Ravenswood: Canceled by ABC Family!

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Might there be hope for Haleb yet?

ABC Family announced today that it has canceled Ravenswood after just one season.

The Pretty Little Liars spinoff never really gained any traction with fans, struggling in the ratings despite its wildly popular lead-in.

Caleb Needs Clarification

The supernatural drama tracked the eerie happenings in a Pennsylvania town and starred Tyler Blackburn, leading many to now wonder/hope whether he'll make his way back to Rosewood.

Let's all hope so, huh?

And let's all hope the following planned spinoffs fare a little better:

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Omg really this show is so amazing . I'm sad now😢😔. R.I.P Ravens wood🌹


I'm bummed this show was cancelled. I do not want to see Caleb back in Rosewood, personally. Thought he had way more chemistry with Miranda than he and Hanna ever did. I agree, they did not handle their 10 episode run well at all. They absolutely could have run all of Season 1 in succession.


beyond frustrated in 10 episodes they not only transferred Caleb's ENTIRE life over to Ravenswood but why bother with a spinoff with an incredibly complex plot if you're just going to drop it after
10 episodes where they're ALL still cursed and a character who had a chance of being resurrected will now just stay dead??? jeez, someones messed up here big time!


Abc family sucks.

Sarah silva

WOW! This is upsetting, I really liked this show.

Leigh r
@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

bummed but we will find something new and great! Hoping we at least get an explanation... Also I hope ABC Family keeps the other actors around, I think they'd fit well onto other series.


I wish they would give these shows a chance. I mean, the cw admitted there mistake, when they cancel several shows, and how they were going to fix it. When they talk about improving the airing of their shows and hiatus. The problem with ravens wood is, a ten esp. run that takes several hiatus, is not going to help a freshman show maintain a strong fan-base. Even fans of Grimm, gets mad at nbc, on how this show is being treated; when it comes to there hiatus and the only reason why Grimm is still on the air, is because of it's loyal fan base. Just like once upon time, which is on a several month hiatus. Which I hope this long hiatus will not hurt there numbers, being that there numbers were not as strong as it was, last year.


Wow. I didn't think the ratings were that bad. Of course, I always notice how well they do in social media more than ratings when it comes to cable. What a shame. I hope they tell us the ending on PLL.


You know, this is the reason why people are running to streaming; because they don't want to waste their time on a freshman show, that is most likely not going to be pick up. I know this, because several of my friends and family, have cancel their cable or dirtv, and are just streaming. Which suck for me, because as soon as I tell them about a show, a few week later there cancel. I remeber when I told my sister about ringer and she started to watch it and it got cancel. Now she only watch shows, that are listed on Netflix. So now anytime I tell her about a show, like the originals, she will always respond with: if it's not on netflix, I'm not watching it.

@ Latrise

your sisters logic makes zero sense not only are most shows not on netflix but even if a show gets cancelled after 1 season, 2 seasons or 5 seasons and ends on a cliffhanger then she's still in the
same boat everyone else is in which has NOTHING to do with whether its on
Netflix or not


Ravenswood Quotes

I think you're supposed to start off with "Hello."


Ravenswood has to be the only town in the country without a website.