Melanie Griffith on Hawaii Five-0: First Look Photos!

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Back on Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Episode 14 (feels like forever ago, doesn't it?), the focus was on Chin and his father.

When this CBS drama returns on February 28 following a lengthy winter hiatus, however, the topic will shift to another team member and his relative:

Look for Melanie Griffith to guest star as Danno's mother on Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Episode 15, an installment that will find her coming to town and surprising her son with some unexpected news.

What could it be? And why does the squad find a real estate agent get murdered on the property of one of his listings?

Take your best guesses now, watch Hawaii Five-0 online if you need to catch up and click through photos from "Pale'la" now:

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OMG could not stand the episodes with Melanie Griffith…it is ok that she is old…but she has aged badly and all the attempts to make her a sexy older woman failed so badly it just turned my stomach. please..i do not want to see all that boobage and tight clothes and awful hair on someone who looks 70..just so very tasteless. can not watch anymore with her. no no no


OMG, who idea was that. Get that old woman who acts and dresses like a teenager out of there. She is disgusting with her boobs falling out. She is ruining the show with her baby voice and flirty behavior with everyone including the guy supposed to be he son. I hope she is not a regular. If she is, I am done with it.


Ep's aired...even on the west coast. Where's the review/recap?

Sarah silva

She is getting a divorce. That is my guess!
Can not wait until next week.
I read yesterday that later this season that members of the team are stuck in a parking garage when an explosive device goes off! Supposedly Danny is in danger, please do not kill him off! I can not imagine H50 without Danny Williams and Scott Caan for that matter.

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