Hannibal Review: Reckoning

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Let the mind games begin anew! 

Hannibal Season 2 Episode 1 came roaring back with an installment of hair-raising gore and a new, more determined Will Graham. 

The premiere's opening, as Jack and Hannibal fought to the death, whetted the appetite and got me ready for the twists and turns that were coming our way, as Jack bgan to put the pieces together about Hannibal.

More importantly, however, was Will finally playing with the knowledge of who Hannibal really is. Will's no longer the mouse in this situation and, ironically, he may need to channel some of his very own Hannibal-like qualities to get himself out of his prison box.

Will is going to have to figure out a way to prove his own innocence and make himself a valuable asset to Jack's team again.  

Will regaining his own memories of the atrocities Hannibal has done to him was a very important first step. Watching Hannibal in his plastic suit stuff a plastic tube and the ear down Will's throat was a different level of gore, psychologically crippling in its own right. It's going to be hell for Will to regain those memories and he won't have anyone to confide in. 

Interestingly enough - while Jack and Alana both believe Will is guilty - there are still pangs of doubt between each.

Alana and Jack found themselves back at Will's home, stripped and bare much like Will is, and there was a sense of steadfast remorse in the air during the scene. They both want to believe the evidence, yet they both want to follow their guts and believe Will. 

With Will out of the way, Hannibal continued his "flirtations with the FBI." Hannibal is basically the new Will, and he gave Maurier permission to share with the FBI their consultations.

Their exchange was chilling. Maurier has some knowledge of the type of man Hannibal really is, but when he mentioned to her that she doesn't know what he's truly capable of,  Maurier was visibly shaken by this proclamation. It put a stop to her veiled threats of revealing the truth to the FBI. 

The greatest moment of the premiere came when Hannibal went to visit Will. Will dreams of fishing and the stag made another appearance.

Couple this with a few more ideas: that Will can't get Hannibal's voice out of his mind and the Wendigo mythology (thank you, TV Fanatic commenters!) as the stag's steps morphed into Hannibal's. It all became very clear -- Hannibal has been the man Will's mind has been blocking out, the man Will's subconsciously figured out all along, and the man who is a complete psychopath. 

Now Will just needs to figure out how to chase back. Hannibal has always been the man that people run from, the man who thinks through every detail. Will needs to come to terms with really thinking like Hannibal, while simultaneously using that knowledge to get out of his therapy cage. 

Whatever happens, Hannibal Season 2 is going to be epic. 

What did you think? Grade Hannibal's Season 2 premiere!

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Cinematography in this episode was great!....................... I find that Will is a bit of a loner and wants friends and thought, at first, of Hannibal as one, but he's slowly seeing Hannibal for what he really is. I love that Raul Esparza is also back...........I don't expect him around long though as he is also on Law and Order SVU...............


Also - can we talk about Lecter's black sense of humour?! Jack: I can't place the fish.
Hannibal: He was a flounder. Honestly...


Awesome review of an amazing season premiere. I thought it was interesting that Beverly Katz still went to Will for help despite everything that was going down in the FBI, and what she believed the evidence to show of Will.. I think Beverly represented the mindset that Hannibal described of Will (and somewhat of himself) - believing that his mind is grotesque but yet seeing its use. There was something about the last scene with Dr du Maurier that absolutely gave me the shivers. We all know that Hannibal is a cold manipulative psychopath, but we usually see him hiding behind that veneer of normalcy. It's not often he shows his face like he did with the good doctor right there, and WOW. I bow to Mads Mikkelsen - that was just absolutely brilliantly played.


I really, really loved last night's episode. I'm always amazed by the quality of it. The writing, acting, direction... I simply can't understand why so few people watch this true masterpiece.
About the episode itself, it was a strong premiere and I was literally on the edge of my seat. I don't usually comment on the reviews I read, but I really liked yours, Mr. McHatton! Sometimes reviewers merely describe the episode and fail to really "review" it, which is not the case here!
Anxious to watch the next one!

Hannibal Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Hannibal: Lost in thought?
Will: Not lost, not anymore.

What can't you repress Hannibal?