Person of Interest Review: To Catch a Thief

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New suit. New man. New number.

With Reese returned from his Italy vacation rejuvenated - ready for action and without his depression beard - it was no surprise another mission was already lined up. The numbers just don’t stop.

Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 14 took a step back from the Machine saga, the battle involving Vigilance, Control and Root, in order to focus on a world-class thief looking for help with one last heist in order to save her daughter.

Mission impossible... or just another day in New York for the team?

There’s no doubt this was a standalone hour, but for the most part, Person of Interest has found a way to make even the “filler” episodes worth watching. And “Provenance” delivered the fun.

Putting the characters in situations that don’t immediately involve gun play was the right choice to kick the story off. while garnering a little humor in the process. The ladies clearly love Reese and his “gorgeous” looks, and it’s probably an added bonus he can field strip a .45 upside down in the dark. We’ll give him a pass on the bow tie.

It was also nice to see Shaw try on something a little less dark and foreboding in color, and her sexy dress was a good look. Even Reese noticed she updated her arsenal. Oh, she can work it.

But the adventure of the week took a turn towards something Ethan Hunt or Danny Ocean might have gotten involved with as Lionel copied fingerprints, Finch excitedly used his 3D printer, Reese donned a goofy mustache and Shaw helped the acrobatic thief, Jiao Lin, avoid the last obstacles to the prize.

There’s something gleeful about watching Reese get into action mode after dryly responding "no" to whether he was carrying nuclear key codes, knocking the mark out and then ripping off his mustache. Plus, the music always pumps up those scene to another level.

And it was pretty impressive to witness Jiao swing her body from bar to bar (convenient placement, maybe, but it was too enjoyable to nitpick). Man, you’ve got to have some impressive upper body strength to do that. Seeing her use her skills rather than one of the core cast doing the work in the last step made her important to the task at hand. She wasn't just a bystander.

Even Lionel’s assistance and merriment at being involved with stealing the bible was another piece at providing a positive energy to the hour.

Good thing it all worked out and the day was saved.

Of course, an episode like this wouldn’t be complete without the gang altogether to revel in their win over drinks. But I was glad that even with Carter gone, she wasn’t and will never be forgotten.

For a show that has gotten pretty dark and serious with its story lines, there’s also something satisfying in the series’ ability to delve into the lighthearted. Sure, everything went according to plan and the surprises weren’t anything dramatic, but this Person of Interest episode was a fun and entertaining side adventure.

I wonder if the team could pull of the crown jewels heist...

Would you want to see the POI team involved in another heist?


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I thought this was the worst episode ever, for lots of reasons: 1) Why did her number come up? She wasn't in any "danger" until they started sticking their nose in her business 2) The shared exposition describing the security systems where each team member piped-up about a different aspect - how did they know? Finch had done the research, were they just talking to themselves? 3) The ability to hack into and disable parts of the system but not others 4) The fact the bible was displayed inside the fence - wouldn't it just be closed and locked in a box (with a real lock)? 5) The whole swing into the cage thing - why did she start so far away (they had disabled the body sensors) , and as mentioned above the convenient placement of the bars 6) how did they get out after they got the bible? Magic? 7) How did she escape from the cops after the French guy gave her the handcuff key? DId they just forget she was there?


what a great show. gotta say i am now a shaw fan she's doing good job. they looked so nice dressed up of course john always looks good!!!!. i also liked how john poured an extra drink and so good to see fusco. didn't miss root one bit. sad part gotta wait for another episode cause of olympics


I liked that this episode was lighthearted, but displayed great writing with an interesting storyline. Finch is obviously very delighted that Reese is back in the fold.
I don't know what was funnier - Reese and Finch staring at Reese in the white dress or her reminding them that she was carrying a gun.
Great ending - the thief gets reunited with her daughter and the French police gets accolades for capturing the real bad guys.

@ Excited+Fan

Yeah, we know you meant Reese and Finch staring at Shaw in the white dress...


I liked how the bad guy wasn't actually a bad guy and they ended up helping her steal the bible so she could save her daughter. Fusco use to always complain about helping them commit crimes and stuff but now he's a real member of the team and he doesn't really question what they have to do anymore which I love. I give Jiao a 7 on swinging on those bars because even though she was great on that last one she hit the top of the fence it was almost perfect. The end when Shaw shot the bad guy in the knees before he could kill Jiao then the police coming in and her just continuing to drink was funny. I'm glad that at the end the Interpole guy let Jiao go and she got her daughter back. The end where the all sat around and had a drink and poured one for Carter was nice.

@ marissa

I'm with you on Shaw calmly shooting the bad guy in the knees - so funny and so deserved.


Anyone find the overly loud background music a bit annoying in this episode? It seemed like there was a constant flow of background music.

Sarah silva

I really liked this episode.
Yes Reese is one good looking man and he looks great in a suit, but I also liked his all black outfit he wore when the broke into the security place too.
As always Fusco provided his typical humor.
I loved the end when Reese poured a glass for Carter.


I love the over arching mythology of this show so much, but this episode was great. I like a fun episode that is a little more lighthearted and fun. Fusco was cracking me up. Overall, another solid episode in a long line of solid eps.


It was a welcome relief from the Root drama ( which I don't like ), and I think the gymnast would be a great addition/asset to the cast.


Liked the gymnast/art thief bring her back as an "asset".

@ DC J

I thought that maybe they introduced her to do just that.

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Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

It appears that the storm has yet to pass, Mr. Reese.


I can field strip a .45 upside down in the dark, Finch. I think I can handle a bow tie.