Parenthood Review: Dance Fever

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The season has finally broken free from its cycle of doom and gloom - and on Parenthood Season 5 Episode 15 the focus seemed to be on the Bravermans moving forward. 

Some of the best episodes of Parenthood feature the adult Braverman siblings and we were treated to a healthy dose of Adam, Crosby and Sarah reaching out to their kid sister Julia as she weathered her first weekend without Sydney and Victor.

Elsewhere, Crosby learned about the homestead being on the market, Drew talked Amy into confiding in her parents, Sarah struggled working with Hank - but was complimented by Carl - and Adam and Kristina got some much needed time away.

Amber's advice about the difficulty of letting go of someone you love helped him have a talk with Amy about her future. Drew started to wonder if she had ever really dealt with the enormity of what they went through with her pregnancy and abortion and shared how much it meant to him to talk to Sarah about it.

Although we never did find out how that conversation went down, hearing about in those terms worked. It also gave Drew a baseline with which to work so Amy could feel comfortable when she speaks with her own parents. She's pretty troubled and she needed Drew to give her that push to get some help.

Even though Zeek seemed set in his decision to sell the house as he explained to Crosby that he realized he loved Camille more than he loved the house, when he was with his wife and grandchildren roasting marshmallows at their fire pit, I'm pretty sure I saw some hesitation. That's a decision that is far from over.

Sarah's photos with the taco truck were amazing. They had so much personality and it was her vision. Did anyone else notice that Carl specifically mentioned how impressed he was with her shots that included the truck? Hank's decision to go ahead and delete it made the photographs look much like he wanted to create in the studio. 

Hank is a great photographer, but perhaps not a great artist. Sometimes a job calls for a little of both and a client is willing to forfeit the craft for the artistic merit. That's what they did with Sarah. Hank changed her work because she went on a date with Carl. It was a petty counter attack that he tried to make up for with some fancy lip service later on.

I'm not on board with Sarah revisiting a relationship with Hank. Seeing Sarah with someone like Carl feels so much better, but I know it won't happen. Did you see the look on her face after he said this amazing thing?

I like that you, I don't know, think about your family here. Think about your sister. And that you have no idea how beautiful you are or how funny. Oh my gosh. I sound like I may be falling for you. I guess that's why we're here. Beer anybody?


She looked like a deer caught in the headlights. I don't think Sarah can do normal, which is a shame. Carl is a real catch. I only hope Parenthood proves me wrong.

The only thing that topped seeing Kristina and Adam on a mountain getaway gettin' it on in a hot tub and soaking in mud baths was Adam's continued concern for his little sister. Popping out of the hot tub with his hot wife to check on Julia was so adorable. Who wouldn't want to be married to Adam?

Joel is set up in an apartment and lets the kids know their weekends will be with him from now on. I've never understood that. Mom gets to take them to school, do the homework and be the responsible parent and dad gets all the play time on weekends? Please tell me that won't last. 

It is good, however, that the attempt to try to save the dead relationship seems to be over. Joel barely looked at Julia when he picked up the kids. He's not a likable man. It's rare that the death of a marriage is explored on television in any detail and Parenthood should be able to make this a really special journey.

Left to her own devices, Julia did very well. She slept in Sydney's bedroom but she didn't break down and cry or dip into the wine while she was alone. She binge watched Orange is the New Black and went jogging -- very healthy activities for a woman on her own for a first time in ages.

The best scene of the hour was Julia's brothers and sister turning up with food and wine to keep her company and from descending into depression. Sarah and Crosby whispering back and forth "you're a much better brother than I ever thought" and "you're such a great sister" made her smile and realize just how lucky she was and that they really were the best.

They've always been the type who get along great and dance a lot and Adam got the dance fever and took the party to the next level. It was fantastic.

Victor was sleeping alone in his new second home and he grabbed Joel's phone looking for his mom to help him after a nightmare. As she talked he fell asleep listening to her voice and it was probably the best thing that could have happened for Julia, because she knew her kids didn't forget her and still needed her, no matter where they were.

If you want to find out how Julia's marriage fell apart, you can watch Parenthood online and follow the journey. 

What Braverman sibling do you most identify with?


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Love, love, love this show... I want to grow old with this family... So far, the writers cannot do anything wrong with what has happened so far... So many things have gone wrong with 'all' of them... but I love the family feeling.. at the end of each episode - and the positive'ness' going toward the next episode.... Keep them coming. And my daughter (30) is totally on board with this program as well... Keep up the good work
Emmy, Emmy, Emmy for everyone involved with this show. Good acting - so believable!!


The Joel and Julia storyline is dum dum dum! And I am so over him! I have a feeling we are going to find out he has been foolin with his boss the whole time. One minute they are happy as clams adopting the kid and the next he is off in LaLa land acting like a selfish jerk! Julia will do so much better...
I love Ray Ramano but can't stand Hank! So of course Sarah will feel sorry for him and have a misrable rest of her life with her usual 'underdog'! It does seem that Lauren Graham plays a similar character but I still love her whatever she plays.
After the firepit scene I think Camille might see the light and stay! Afterall it doesn't matter where you live, you can still go out and have a good time! Build a Mother In Law cottage.
I would like to see Drew go out and have a realistic relationship. Both his hook ups have been unhealthy. Geez does all of Sarah's offspring need to be enablers?
Is Jasmine working on another project during this season? She sure seems to be in the shadows. And her character is being unrealistic. Did anyone else shake their head at that restaurant scene earlier this season where she forced the baby to her breast while baby screamed, yet they all sat there while everyone starred!? Like that would EVER happen!!
I wonder how they plan to bring Haddie back, remember her?
With all that's happened this year if Kristina has to re battle cancer, as much as I love this show I'm out!

@ Colleen

You know how Drew's abortion story just ended with him showing up at Sarah's door? I have a feeling that's how Julia's marriage is going to end. We might never get a better explanation. That's kind of OK, because there are many times that people have no idea what happened between them that ended their marriage. Maybe that is their story.

Sarah silva
@ Colleen

Haddie will be back for one episode, I think the finale.


I enjoyed last night's episode, and the siblings' scene at Julia's house. I'm guessing that SMS is a man (?). Julia is NOT the villain here. Joel needs to "man" (woman?) up and work on his marriage. I don't like Sarah's character, or the actress who plays her. Whether Gilmore Girls or Parenthood, she always plays a ditz. Granted, this character is not well written--what profession is she in this week--but she just flat out annoys me! Despite this, I love Parenthood!


I do not think Hank changed the photos because Sarah went out with Carl. He changed them because he did not like the van in the pictures.

Sarah silva

I love this show.
This episode was great.
I loved that all of Julia's siblings each on their own without consulting the other went over to her house, it was great that it was the same night! I love everyone on this show but some of my favorite scenes have been when these 4 are together spending sibling time.
I really want Sarah to tell Hank to lay off, she was hired for the job and there was nothing wrong with the Taco truck in the photos.
I loved at the end when Victor called Julia, that was a huge step in their relationship.
I really hope that Crosby buys the house.
I like Drew and Amy together and I hope she enrolls at Berkley and her and Drew can be together for good. Drew stay away from Natalie!
It was nice to see Kristina and Adam on their well deserved spa weekend. Kristina new Adam needed to be there for Julia and she was fine leaving.
I really like Carl and it looks like Sarah starts to date him and I really hope when Hank says he likes her she turns Hank down!
I am also hoping that Christina is cancer free.
Carissa: The preview shows her in bed with Carl. Also Julia did have a glass of red wine poured when she was opening her microwave popcorn talking to Adam about binge watch OITNB.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

A glass of red wine is fine, drowning your sorrows is completely different. If she had done the latter she wouldn't have have been up early jogging! ;-)

Sarah silva
@ Carissa Pavlica

HA! I knew what you meant when you said jigging! BUT yes she would have been up to much if she did drown her sorrows alone!

Sarah silva
@ Carissa Pavlica

LOL! Very true.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

BTW, that was supposed to say JOGGING, but I still don't think she'd be up early doing the jig, either. LMAO


Great show last night after long break. Too many good things to talk about so I will pick the 2 negitive's . Sarah still caresa lot about Hank which is clear but that ship sailed along time ago. Really want to see her with Carl at least to giverelationship a chance. I disagree with just about everyone when it comes to Julia and Joel. They both have contributed to this separation but none of it was so bad that it couldn't be fixed. It maybe wishful thinking on my part but I thought Joel looked as tho he maybe really hurting an regreating his choices. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that writers aren't going to insert third person sex into this story-line


I know this whole show is about the Bravermans, but sorry I still think Julia is the villain. Ten years Joel took care of everything, he couldn't get whiny Julia to take care of things for six months. Can't blame Joel wanting to be out from under such a controlling, whiny wife.

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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

I like that you, I don't know, think about your family here. Think about your sister. And that you have no idea how beautiful you are or how funny. Oh my gosh. I sound like I may be falling for you. I guess that's why we're here. Beer anybody?


What? Our whole history is in this house. You can't just sell it out from under us and act like it's not a big decision.