The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Review: One Crazy Witch

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Two birthday boys, one party and "The Birthday Witch" were at the center of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 14.

But if Joyce thought she might have been cursed, then Kyle better watch her back. We recap the birthday dinner disaster in our TV Fanatic +/- review...

Just when Kyle thought she and Carlton were on good terms, she got the rug pulled out from under her at her own party. Minus 22.

Speaking of the party, it was more than a little weird but that could be because Kevin Lee was involved. 

The decor was beautiful and the food looked delicious but what was up with the entertainment. Those water dancers looked as though they'd drown sooner than synchronize their swimming.

And that singer / guitar player! Minus 31. I almost changed the channel. 

If it were me I'd want my money back. Especially after Kevin Lee ended up in the pool in his underwear. 

The one thing the party had going for it was that it was drama free…until Carlton opened her mouth. 

The biggest thing that bothers me about Carlton is that people who know nothing about Wicca are watching and she makes all Wiccans look crazy.  Minus 37.

Carlton was looking to pick a fight with Kyle…because she had a bad dream. Seriously?!?

From the start of this season I thought Carlton was an interesting addition to the show because of her differences but tonight she took it too far.

Carlton came across as mean and paranoid as she attacked Kyle at her husband's birthday party. Talk about inappropriate and unnecessary. Especially when the only thing Kyle did was miscount the points on a star. Minus 11

But Plus 18 for making me laugh because I did when Carlton took offense to the nipple joke. This is the same women who had pole dancers and painted naked women at her party last week. 

Hopefully Mauricio doesn't become seriously ill after dinner.

Speaking of which, didn't Joyce do a complete 180? One day she's saying how she didn't believe in curses. The next day she's accusing Carlton of making her husband ill and says she's worried her son might fall down the stairs. Minus 13. Does this mean she now believes?

Brandi had her own issues at the party. Since when does someone have to congratulate their ex-husband's mistress on her engagement? That's asking a lot.

As for Brandi's book, how stupid would a picture of her with a rolling pin and a maid's outfit look on the cover of a book about drinking and dating? Plus 25 to Nancy for using a little common sense. 

Kim Richards and her daughter got ugly butterfly tattoos on their wrists before the girl went off to college. Ouch!

Yolanda Foster and Gigi seemed to be the only normal ones in the bunch as they broke out the bubble wrap and started packing. 

They should all be thankful they could skip Lisa and Kyle's party. I'd hate to see them to get cursed in the crossfire. 

Episode total = -71! Season total = -129!

Who was in the right: Carlton or Kyle?


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I'm so tired of Carlton's ugly parties. She is trying to hard to be sexy and it comes off as trashy and low budget. She is mean spirited and ridiculous. She and Brandi need to go. Bring back Adrienne and Camille!


Carlton has serious psychiatric issues. It's frightening and sad.


Carlton brings all this angst around herself because she desperately wants the attention
And camera time but it's becoming boring as hell - mainly cause she's so predictable and off. Clever arguing and sarcastic side swipes can normally be fascinating to watch on RHOB but she's so one trick pony that its dull. The witchy act is fake also - she doesnt make any sense or have any knowledge of the Craft cause clearly she doesnt have any technique of understanding dream messages, and despite her protests constantly puts over that witches mainly wear black, have pentacles tattood everwhere and threaten curses - Id say she is more of a ex goth band groupie than an experienced Wicca / solitary practitioner


Terrible, terrible comments about
Carlton's looks. Very mean!!!! I actually think she is quite pretty. Big beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile. And, that body. This year Kyle and
Brandi are looking really bad. Kyle thinks she is all that and more and Brandi is just so unappreciated of her total and and fierce love her friend Lisa has for her. Wise up Brandi. Lisa is the only one you can count on.


Carlton &other seems to me wannabe Beverly Hills Housewives I live in Palm Springs . It looked like she was blindsided by Brandi's comment. If she doesn't care loves women than why get angry when Brandi kissed and told to the world. She had no manners at ken n mauricio b party. Starts arguing Always using the F word. Im full blood native and fake tan makes her skin darker than me


Carlton behaved psychotic, and was looking for a fight and made Kyle say what she did, so she got her accusations come true, by forcing Kyle into the argument to justify what she believed of Kyle which was very sad and so far from the truth Carlton would be better to speak to a therapist.


Carlton is completely intolerant and passive/aggressive (more aggressive). I'm familiar with Wicca and with so many people out there who are unfamiliar with it, she's doing the faith a huge injustice and should just stop talking. She's hypocritical, defensive, arrogant, hateful, self-centered and self-absorbed. The woman has to be mentally unstable. I was surprised when she made a positive comment about the venue. Watching her face much of the episode she was just waiting to pick a fight with Kyle, but to ruin the birthday of 2 people as their guest just to continue her own vendetta shows how shallow she is. She constantly attacks and repeatedly says "Don't you dare...". She's ugly to the core, can you please get her off the show so it's enjoyable again? Since she trashed the party Happy Birthday Ken and Mauricio!

@ Maggie

Yes. Although I don't know what Wicca or rather the background of what it all in compasses. She did not have any or wouldn't listen to Joyce's religious beliefs if anyone questions her beliefs even to ask a ?. She was rude. And the Dream team!! Dreams don't always come true. Yolanda saying non of the girls no how to cook. I guess the others starved before they got on tv. Brandi saying Joyce needs to get a haircut as she and miss manners Yolanda pulls out B hair weave at the dinner table of the host. If someone else did that at her party. She would have a silent kiniption than tell the world.


I think it's a little shallow for us to bash Carlton's looks. Everyone gets what they're given in a way, and she can't help if she's not as blessed as the other cast members. Besides, there are plenty of real issues far more concerning. I have to side with Kyle on this. It is undeniable that she comes across as hypocritical, judgmental, paranoid, and narcissistic. It's always surprising when someone who is so self-focused still manages to be so obviously lacking in self awareness. The fact that Carlton is so unapproachable makes it unlikely that she is ever going to learn from these confrontations either. She is so defensive, it's like poking a stick at a snake, not watching adults navigate a disagreement. She can do whatever hobbies she wants, but when she's unkind and judgmental, she is disrespecting everyone else, and I lose all sympathy for her.


Carlton has been hateful to Kyle from her first horrid appearance on the show, no doubt because of jealousy. She is extremely evil, low-class, filthy-mouthed and hate-filled. I really wonder what her husband sees in her, but suspect he can't see beyond her implants.


Carlton feeds off the drama and attention. Heaven forbid she come across as normal. She tries to hard to be different/special. It was rude to curse ay Kyle about Star of David. Sounded like she was saying no way she would be of Jewish religion. It was negative. Why not make joke of it and educate Kyle more about her beliefs. Her response put Kyle on defensive because she took it as rude against Judiasm.

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