idolized views about her husband, the great doctor Shepherd. That she has always put him first, she even gave him her breakthrough research which BTW he did not give her credit for only a jarred kidney. She at the time was a resident and he the attending. I am still pissed about that. Still wonder why this type of sexual misconduct is unacceptable in the workplace. She of course will have to get over this. Its not his fault for being who he is and she married him. Why are people hating on Ross, him making a mistake is also real, which the medical board understood. He was reprimanded and he will move on. Doctors make mistakes and kill people ALL the time. Sorry, its true. If they fired every doctor for a mistake. We would have none. All the attendants have killed someone, they should NEVER throw stones.

@ Aykme

Calm down! It is a tv series who would want to watch it if without all the drama really?

@ Aykme

Do you really have to ask why people hate Ross?!? Let's see. He killed Mousey which has not really been revealed (only that he was hallucinating that it was her on the table when he had the meltdown). As a result, he killed a second person because he was so arrogant. Yes Izzie cut the LVAD which lead to a death. April got distracted and ultimately someone died. These two got second chances. So why shouldn't Shane get one? Because he has killed two people because of his actions. The writing for him has totally been awful. He had one episode where he felt guilty then all of a sudden he was a cardio maniac? He deserved everything he got in this episode (except the second chance and the talk from Christina). But guilt is not enough for him. He needed to be killed or fired. Have him feel so guilty he kills himself. Come on Shonda, write him off!

@ NotSoGreyFan

what? heather die because she step in electricity to save webber that it, he feel guilty but it wasnt he fault and he is a cardio maniac because he try to not think about it, in face i can see why christina will feel bad about him, she sufer two breakdowns (the one of the shooting and the one of the plane) in fact i think ross need mental help

@ watcher

IIRC Ross felt as though he killed Heather because he was the one who was supposed to go down to the basement during the storm and check the power (or whatever) but he handed the job off to Heather. That's what she was doing when she died. He didn't actually kill her but he felt guilty anyway.


What is it that Mark Sloan told Jackson Avery on his death bed? "If you love somebody, you tell them, even if you're scared it will cause problems or burn your life to the ground. Say it loud and go from there." Me thinks that is EXACTLY what Jackson did ~ ya' gotta give Jackson Avery an A for GUTS to do what he did ~ I am thinking that Mark would be very proud of his protege, I know I am ~ :-)

@ MissRozie

Yeah destroying a family and spitting up a family that something to be proud of; So now that Jackson lost his ball because clearly he no longer a real man just like mark so that something that have in common


We all know April feels bad about leaving Matthew, just because they didn't articulate that in a scene doesn't mean she doesn't feel guilty. I for one loved the chemistry between her and Jackson, but Matthew was a better fit lifestyle-wise. I'm happy with the end result, though. When I saw the ring at the end of the ep I was like, wait...are they married??!!
I don't feel bad for Stephanie. The writers haven't given me any reason to invest in her and it kinda seemed like she was with Avery only because he had asked. She always seemed surprised he was with her and that us never a good sign.
Ross must go. I loved it when he got chewed out by Owen in the ER. It's something Bailey would have done in the early seasons (regardless of the reason). Anyone remember when Cristina had to recite what happened to Altman's hubby over and over when he died on the table?
I'll agree the harassment claims are weak in the literal sense, but any organization facing this will react this was though it will be really complicated to see how they make it "fair." Great episode. Sooooo glad Mer and Cristina are back.

@ 3dhouseofmagic

right, owen, the guy who chock his girlfriend because of his problems in irak(problems that he didn want to talk about even went he as a doctor should know is a bad thing) cheat on her when she tell him again and again that she didn want children and even when the divorce sill have sex owen was a dick in this episode


I know it doesn't really fit the brief of the complains but I was thinking it would be a good twist if Alex lodged the complaints seeing as his dad died and he was so angry about Christina and Ross's relationship. Except given that he bashed Ross up it would be pretty unlikely.

@ Lauren

If Alex filed the harassment claim then that makes him the biggest hypocrite in the world since he himself is fraternizing with a subordinate.

@ Kym

@Kym - I am wondering if Ben filed the complaint - knowing all he does about the workings of this hospital - we know he is an anesthesiologist turned doctor (well, not yet) If it wasn't Ben, I could see the possibility of Stephanie doing so. Leah seems TOO obvious because she came up with the idea & who did she say it to? Just a guess, though I am usually wrong - lol - :-)

@ MissRozie

anesthesiologists are doctors... he went off to California to become a surgeon: a doctor with a specific speciality


I agree with Michael
I really kind of hate april and jackson now. I mean - I don't care if as the final voice over says" Let something amazing pass you by" BS! They were jerks. And April doesn't seem to feel that bad for what she did to both Matthew and Stephanie it was like how could I have done that they didn't deserve that and 5 minutes later she is like who cares about them lets get married. And watching her walk around all happy especially when she talks to Stephanie it makes me sick, I wish Stephanie would have punched her. Atleast Jackson said he felt miserable about what he did to Stephanie and he is now a gross douche dirtbag. other than that the episode was AWESOME!!!! LOVED the RESIDENTS and the ALL JOLEX moments!!! Plus the accidental engagement was hilarious!! And I agree with Jo that does not count as a proposal. He was clearly grieving Jimmy so he wasn't a great dad but atleast he had some good dad memories. Let's just hope that JOLEX can have some more funny and sweet moments and less drama moments. JOLEX IS SUPER ADORABLE!!!! =D

@ kiera14

I agree, not a fan of April and Jackson. Mostly because she treated Jackson unworthy of her love. It was almost like he sullied her. I can never forgiver her for that. They have never had a relationship. They only slept together at work. This desperate pairing is a joke, did they not have any other potentials.


The 3 weeks gap was most interesting because it kept us on the dark for an hour on what exactly happened. I really fell for it, but was so happy to see Japril together now.


Since we've been talking about Matthew and Ben... I'm not sure what the policy is on posting links here, but this is an article I wrote that you all might get a kick out of. I'll probably write another one with Grey's guys in it but I'm not sure. Either way, I loved how Alex was telling his dad, "They know. You can go now." I don't know if that was meant to have a spiritual angle, but it did for me because of my experience when my mom died. She didn't want to go and even had a tear in her eye but she knew she had to. I know Alex had a really bad history with his father but no one is ever *ready* to lose a's *going* to hurt, especially if you're sitting right there.


I really kind of hate april and jackson now. I mean - I don't care if as the final voice over says" Let something amazing pass you by" BS! They were jerks. The whole thing is really going down hill. The show is just horrible now. I can't not watch because I have been for the past nine seasons. I am going to make it till Cristina leaves and then bye bye. Shonda needs better writers or just end the show. Put it out of it's misery!!! Its a shame that something that was so good is sooo bad now. ER #2

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